The basic principles of creating an individual image A woman has long tried to create her own,unique style. It's no secret that for the fairer sex the most important part is the image, namely the successful combination of fashion, style and uniqueness. Currently, fashion is not something definitely strict, making women look like each other. Now it is not necessary to study fashion magazines every day to catch new items in time. It is enough to catch the main fashion trends in clothes, shoes, hairdos and accessories and try to combine all this skillfully. It's no secret that not many women can afford to regularly update their wardrobe with novelties dictated by fashion. But that does not mean that they look bad. It is a skilful combination of things already in the wardrobe with a new piece of clothing is the main advantage of a modern woman. However, you need to remember to reconsider your wardrobe from time to time in order to create that cloakroom base that will correspond to age changes, status and figure. If yesterday you were a student, your outfit was based, basically, on jeans. Today you are a business woman, and you need to dress, as your status requires. But, choosing the outfit do not forget that everything should harmoniously combine: clothes, shoes, accessories, hair. For example, the spring-summer 2012 season encourages women to update their wardrobe a little, since there is a return to the fashion of the 60's. Today's shoes are a high heel, platform and braid. Again returns to our wardrobes shiny clothes and shoes - gold and silvery metallic. It was fashionable in 2011, the wedge, it seems, remains for a long time. A sharp sock did not want to leave us for a long time, and in 2012 it is again popular. You can get acquainted with all new fashion on the pages of our online store, as we always have everything fashionable and popular. But before buying shoes on the Internet, think about what you will wear it. If you liked lacquered shoes, remember that such shoes are not always relevant. But braids can be bought safely - they will perfectly match with the fashionable in this season long sarafans. With colors, you can also freely experiment in this season. Well, do not forget about accessories - massive rings, beads, bracelets, in style, ideally suited to your side. In our online store you can pick up women's sandals, which are ideal for any style of clothing. Classic, with a closed sharp toe - for a business woman, the original braided - under a dress in the style of the 60's. Pleases women of fashion and colors of women's shoes - bright shoes and sandals, with all kinds of openwork inserts and fashionable in this season rivets. In order to make the image complete, you need to think about your hair. The main principle that is recommended to follow this season is minimalism and giving the hair a natural shine and beauty.