women's ugg boots At the dawn of its appearance in Europe, this footwear wasit was not particularly warm, but over time everything changed. Today, women's ugg boots decorate the legs of many celebrities: they are happily dressed by actresses, singer, model and socialite. Without this shoe, there is not a single show - it is represented literally in all modern autumn-winter collections of famous designers. A similar situation was in Russia - at first all a huge variety of models simply did not perceive, considering them not elegant enough and elegant. But the popularity of shoes continued to grow in Europe, and now our secular lionesses and show business stars began to follow the trends chosen by Western celebrities, thus giving an example to our simple women of fashion. As a result, today, by the beginning of the autumn-winter season 2011-2012, almost all the girls want to buy women's uggs, keeping their hands on the pulse of modern trends. As a result, this footwear has won fashionable Europe and does not seem so rude; but why did it happen?

Uggi: reasons for popularity in the demi-season

The secret of the demand for this footwear is simple - it consists of four components; and, everyone deserves the attention of Russian women of fashion.

  • To begin with, modern ugg boots are even closedo not resemble the cumbersome, voluminous and unattractive models that the Australians once did. Today they are elegant enough, quite beautiful and even glamorous - to see this, see the photos of EMU Australia's collections 160 and 250, MOU or Jimmy Choo.
  • In addition, in recent seasons such shoesquite corresponds to the expectations of girls and can be a variety of styles. Modern ugi can be fur and knitted, suede and leather, performed in strict or bright colors. In short, a girl with any taste preferences today can easily find that model of footwear in question, which will suit her personally.
  • At the same time, modern ugg boots can be safely consideredone of the synonyms of practicality is to wear them really comfortable. Such shoes are the most comfortable - no heels, pins, sharp socks, nothing is squeezing or pummeling. Separately, it is worth mentioning about the health care - women's winter ugg boots will keep the girl's feet warm even at rather low temperatures, this is their undoubted plus.
  • Well, the fourth component of success isExcellent combination of shoes with other items of the wardrobe. Uggs fit perfectly into the Casual style, harmoniously complementing the everyday image of a busy and active girl. But it is also interesting that this shoe can become that unusual stroke that will decorate the "weekend" wardrobe, add piquancy to the evening dress - of course, it's bold, but that's how many celebrities dress today.
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    What ugi will be popular this winter?

    With the reasons for success figured out, let's think about iton which model to choose in the season 2011-2012, and so that the fashion and relevance of the shoes complemented by the shoes did not cause anybody's doubts. Of course, at the peak of popularity will be the classic ugg boots, that is, the boots of the traditional style and the calm color - sand, brown, beige. This is understandable, because these models are just perfect for Casual style: they remain aged, discreet and do not attract excessive attention. Moreover, they also bribe with their practicality: such ugg boots are not marching, they can be worn safely every day and in different weather. In this case, more daring versions of footwear will be popular, with which the image will shine with bright colors even during the rainy season and snowstorms. At the junction of 2011 and 2012 you can safely choose the uggs of blue and green, yellow and red, even pink and purple, decorated with a hidden pattern. Also, the "leopard" type and, in general, all models stylized as wool of predators from the feline family will be relevant. In the season, there has already emerged a super-popular trend, which is worth mentioning separately - these are women's ugg boots, in which shades of silver are present. These can be models, both made in ivory color only, and decorated with a complex pattern of pictures. The main thing is that in them the silvery predominates - in the remaining days of autumn it will give shoes romantic, and in winter, of course, it will also be more than appropriate. Also it must be said that now the trend has gone to decorate the ugi, richly decorating them. Today almost all European designers can easily find models with lacing and fur, rivets and lapels, knitted trim and rhinestones. And it's wonderful, because the decor only wins the decor, it becomes brighter and more unusual. It's no wonder that many girls choose this combination of simplicity and originality - it adds positive emotions during the bad weather season. ugg boots for women

    What European fashion houses bet on ugg boots?

    This footwear occupies a central place in the collectionsMOU - this brand actively decorates its models, offering hundreds of different solutions to women of fashion, but without forgetting the classic beige, sand, brown and black colors. If we talk about bold decisions, then the radical, but already popular version is Emporio Armani - the house that produced rubber ugg boots. Well, elegant in its piquancy, the models are offered to us by many couturiers: EMU Australia and Australia Luxe Collective can be singled out separately, in the collections of which most attention is paid to this particular footwear. Fashion, here's our advice: bravely choose women's ugg boots, and those that you like - as you already knew, the popular in the 2011-2012 season will be their different models. We advise you to read: