rubber boots with what to wear In the spring-summer season, when the number ofprecipitation sometimes beats all records, and without rubber boots can not do, the question always arises: what should I wear rubber boots to look fashionable and stylish, and not be like a utility worker or a lost fisherman? And although this kind of shoes many girls consider awkward and unsympathetic, this is not so. Modern rubber boots, in contrast to their predecessors, have a wonderful design; in most cases, these are elegant and elegant models on the heel, in which it is not a shame to walk around the city or go to work on an overcast rainy day. Today, rubber boots are so relevant that they can be seen not only on women of fashion, but also on celebrities. The incredible popularity of female rubber boots in the last few seasons is easy to explain: there is simply no better option for bad weather (snow, rain and slush). In addition to providing comfort and dryness to the legs, they also allow you to save your model shoes, which is a pity to wear in inclement weather. In addition, if you combine them correctly with other things from your wardrobe, you can look fashionable and bright on city streets in gray rainy days. So, what to wear rubber boots offer us fashion designers and stylists? Photo review of the most relevant options published on our website will help girls to always be in a trend, regardless of the weather conditions outside the window. with what to wear rubber boots

Fashionable options - create a stylish and elegant image

Taking on board the advice of professionalstylists, every woman will be able to create a unique image that will make it look modern and fashionable in the streets of the city, even in such seemingly unpresentable shoes.

  • Rubber boots look great almostwith any jeans, whether they are made in the style of grunge, punk or casual, but they are especially advantageous in combination with tight, tight-fitting female figure models, easily tucked into boots.
  • They also fit well with trousers, both with monophonic and decorated with various patterns and prints, but on condition that the pattern on the pants will not "conflict" with the coloring of the shoes.
  • Shorts: short and elongated, tight and free - any of them are good in combination with high rubber boots, as on warm days, and cold rainy autumn. If the weather permits, they can sport with bare legs - summer fashionable and bright - or wear pantyhose or leggings under them.
  • With high rubber boots on a smallheels made in such neutral colors as olive, brown, black or dark beige, classic shortened trousers or breeches look very effective.
  • A good option for everyday wear with thisshoes can be skirts and dresses in casual style. However, in this case, as with the choice of trousers, one should adhere to the rule: the patterns on the shoes and on the clothes should be in harmony, and not interrupt each other. And unlike skirts and midi-length dresses, which are allowed to be worn on a bare leg, miniskirts and short dresses are best worn under pantyhose or leggings with rubber boots. With colored models of boots especially well look tights in black - they will make your image more attractive, bright, and at the same time give a complete look.
  • Warm knitted cardigans, regardless of the model,style and length of the sleeve, surprisingly well combined with rubber boots to the knee or slightly lower. The existing variety of models and color solutions offered to women by different manufacturers allows you to choose exactly the one that perfectly fits even the most elegant and feminine knitted coat.
  • To complete the ensemble and give a complete imagewill help a knitted, cashmere or tweed coat, a length just above the knee, a short jacket or windbreaker, a jacket, a long sweater of rough knitting, a three-dimensional bag, a hat or a hat.
  • Gaiters, slightly peeking out of the boots, canbecome that particular highlight that will give a special charm and charm to the image created by you. Ideally, they should be a contrasting color, but there may be another shade; the best option is two shades lighter than shoes.

If you want to focus on yoursapozhkah, choose accessories of the same color as the shoes. Especially spectacular is the ensemble, in which the headdress, leather belt, scarf or neck scarf and, of course, the most important accessory - the umbrella - are made in the same color scheme as a pair of rubber boots on your legs. Most of the girls, feeling all the advantages of rubber boots, realized that they could not find a more reliable, comfortable, comfortable and at the same time stylish footwear for the spring wet and dank autumn weather, and in the off-season they prefer not to part with them at all.