salad with champignons and ham Who does not like making salads? Firstly, their preparation does not take much time - it is brushed, cut and mixed. Secondly, such simple dishes can become not only a wonderful decoration of the festive table, but also an excellent snack at work or school. So why not master some recipes?

Sour salad with champignons, egg and ham

Recipes of appetizing salads from champignons withham is very diverse. If you watch your figure and are afraid to gain extra pounds, make a dish, filling it with olive oil and lemon juice. Girls who do not sit on a diet can use as a sauce a delicious mayonnaise, not too fat sour cream or, for example, natural yogurt. Despite the fact that this dish can not be attributed to low-calorie, its taste is beyond praise. It is ideal for a small celebration in a close family circle. Ingredients: For salad:

  • 200 grams of fresh champignons
  • 150 grams lean ham
  • vegetable oil
  • two eggs
  • Salt and seasonings - at your discretion
  • a large cucumber - one piece
  • pinch of sugar
  • bulbous bulb
  • delicacy mayonnaise - to taste

For decoration:

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • fresh greens (take any)

Cooking: Well, are you ready to proceed? In this case, cut the pre-peeled onion with thin half rings, then put it into the preheated vegetable oil and fry with constant stirring. To vegetable a little zakaramelizirovalsya, sprinkle it with a pinch of sugar - when it becomes slightly yellowish, turn off the burner. Now turn the mushrooms: cut them with thin plates and put them in a frying pan, adding a little oil, cook under the closed lid. They need to start the juice, so remove the product from the plate only after the excess liquid has evaporated. By the way, do not forget to salt and pepper mushrooms. Pour the eggs with water and cook over low heat, after cooling, peel off the shell and cut into small cubes with a knife, and cucumber and ham - straw. Fresh greenery will be used as an ornament, so, before washing it and drying it well, cut as small as possible. It remains very little: gather in one dish all the products - mushrooms, cucumber, ham and chicken eggs - and pour them with mayonnaise, seasoning them with spices. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and put the resulting mass in a beautiful salad bowl, on top decorate with fried golden onions, greens and cut into two parts of cherry. This salad is not recommended to salt, as then fresh cucumbers will be allowed to juice, so the dish will turn out to be too watery and not very appetizing. It is better to lay out it on plates plates and invite the guests to salt it themselves. salad of ham and champignons

Rice and mushroom salad with ham

An invariable success in most housewivesEnjoy appetizing salads with mushrooms and ham. This recipe for a hearty and juicy dish will help you in case suddenly guests come or just wanted to slightly diversify the usual everyday menu. Ingredients: Salad:

  • 400 grams of long-grained rice
  • the same number of fresh champignons
  • cucumber - one piece
  • onion - two pieces
  • 200 grams of ham
  • some capers


  • three tablespoons of wine vinegar
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • seven tablespoons of olive oil
  • Fresh basil, as well as salt and sugar - to taste

Cooking method: This salad can be called useful, because it consists of vegetables, mushrooms and tender ham. A sweet and sour dressing of vinegar and olive oil will not spoil your figure. The dish is suitable for snacks at work or, for example, at the institute. A beloved man can serve it, adding it with a piece of juicy steak or boiled chicken - will get a full dinner. Remember that the right balanced diet is the guarantee of health, so for ten minutes, put aside all the cases and enjoy the food. Something we've run too far ahead, because before you start eating, you should prepare a salad. Therefore, rinse the long-grain rice thoroughly and pour it with water. Then boil over low heat for about fifteen minutes, lightly salting the liquid. When the product is ready, fold it into a colander and let it drain. In order not to waste time, chop the mushrooms, and the cucumber and ham - cubes. As for onions, it must be cleaned and cut into half rings. Now combine the above products and rice in one bowl, add salt and a little pepper to your taste. Then prepare the dressing, following the following formula: mix olive oil, sugar and vinegar, as well as finely chopped basil. Mix the sauce well and fill it with salad. Bon Appetit! This juicy dish can be served with steak, baked chicken or braised pork. If you are not a meat lover, fry the pieces of white bread on olive oil to a ruddy peel, rubbing them with garlic. Such croutons are ideally combined with a mushroom salad with ham.

Appetizing salad with mushrooms, apples and ham

Combining, it would seem, poorly combined products,you can get a completely unusual, surprisingly tasty and original dish. This salad is a vivid confirmation of this. For its preparation, sweet and sour apples, fresh mushrooms, ripe tomatoes, ham and excellent mood will be needed. Ingredients:

  • half a kilo of mushrooms
  • ham - 170 grams
  • three large tomatoes
  • two apples
  • olive oil - to taste
  • half a lemon (only juice is useful)
  • one bulb (if possible, use a purple bow)
  • 200 grams of sour cream (you can replace it with yogurt)
  • two tablespoons of butter, pre-melted

Cooking method: To begin with, it should be noted that mushrooms can be added to the salad fresh, if, of course, you like their taste. Otherwise, we suggest cutting the mushrooms with not too thick plates and putting them in a sauté pan with melted butter. Fry them, not forgetting to stir, and when the mushrooms secrete liquid, cover the dishes with a lid and cook until cooked. Do not make the fire too strong, otherwise you risk burning your creation. As for chicken eggs, they should be boiled, cleaned and crushed with cubes. Cut apples with a knife in small slices, ham - straw, and bulb onion - thin rings. For this salad, the Crimean purple vegetable is ideal, as its slightly sweet taste will add spice to the dish. It remains to connect all of the above products in a deep dish. So, with the mushrooms drain the extra juice and put them in the dishes, here add the eggs, tomatoes, apples and other ingredients. Pour the dish with a dressing, for the preparation of which mix sour cream, olive oil, a little sugar and salt, do not forget about lemon juice. If you have your favorite spices, sprinkle them with food. Want to make the salad look prettier? Instead of ordinary tomatoes, use miniature cherry - they can be added whole or divided into two halves. Chicken eggs substitute with quail, and refuel not with sour cream, but with natural yoghurt. champignon salad with ham

Simple salad for every day

No fresh mushrooms? It's not a problem! Recipes of salads are full of variety. We suggest mastering one of them using pickled mushrooms. This dish turns out to be sufficiently satisfying and remarkably suitable for daily use. Ingredients:

  • three potatoes
  • jar of pickled mushrooms
  • 300 grams of any ham at your discretion
  • four eggs
  • salt
  • two packages of processed cheese
  • one large carrot
  • light mayonnaise
  • feathers of spring onions
  • spice

Cooking method: Keep in mind that this salad is laid out layer by layer, so if you have a special round shape without a bottom, put it on the middle of a large flat plate. If not available, you can simply combine all the ingredients in one bowl. To begin with, prepare the products: boil the potatoes and eggs, and then grate them together with the carrots on the grater. Finely chop the green onions, cut ham in the form of straws, and mushrooms - cubes. Now put the potatoes on the bottom of the dish, gently leveling it. Top the vegetable with mayonnaise, lightly pepper and sprinkle with salt. Then come onions, marinated mushrooms, ham and carrots. Each layer of lettuce do not forget to grease with plenty of mayonnaise and slightly add salt. At the very end, decorate the "building" with melted cheese, grated, and take the food into the refrigerator. In a few hours you can enjoy your meal.

Salad with mushrooms in tartlets

If you are preparing to meet guests and do not know,than to treat them, this recipe is just right for this case. To make the mushroom salad look beautiful, we recommend that you serve it not in an ordinary dish, but spread out over miniature tartlets. Ingredients: For salad:

  • champignons (take fresh) - 200 grams
  • 30 milliliters of olive oil
  • 150 grams of corn (meaning a canned product)
  • 50 grams of onions
  • ham - 250 grams
  • some delicacy mayonnaise

For decoration:

  • tartlets
  • fresh parsley

Cooking method: Ingredients such as table salt, spices and ground pepper are not listed in the recipe, since they are recommended to be added, focusing only on their own taste. Cut the mushrooms with not very thick plates and put them in preheated olive oil, brown until golden brown. After that, enter the peeled and diced onions - when it lightens slightly, remove the dishes from the cooker. Now empty the corn from the waste liquid and put it in a deep bowl. Then add ham, pre-cut into small pieces, onion-mushroom mixture and a pinch of salt. Now pour all the mayonnaise and mix well with a spoon. Ready salad spread on tartlets and decorate with chopped dill. We hope your guests will be satisfied!

Mushroom salad with ham

Finally, we offer a recipe for another mushroom salad filled with a delicate natural yoghurt. These products are designed to prepare one portion of a dish. Ingredients:

  • half a large cucumber
  • champignons - 150 grams
  • half a bell pepper
  • one garlic clove
  • 70 grams of ham
  • fresh parsley
  • olive oil
  • small bulb


  • three tablespoons of yogurt
  • vinegar

Cooking method: Raw mushrooms cut into cubes and a little fry in oil (five minutes is enough). While they are cooling down, cucumber, sweet pepper, chop ham straws, and onions - half rings. The last vegetable is transferred to the bowl and marinated in wine vinegar. Then make a dressing by combining yogurt, crushed garlic, finely chopped parsley and seasonings. Mix all the products in the salad bowl by pouring them with the prepared sauce. Salad of ham and mushrooms can be served on a festive table, as well as cook for an ordinary family dinner. The main thing is to choose a suitable recipe. Remember, the spices give the dish a piquancy, and if you do not want to hurt the figure, refuel with olive oil, low-fat yogurt or lemon juice. We advise you to read: