salads with meat We, gentle creatures, need a lot? We'll chew a twig of parsley, we'll make a kefir drink, and we're happy. And if we want to have a feast, then we'll crunch an apple or a cottage cheese with honey. And our strong half? In them, the voice of primitive ancestors does not stop even in the twenty-first century: "Meat, meat, meat !!!". Well, you want meat - get it, just get the mammoth first. And we to you from a mammoth - and a soup, and a roast, and chops ... We in general are a lot of that are able. Even salads with meat will be made, only if the mammoth's getters are satisfied, full and happy. Therefore, madam, we add recipes for salads with meat to our culinary treasury, from which any man will feel himself a real macho. After all, it is well known that our "mammoth miners" are experiencing no less carnal pleasure from delicious food than from ... However, let's get down to business.

Salads with beef and veal

Salads from this meat are outside the national andreligious preferences (only if your man is not a Hindu and not a vegetarian). They are obtained nourishing, but not fat, but in addition also the most meaty. Salad "Stroganoff" The history of this salad is unknown, but its present is known. Namely: not a single modern man who tasted it expressed displeasure. In any case, this is exactly what the ladies who tested the recipe in practice say. Ingredients:

  • Beef boiled (about 300 g);
  • Marinated mushrooms (about 200 g);
  • Red bell pepper (1 pc.);
  • Sour cream (half a glass);
  • Grated horseradish root (teaspoon);
  • Lemon juice (tablespoon);
  • Green onions (bunch);
  • Salt;
  • Ground pepper (black).

Preparation: Meat is sliced ​​(straw or cubes - it does not matter). We put it into a bowl. We also add sliced ​​mushrooms, thinly and longly chopped peppers, chopped onion. We prepare a dressing from sour cream, horseradish and lemon juice and fill the salad (already seasoned with pepper and salt). Grenadier salad Very masculine salad, which is already understandable from its name. For grenadiers-meat eaters - the most it! Ingredients:

  • Meat - 200 g;
  • Carrots - 1-2 pieces;
  • Potatoes - 2-3 pcs .;
  • Beet - 1 piece;
  • Prunes are a handful;
  • Walnuts - half a glass;
  • Greens (any) - a bunch;

Preparation: All vegetables and meat boil and cool. Cut the meat into small pieces. We clean potatoes, carrots and beets and individually grind them in a blender or on a grater. We cut the greens. Prunes are steamed, washed, dried. Salad we lay in layers in a salad bowl or collect in the form of a cake on a dish. Each layer a little salt and water (spread) mayonnaise. From above and from the sides (in the version of the cake) again weave with mayonnaise, sprinkle with crushed nuts and greens. We clean in the refrigerator for several hours. Salad "Shakhtar" From the category of hot salads with meat. A set of products for him is quite brutal, but appreciated and loved by almost all men, and not just by miners. Ingredients:

  • Beef tenderloin - about 300 g;
  • 1-2 onions;
  • Garlic - 3-4 cloves;
  • Carrots - 2 pieces;
  • 2-3 pickled cucumber;
  • Lean oil for roasting;
  • Mayonnaise for refueling.

Preparation: Raw meat cut into thin slabs and fry over high heat. Onions cut into rings or semirings (as convenient), carrots - straw. Onions and carrots are also fried separately (like meat). Meat and vegetables save from excess oil (let it drain in a colander). Cucumber shred strawberries, mix with meat and vegetables, add crushed garlic. Salts and mayonnaise we put to taste. Salad ready. You can serve immediately, but you can cool it well. salads with meat recipes

Pork Salads

Pork, of course, is fatter than beef. But it's getting ready, it's faster, and salads with this meat have a "sweet" taste. For such salads meat is best to take lean and boil it, laying in boiling water. Salad "My General" A special piquancy is given to him by a combination of taste of garlic and cheese. Ingredients:

  • 200 g of boiled meat;
  • 2 cloves garlic;
  • 100 g of cheese (only solid);
  • 2 medium sized carrots;
  • 2 medium beets;
  • 3 eggs;
  • Walnut nuts;
  • Mayonnaise.

Preparation: Boil meat, eggs, carrots and beets. Cool it down. Finely chop the meat, and cheese, eggs and vegetables - through a grater (large). Garlic and onion grind and add to the meat. We fill the pork with mayonnaise. We begin to lay a salad. We put the first layer of meat, followed by cheese. After the cheese, eggs, carrots and beets follow. All the layers except the first can be mixed with mayonnaise, and sprinkle with salted nuts on top of the salad. Let's brew and cool. "Your General" is ready to serve. Salad "Boyar" Bojenin, included in its composition, it is desirable to prepare in advance: bake in the oven pork, stuffed with garlic and carrots. In extreme cases, you can put in this salad and the usual boiled pork. Ingredients:

  • Cold boiled pork (400 g);
  • Canned mushrooms (cans);
  • Cheese (100 g);
  • 2 onions;
  • 4 eggs;
  • Oil for frying;
  • Mayonnaise for refueling.

Preparation: Cold boiled pork, cheese and boiled eggs are cut into cubes, onion - half rings. Fry mushrooms (yes, canned) along with onions. Cool it down. Mix all the ingredients, salt and season with mayonnaise. Salad "Dragon" Suitable for connoisseurs of very sharp dishes. And men who taste this "flame" dish can feel themselves fire-breathing dragons. Ingredients:

  • A pound of meat;
  • 3 onions;
  • 1 beet;
  • 1 carrot;
  • Half a cup of vegetable oil;
  • A teaspoon of sugar;
  • A pod of hot pepper (fresh);
  • Spoon (table) of vinegar;
  • Soy sauce (2 tablespoons);
  • Salt;
  • Greenery.

Preparation: Raw meat cut into long thin strips and fry it for 10 minutes in vegetable oil. We take out the meat, and fry the onions in a frying pan. We take out the onion, mix it with meat and put it in a salad bowl. A thin long shaving (as for a Korean snack) rub the raw carrots and beets. Pepper shred (also narrow and long strips). Mix the vegetables and meat. From the oil left after roasting, soy sauce, sugar and vinegar (6 percent), we make a salad dressing. Add to the salad chopped greens, salt and dressing. "Dragon" is especially good when infused. recipes for salads with meat

Salads from offal

For the preparation of salads with meat, you canuse not only meat in its pure form, but also by-products: liver, kidneys, lung, tongue. Try to prepare salads with these ingredients. They are not less delicious, no less satisfying and no less "meaty". Salad "Pagan" An interesting version of a delicious salad. For those who do not understand and do not like the combination of fruits with meat, an apple can be replaced by another cucumber. Ingredients:

  • Tongue of beef or pork (300 g);
  • Ham (200 g);
  • Canned mushrooms (200 g);
  • 1 apple;
  • 1 cucumber;
  • Salt;
  • Mayonnaise.

Preparation: The tongue is boiled, cleaned of the film and cut into small pieces. We also cut ham, apple and cucumber. Mushrooms, if they are small, use whole, large cut. All the ingredients are mixed, put salt and mayonnaise into salad to taste. We serve on the table. Salad "Mein Herz" In German, its name sounds like "My heart", or "My dear". Treat your heart friend such a salad. He will appreciate your efforts. Ingredients:

  • Beef heart;
  • Fresh mushrooms (400 g);
  • 2 fresh cucumbers;
  • A teaspoon of mustard;
  • A teaspoon of sugar;
  • Vegetable oil for roasting;
  • Olive oil (2 tablespoons);
  • Salt and pepper (to taste);
  • Vinegar 6% (half a glass);

Preparation: The whole beef heart is boiled (2 hours) in salted water. Cool and cut straws. Also cut the peeled cucumbers. Mushrooms (preferably champignons) cut into plates and fry in a small amount of oil. Throw them in a colander to oil the glass, and mushrooms cool. We make refueling. Mix mustard, vinegar and olive oil, add sugar, ground black pepper and salt. If necessary, dilute the sauce with boiled water. After mixing the heart with mushrooms and cucumbers, fill it with mustard sauce. Let's serve salad chilled. Salad "Stuffed Miller" Will take a worthy place in a row of other salads with meat. It is very simple and contains a minimal set of affordable and inexpensive products. Ingredients:

  • Liver of beef (half a kilo);
  • Pickled cucumber (2 pcs.);
  • Carrots (1 pc.);
  • Oil for roasting;
  • Mayonnaise to taste.

Preparation: The liver is boiled, chilled and cut into small cubes. Also we cut carrots and cucumbers. Carrots fry in oil, remove from the brazier, cool and mix with the liver and cucumbers. Mayonnaise - as a refueling. Salad can not be salted, but it needs to be prepared in advance, so that the liver can soak up with mayonnaise and butter. Here you can make salads with meat: the recipes are different, the ingredients are varied, but the goal is one. And this goal is to prepare a hearty and tasty dish for real men. And the fact that next to us, gentle creatures, it's these men, no one doubts. We advise you to read: