knitted swimwear 2016 Whatever important event is not planned, earlyor late in the head of every real woman, the question of the wardrobe comes up, and the opening of the beach season in this respect has never been an exception. The most important element of our beach ensemble and the biggest "headache" is often the swimsuit. Today we will talk about the main fashion trend of this summer season - swimsuits knitted in 2016 - photos show them. We will discuss what they are good, what models the world's leading designers have chosen to be favorites, let's talk about the opportunity to create with their own hands this entertaining trinket.

Fashion Trends

Designers of leading fashion houses all over the world for a long timehave already discovered and learned to emphasize the main feature and zest of knitted swimsuits - incredible femininity and deep eroticism of this garment. And this fashion season will not disprove: the most relevant models are recognized as the most candid, unobtrusively covering the intimate parts of our bodies, separate knitted swimsuits 2016 - the photos that we see illustrate it. This kind of swimsuit is perfectly in tune with the trends of the year - lace of various modifications, fringe and net pattern, floral ornaments and a strip of all variations - on them we will be guided. As for the color scheme, here it is worth paying attention to white (especially considering that white knitted swimsuits are almost the only ones in which you can not only sunbathe, but also calmly enter the water, unlike the synthetic ones made in this color). Also at the peak of fashion are all the shades of blue, pink, gray and yellow colors: similar swimsuits knitted 2016 - photos show this as well as possible - insanely sexy and their playfulness can overcome any melancholy. Special favor of the leading couturier of the planet were models with tops without straps and trikini, which is very convenient for girls gravitating with postoperative scars or stretch marks on the tummy, not to mention the effectiveness and originality of these swimsuits.

Unfavorable myths and a pleasant truth

swimwear knitted 2016 images When it comes to knitted swimsuits, eitherotherwise we all come across one unpleasant stereotype that has developed over many years: it will dry very long. Often this very thought is the reason for rejecting this beautiful model and, therefore, I want to say at once that, to date, rumors about this are a serious exaggeration: modern knitted swimsuits are made of filaments with a high content of viscose, so they do not dry much longer than usual. And now let's discuss the generally recognized and unconditional advantages of knitted swimwear 2016 summer season:

  • Suspicions about the fact that in a knitted swimsuitwe will be hot, do not have any reason. Bound from a cotton thread, it is better suited for summer heat than in a synthetic fabric model.
  • In a knitted swimsuit, we have much less chanceto face with unpleasant allergic reactions, given that such variations of bathing suits are made, mainly, from natural materials.
  • Care for a knitted swimsuit is quite simple: like an ordinary cotton thing, it should be hand washed and, if possible, after rinsing in a weak vinegar solution. Thanks to the use of viscose threads, our swimsuit will not stretch, and the addition of cotton fibers makes it possible to iron it, maintaining the shape of the product in the desired state or changing it according to our desire.
  • The longevity of a knitted swimsuit, especially if we adhere to the recommendations for caring for it, is much higher than that of conventional synthetic models.
  • Knitted swimsuit models 2016 - photos presented to our attention, speak about it better than any words - are more original and unique than their synthetic counterparts.

And one more important nuance, which we decidedto discuss in more detail: the difference in the amount of clothing on the parameters of the chest and thighs. Often we are absolutely happy owners of appetizing forms and everything would be fine, but summer comes, and the choice of an ideal swimsuit becomes akin to the scout's feat: what do you want to sacrifice, but do it. And we sacrifice: we get a model that sits on "4", we buy two sets of different sizes, or after a visit to the store we run to the sewing workshops. And here I would like to say that the wonderful knitted swimwear of 2016 can get to us with minimal expenses of nerves and money only on condition that we tie them with our own hands.

Trendy Trend with Your Own Hands

Knitted swimwear-2016 is not all the sameextravagant, many models are quite simple in decoration and performance, and at the same time they are not inferior to expressive brethren in the pleasantness of the impression produced. On the contrary, they fascinate with the refinement of their intelligence, and considering them involuntarily you think about the fact that it is not so difficult to connect such an interesting object of the beach wardrobe, doubling the impression produced by exclusivity. And today we propose to consider two popular versions of such kind thoughts.

Swimsuit "Rainbow mood"

knitted swimwear 2016 images

  • The size represented in this example: 46.

We need 70 g (or 240 m)(the yarn with the ratio of cotton and elastane content of 98% -2%), slightly more than 2 m of hats, knitting needles No. 3 and hook No. 3 or No. 5, is best suited. We will perform weave with "garter stitch", t .e. in all the rows of facial loops, "step-by-step", half-columns with a crochet. "Fragment number 1": wrap the finger on the finger in two turns and leave the end. We will tie a ring with 30 columns with two crochets (this will be the first row); the second row - 7 air loops, 1 half-column to the third column of the previous row, 3 air loops, 1 half-column to the second column of the previous row, and now the whole process of creating the second row is repeated five more times. "Fragment number 2": again we wind the thread on the finger in two turns and leave the end. The resulting ring will be tied with 20 piles without a crochet. The knitting density of garter stitching should be equal to: 40 loops for 54 rows or 10/10 cm. Cups of the bodice. We take 32 knitting needles and knit with garter stitch. When we bind 20 rows, we begin to knit rows of shortened, i.e. on the right in each second series of the series, we will not connect two loops twelve times. After all the loops we tie 36 rows straight, and on the right in each second row we take seven times two loops. We will have 18 loops, on each of which we will link 36 rows straight and close all the loops. After hook number 3 on the so-called closed loops "under the lacing" we knit five "arches" of five air loops. Now, at the top of the cup of the bodice, on the section from one to the other point "B" marked on the diagram, we will type 36 loops on the spokes, and knit with "garter stitch", sewing in each of the rows two middle loops (a total of 25 times ). The remaining eleven loops will be closed. The knitting of the right cup of the bodice will be a mirror image of the left. Now we collect the elements together. With the help of a hook, we sew twice "Fragment number 1", then connect them together and cups of the bodice. Next, we'll fasten four times "Fragment number 2" and two of them we attach to the bottom of the strapless. For the manufacture of the strapless we will need two pieces of the ham thread-gum, 80 cm long and one piece, which we use for lacing, 50 cm. Using the hook, we will tie the pieces of the gum thread with semicolumns. The ends of straps will be processed to your liking. Swimming trousers. We type on the spokes 23 loops, and knit 240 rows of garter stitch, and after the loop is closed. We select 38 loops from the side loops on the vertical side and, starting from the 84th row, we knit them with garter stitch and finish on the 156th row, tying together two central loops in each second row. Having thus pierced 64 rows from the set of loops, on the remaining seven loops we will tie two rows straight. After that, in each second row from the central loop, we will cut out 35 times in two loops. When we tie 70 rows from where we started adding, we will close the ten loops in the middle and separate the separated parts separately, taking from their inner sides one loop in each of the rows. Again, we collect the elements. First of all, we connect the points marked "A" on the diagram. With the help of a hook, we will tie three times "Fragment # 1" and six times "Fragment # 2". All available "Fragments number 1", placing it upside down, connect the triangle. "Fragments number 2" we connect in pairs and place accordingly to free places. According to the stepping lines of the scheme, with the help of hook number 3 or number 5, we need to do the binding of the elements with the interlacing "pile step", and then connect the yarn with the threads of the hats.

The classic "French bikini"

knitted swimsuits of 2016

  • The size represented in this example: 46.

We need 50 g (or 170 m)sectioned yarn (yarn with the ratio of cotton and elastane content of 98% -2%), needle No. 3 and hook No. 3 or No. 5, and slightly more than 2 m of hats are also suitable. We will perform the weave with a "sirloin grid" (ie alternating one column with two capes and two air loops) and a half-shell with a crochet. The density of knitting by the facet on the spokes number 3 should be equal to: 27 loops per 32 rows or 10/10 cm. Cups of the bodice. We put 9 knitting needles on knitting needles and we knit with smooth face. When we bind 26 rows, it is necessary to dial 21 loops on the left and begin to knit shortened rows, i.e. we need to tie four face loops, turn our work around, tie four purl loops, turn over again, tie eight loops, turn over, and so on. Similarly, tying four loops more in each second row, we need to get 12 shortened rows. After that on all hinges (30 pcs.) It is necessary to connect 30 rows to the face surface and close the hinges. The knitting of the right cup of the bodice will be a mirror image of the left. Now we collect the elements together. We use the "fillet mesh" to make four rows on the side of the edge band and one row on the other two sides. For the straps, we divide the hat-thread with three parts: two pieces, the length of which is 60 cm and one - meter. The lengths of the yarn-gum we will tie with a hook, we will pass a meter section at the bottom, and the shorter segments - into the side parts, fixing them in the corners. The ends of straps will be processed to your liking. Swimming trousers. We select 46 loops on the spokes, and in each second row on both sides we will tie the third and fourth loops together 16 times. On 14 loops, which we have left, we will fasten 40 rows. Now we will knit, adding in each second row on both sides 23 times one loop, for this from the third with the edge of the loop we will tie two loops each. When we bind 46 rows from where we started adding, we will close all the available loops. Again, we collect the elements. On the upper edge of the front and back we will fasten the four rows with a "fillet mesh". According to the stepping lines of the scheme, with the help of hook number 3 or number 5, we need to bundle the elements with the interlacing "pencil step". To make the strings, we will need to connect the two strings of yarn with twisted yarns of four 60-cm-long air loops. Now we fix the knots in the corners of the smelt and process the ends, decorating to your liking. Producing the described models, you should not limit your imagination and be afraid of experiments when choosing a pattern and in working with details. Knitted swimsuit 2016, we see it in the photo, is enriched with additional notes of charm, if decorated with metal fittings, stones and other elements of decor. Today we presented to your attention only the templates, but how the product will come out - depends only on you. Summarizing the results of the conversation, I would like to tell you about the fact that quite recently (a couple of decades ago) the opportunity to have a knitted swimsuit in your wardrobe and wear it with joy was doubtful. To the great displeasure of many women of fashion, the materials at the disposal of women at that time made the process of wearing this model not very pleasant. Whether it's now - the choice of ready-made models is huge, and high-quality yarn suitable for making this fashionable garment is easier to buy than kitchen towels. So do we miss this chance to look fashionable, effective and incredibly feminine. We advise you to read: