delicious lily kebab Lula-kebab is traditionally an oriental dish. The recipe for its preparation originates from the Arab peoples. This dish won great popularity in the Caucasus and the Balkans. Initially, kebab lulya was prepared only from lamb, and the meat should have been very fatty varieties. An integral part of this delicacy is a large amount of onions and various spices.

What is kebab

To date, the ingredients have becomesomewhat more diverse. Now it is often possible to meet this dish, prepared from beef and even chicken. Some gourmets manage to cook it even from pork. The choice of meat is a matter of taste. In any case, it is necessary to observe the correct technology. It should be remembered that the recipe of this dish is unique. No eggs, flour, or bread are added to it. Traditionally, lyulya-kebab was strung on skewers and cooked on charcoal. Today it is baked in the oven. recipe for delicious lube kebab

Traditional Uzbek way

The recipe is quite simple, it is rightfully consideredtraditional Uzbek variant. In order to prepare a dish, you need 1 kg of fat lamb. Onions it is desirable to take at least 2 medium bulbs. Salt and pepper add to taste. Traditional Uzbek lub-kebab is prepared using a seasoning called zira. This seasoning will be enough for 0.5 tsp. A stunning aroma will give ground coriander, which will need 1 tsp. In order to cook this oriental dish, you should choose mutton meat from the thigh or the scapula. From mutton, it is necessary to remove all sinewy places and films, then chop into very small pieces with a slice. If the mutton is not very fat, you can add about 200 grams of fatty fat, which must be cleaned of the film and chopped very finely. Onions should also be finely chopped. After this, mix all the ingredients and mix thoroughly. You should get a good stuffing. The Uzbek cooking recipe necessarily includes the process of beating the resulting stuffing. For this, the resulting mixture is lifted and thrown into a vessel. Beating mincemeat will take 5-10 minutes. After that, you need to moisten your hands thoroughly in water and make a long cutlet, which is then strung on the skewer. Uzbek lulia-kebab must be cooked on charcoal until golden. simple recipe lulia kebab

Baking in the oven

This recipe is suitable for those housewives wholive in the urban rhythm of life and do not have the opportunity to get out on the nature for cooking there lyulya-kebab. Its distinctive feature is that this dish is cooked in the oven. Believe me, cooked in the oven lyulya-kebab will not yield to the taste qualities cooked on the coals. First you need to understand the necessary ingredients. In this case, the most suitable option will be fatty veal, since this meat is more delicate taste. Veal is enough will be 1 kg. Tangerine fat is an integral part of the dish, as only it can give a special unique flavor. Sala we need about 200 g. Prepare 2 medium-sized onions, salt and pepper. There will be no recipe for kebab without zira, which will need about 0.5 tsp. Also we need to add a teaspoon of ground coriander and greens to taste. It is desirable to choose veal from the sacral part or from the spine. Meat must be cleaned of all veins and films and cut very finely with a special kitchen ax. Remember that meat for this dish should be minced in the form of minced meat, finely-finely. You can use a meat grinder, but in this case the quality of its knives should be excellent. Do not buy shop minced meat, as its quality is not quite suitable for cooking lyulya-kebab. Still, in the recipe of this dish, it is not in vain recommended to use chopped meat. Then also finely chop the fatty fat. The next step is to mix the prepared meat and fat, add pepper, salt, zir, ground coriander and a little greens. Do not overdo with greens. It is advisable not to add any more spices, as these ingredients will be enough. Then minced must be properly discouraged. The process of beating is to squeeze out excess moisture from the resulting stuffing. Remember that the onion must be chopped very finely. Otherwise, minced meat can simply fall apart. The beating process will take you about 10 minutes. Preparation should be strictly according to the prescription.

Forming and baking in the oven

Place near you a container with water, in whichfrom time to time it is necessary to wet your hands. Divide the forcemeat into an equal number of balls, from which it is necessary to form oblong sausages. They need to be neatly threaded on the skewers. In the process of stringing gently squeeze out excess moisture. This recipe is intended for baking kebab in the oven. It is also suitable for those who decided to cook this dish on the coals. It is advisable to put the prepared skewers in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before baking the kebab. This procedure will help the dish not to lose shape. The pan should be preheated in advance. After that, we spread the lyulya-kebab on a baking sheet, which was previously covered with foil. Our dish is cooked for about 30 minutes. During this time it is necessary to turn it several times. While baking kebab-fry is going on, you can pickle onion. This addition to the main dish will be very suitable and will give a special unique taste. Prepare 2 large bulbs. We cut onions with thin semirings, which then squeeze a little to make a small amount of juice. To give a refined taste, you can sprinkle onions with barberry powder. Then soak the onions in vinegar and leave for about 15-20 minutes. Ready lulia-kebab, covered with a golden crust, you need to pull and remove from the skewer. The resulting dish is laid out on a large flat plate and sprinkled with marinated onions. You can add greens, preferably coriander, to taste. Fans of sauces can supplement the dish with ketchup, which in this case will be very handy. These recipes are the most approximate to traditional methods. Remember that in the present kebab must be present fattening fat and seasoning zira. It is these ingredients, which are present in almost every recipe for kebab lulia, that make the taste of this dish so special.