lecho of pepper Recipe lecho useful to each hostess, asexperienced, and beginner. This product of home canning pleases the eye with its bright color and is remembered by an unusual piquant taste. Not only is this a wonderful independent dish, so it can still be used almost everywhere and everywhere. This is an addition to meat dishes, and a piece of omelette with vegetables, and a dressing for borsch. And how with the potato is great! And in the word "cool", boldly put stress on both the first and the second "o". After all, pepper is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. See what this vegetable contains:

  • Vitamin A. Increases our resistance to colds and infections. It also provides growth and gives a feeling of well-being.
  • Vitamin V. It helps the absorption of nutrients and normalizes the work of the nervous system and brain, speeding up the metabolism.
  • Vitamin C. Its content in pepper is comparable to the content of the same vitamin in oranges and grapefruits. Performs many functions in the body. One of them is the neutralization of harmful substances.
  • A variety of mineral compounds. Especially a lot of silicon, and this substance is necessary for us to have beautiful skin, nails and hair. It can be called an "element of beauty".
  • What is included in the

    There are various recipes for cooking lecho. But the main classical ingredients are unchanged - it's pepper and tomatoes. Other ingredients can be added to taste. Plus the tomato filling is that it's not necessary to add vinegar. Tomatoes already contain a sufficient amount of acid, which acts as a preservative. And tomatoes contain a very useful lycopene - a natural antioxidant. What is most pleasant is that the substance needed by our body when heat treated with tomatoes does not disappear, but on the contrary, it increases. This is due to the evaporation of excess liquid during cooking. In general, canning at home is the right thing. It is known that vegetables harvested for future use are a source of health in the winter-spring period. If properly prepared with a prescription, the nutritional value of the preserved foods is preserved. Preparing lecho is also a creative work. Using a ready-made recipe, each hostess can bring in something of his own, given the tastes of family members. This concerns the composition of products (reduce or increase the amount of sugar, replace spices). As for the preparation of packaging and products, processing and storage mode, it is better to adhere to strict technology. cooking lecho of pepper

    Sterilization of containers

    It should be said separately about the sterilization of cans. Of the many ways, two most simple to perform are:

  • The washed and dry jars are placed on the tray with the neck down. The tray is placed in an oven, which is heated gradually for 30 minutes, and then switched off. Still warm dishes immediately filled.
  • In the jars pour a little water (about 1 cm) and put them in the microwave. When water boils, steam sterilization takes place. The aging time is about 5 minutes.
  • Covers, rubber gaskets to them or plugs are sterilized in boiling water for 10-15 minutes.

    Storage of canned food

    Lecho, like other canned food, is kept in the darkplace - it prevents the product from changing color and breaking down some vitamins. The storage temperature is plus, preferably 4-8 degrees. This is the best temperature for preserving the quality of canned food: they do not mold and do not ferment. Do not allow the temperature to drop below 0 degrees - unwanted changes will occur in the cans, and glass jars may burst. storage and conservation

    Cooking process

    So, the container is ready, how to store lecho, it is understandable. It's time to move on to the main process. Below is a simple classic lecho recipe with the addition of onions. Products: 1.2 kg of sweet pepper, 1 kg of tomatoes, 250 g of onions, 15-20 g of salt, 2-3 tablespoons of water, a pinch of ground black pepper, Preparation: Pear the mature pepper, trim off, remove the seeds. Pepper cut into pieces or strips 5-8 mm wide. Juicy red tomatoes are scalded with boiling water and freed from the skin. Cut into slices 3-4 mm thick. Peel the chopped onions. Prepared vegetables mix, put salt and black pepper to taste. All put in enameled dishes. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of water and simmer under the lid for 20-30 minutes. Then put the vegetable mass in a sterilized jar tightly, without air voids. Top of the vegetables should be covered with juice. Roll with covers. Turn the cans and wrap the blanket until it cools down.

    Using tomato paste

    You can make lecho with tomato paste. This is in case, if the right amount of fresh tomatoes is not at hand or just too lazy to bother with them. This is how the Bulgarian lecho is made. It is more sweet. Then the recipe will differ from the previous one in that instead of 1 kg of tomatoes, 1 kg of tomato paste is taken. If the paste is thick, it is recommended to dilute it with water to the desired consistency. You can add 2 tablespoons of sugar. This easy-to-use recipe will help even the most inexperienced mistress prepare a tasty and useful lecho, based on its taste and imagination. Remember that canning is an art that needs to be constantly studied, exhibiting a certain skill and creativity. Use the experience of others and your imagination. Learn how to beautifully pepper in cans. Then the most ordinary canned food will look attractive and mysterious. I wish you every success and good appetite!