lagman One of the popular and traditional dishes in the MiddleAsia and the East is a lagman. This dish is prepared from meat, stewed with noodles and vegetables. There are many varieties of its preparation. Over time, many recipes add new ingredients. However, the real dish has its own recipe, which has long been known to the people of China, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan and Tajikistan.

What is lagman?

Lagman is a dish based on meat. Some housewives prepare it in the form of soup, and someone makes it look like goulash. A distinctive feature of the lagman's recipe is the aroma and richness of the taste. After all, for the preparation of this food use special noodles, lamb and vegetables. There are still a lot of controversies about the correct recipe for lagman. Russian housewives use different cooking options. Someone believes that the composition requires radish or radish. Others - make the consistency of the lagman deliberately thicker, adding to its recipe for more new products. Traditionally, it is customary to use lamb for cooking. However, in different variations of the recipe, you can meet other types of meat: pork, beef, veal, turkey or chicken. For cooking lagman at home you can choose any meat. Preference should be given to flesh with a small bone. The taste of this dish will be amazing. lagman's recipe

Preparation of noodles

The main ingredient of the dish is noodles. In many countries it is prepared on its own. For cooking, you need to knead a dough consisting of 500 gr. flour, 2 eggs and 300 ml of water. The dough is kneaded to complete homogeneity, then allowed to stand at room temperature for about 2-2.5 hours. The resulting dough kneaded to the consistency of plasticine, it must be elastic, otherwise holes can form when rolling. To make the dough a good texture, you can wet it in salted water. So it will not tear and stick to your hands. Then the dough is divided into small pieces. The resulting mass is rolled out in the form of long flagella. In order for the noodles to stretch better, the dough should be oiled. Ideal noodles should look like a twisted cord length of more than 50 cm. You can also buy already prepared noodles in the store in the form of Italian spaghetti. However, the taste of it will be much inferior to the home. This recipe Lagman still speaks of noodles, which are prepared at home. different recipes lagmana

How to cook lagman at home

  • In the beginning it is necessary to boil the noodles in slightlysalted water. To noodles not stick together, you can add a tablespoon of sunflower oil into the water. Then boiled noodles have to be thrown to a colander to water the glass.
  • The next step is cooking the gravy in the homeconditions. It is also called "waja". This is a traditional dish, usually cooked in a cauldron. You can use a deep frying pan or a small pan. For gravy it is necessary to cut into cubes meat (500 g of beef or mutton). Sliced ​​meat should be placed in a heated cauldron with sunflower oil. For the next 20 minutes, the meat should be roasted until golden brown. Then, cleaned and chopped onions are added to the meat. For gravy still need carrots, it must be cut into large strips. Carrots are also added to the cauldron. While onions and carrots are stewed with meat, it is necessary to finely chop the cabbage, cut the radish and beans with straws, chop the peppers and tomatoes. The received vegetables are put in kazan, mix and cover with a cover. The mixture is extinguished on fire for about 15-20 minutes, then boiling water is added to the pan. Again, cover and stew for another 20-30 minutes. Potatoes will be needed for gravy, it needs to be cut into small cubes. Potatoes are also added to the gravy along with the spices (salt, basil, coriander, garlic). Another 20 minutes. the dish should stand on fire to the full availability of gravy.
  • The prepared gravy in consistency shouldreminiscent of sauce or thick goulash. In order for the dish to be more flavorful, the housewives add meat broth instead of boiled water to the sauce. The taste of such a lagman is very saturated.
  • Serving dishes

    A dish should be served in a deep dish orpiale. Put cooked noodles on the bottom of the plate. That noodles are not torn, it can be shifted with the help of tongs, forks or hands. Top - pour sauce-sauce. You can decorate the dish with greenery - basil or cilantro. Also, for the spicy and piquant taste, you can serve lagman, along with chopped bell pepper. Externally, the dish looks very appetizing because of the abundance of vegetables, herbs and seasonings. Moreover, lagman is a very hearty meal. This dish is prepared for about 50 minutes. Anyone who has tried once lagman can understand why this dish is so loved and popular in many countries. No wonder many peoples praise the lagman and consider this food traditional for themselves. In many houses lagman is the decoration of the festive table, a tribute to the guests. Despite the fact that there are a lot of cooking options, all masters are united by love for this dish.