hodgepodge with sausage Agree, it happens, in conversation we usethe phrase "national hodgepodge". But at such times we do not draw a parallel with the well-known dish - hodgepodge. But this word came to our speech from Russian cuisine. So we often call something, in which there are a lot of things. And this applies to all areas of our lives. But back to the recipe itself. The history of its origin is dark. Rather, there are several versions of the birth of the saltwort. One of them is as follows: as if long ago in Russia this soup was called "peasant" and was the favorite food of peasants. Simple and, in fact, simple dish, because mistresses were thrown into a pan, and in those days in a pot, everything that came under the arm. The main thing is to be nourishing and fast. And only later the "village" assimilated into "solyanka", tk. The peasants liked to add various kinds of pickles. Another version of the origin of this recipe: soup was originally called "solyanka" precisely because the peasants used it for picking the pickles. But no matter what puzzles the story throws up to us, whatever versions exist, the soup remains soup and, perhaps, one of the favorite dishes among the Russian-speaking population. Solyanka can be different: fish, meat. We will give an example of how to prepare a hodgepodge with sausage. Ingredients for saltwort with sausage

Step by step cooking of a dish from Russian cuisine

Salinity, the severity of this soup depends on yourtaste. And as you probably already guessed from the history of origin, there is no unique recipe for cooking saltwort from sausage. Solyanka team, so proceed to harvest food. Potatoes, pickled cucumbers, sausages of different varieties, onions, tomato paste or tomatoes, olives, lemon, greens, garlic are the main ingredients. You can do without greenery, garlic, and add olives to olives. So, let's get started. We will not specify the weight of this or that product. for sure, each of you is preparing your own amount of soup. We take out the pan, we collect cold water into it and put it on the fire. In the meantime, while the water is warming up, we take the most common potatoes (you can not imagine a vegetable and you will always think of it, and at home it is always there), we clean and cut it as you please. A cube, a rectangle, straws, or some other intricate shapes - this is just like your darling please. Cut the potatoes into a pan and proceed to the next product from our recipe. We rub the carrot on a large grater, chop the onion and put the two ingredients in a frying pan with the sunflower or olive oil already added. The resulting mixture we pass, while watching that carrots and onions are not burnt. There is such an opinion, if the onions are burnt, then it is necessary to throw it out and cook everything for a new one. But this is at your discretion, and besides, we are preparing a hodgepodge, and she will endure any experiments with products. A couple of minutes, and the kitchen spreads a pleasant fragrance from the contents of the frying pan. Turn off the gas and forget about this mixture. Take the tomato paste and add it to the pan, mix it, cast a spell over our national team of solyanka. Here you can skew a little from the recipe and prefer another option. We take tomatoes, scald them with boiling water, easily remove the skin from them and rub them again on a large grater. Slightly pepper, salt, add not more than one spoonful of vinegar and put on the fire, bring to a boil, stirring all the time. And now you have already made yourself cooked tomato paste. You can add garlic to it. He will add pasta and flavor soup. tasty hodgepodge

Pickles for saltwort

Next, following the recipe, we startcutting salted cucumbers. Here, too, strict instructions, which form to give chopped cucumbers, no. But it is better to do it as small as possible. Sliced ​​- send the cucumbers into a pan with a future halophyte. The remaining brine can also be used and added to the soup. Will be a non-waste production. If desired, the cucumbers can be pre-fried in a pan. Suppose in your refrigerator stale sausage and cervelat stale. We take them and boldly cut, as we want, and pour into a saucepan. It is not necessary to use these types of sausages. In this regard, our recipe can undergo changes. It can be any other sausage. But, perhaps, except salami. This sausage spoils a little hodgepodge. But, again, this is a matter of taste. Now remember the carrots and onions that you have pasted, and pour them into the soup. Everyone got in the way. Solyanka likes to be stirred more often. As for olives and olives, you can add them as already in the boiling, almost ready soup, and in the plate before serving. A small slice of lemon is put in a bowl with the soup already poured. Do not overdo this ingredient in case if tomato paste was made by yourself, because vinegar was added to it. Otherwise, you risk making your hodgepodge and sausage too acidic. And here it is, the final touch: sprinkle your soup with fresh herbs and serve it on the table. Compliments and positive feedback are provided to you. As you have probably already seen, preparing a hodgepodge with sausage is not difficult. The recipe is very simple and delicious. Time takes little, but the result is always delicious and will certainly please you, your family and guests.