Needlework with children. To please is to develop Early development is a natural concern for modernparents. The dynamics of life suggests the only way to educate a successful, confident person - to teach him to think creatively and to do without outside help in any situation. The acquisition of various kinds of needlework for mastering is the best way to solve these difficult tasks. Generate ideas, select materials and methods for their processing, overcome the difficulties of mastering new technologies, complete what was started, and draw inspiration from the results of their work. All this and much more is studied by the kid, watching the actions of an astringent, sewing, embroidering mother or father, collecting models of planes, enthusiastically craftsman , bent over the plaque for burning. Only joint creativity, which causes joyful emotions among all participants in the process, has the greatest educational and developmental effect. The business, positive attitude of the adult causes the child's desire to actively act and achieve success. The practical use of manual labor for the comprehensive improvement of a small genius can not be overestimated. Knitting and sewing in classes mug, weaving, paper plastic and , sculpting and drawing in an art studio. Whatever we choose, physical, verbal, emotional, moral development in the creative process is carried out as if by itself, cheerfully and naturally. You can perfect your skills by thoroughly studying one or two types of needlework, but it is better if the classes are diverse. Moreover, at present a lot of new materials processing techniques have appeared, and for a long time already known became more accessible for the majority. In order to involve the child in the creative process, it is not necessary to choose primitive, simple handicrafts. The harder the work, the more space for development. At first, you can trust your child to perform auxiliary functions. For example, a very fashionable technique today as a whole it is rather difficult, but feasible participation increating a masterpiece can accept even a little one who has just learned to hold scissors in his hands and tolerably cut out pictures. A child is very useful and simple observation of a creative person, he absorbs moods, ideas, methods of actions as a sponge and, over time, applies the accumulated creative experience in games and communication with peers.