Toys for children Nowadays there are toys that are generallyare not suitable for children, but there are those that are suitable for a certain age of children. So, let's find out how to choose the right toys for our child! Tips for choosing toys

  • Choose toys where there are no small details, otherwise your child will break them, and God forbid they can choke.
  • Follow the instructions on the toy packaging
  • Look for such toys on which it is written "non-toxic", "made of environmentally friendly materials"
  • It is advisable to buy toys served by washing.
  • The toy itself should give the child the opportunity to change it independently, to improve.

Such a toy will develop your child. The toy should train your child's brain, and also provide a long intellectual load. The best option is if the toy is ahead of the child's development, forcing it to self-develop, rather than slow it down. Choose the desired toy for your child you can in www.eka-raduga.

Toys and child's age

A child who has just given birth to a toy does notare required, since his whole life definitely has a connection only with the contacts of adults. Well, in the period from one to three months, the child has mechanisms of visual and auditory perception. It is advisable in this period to give the child colorful toys, for example geometric figures or drawings. In the period from 3 to 6 months it is advisable to give the child plastic, rubber and soft toys. Very good as will be toys voiced. From 6 to 9 months the child is more interested in complex toys, such as typewriters, folding books with bright juicy pictures. And now a one-year-old child is thrilled with such toys as a mobile phone, doll utensils, swings, jumpers. By the way, a rocking horse is the best toy for developing a sense of balance, so your child will start walking more quickly and confidently. We advise you to read: