bioepilation is The skin of a woman should be smooth. This postulate dictates the current fashion for frank and transparent outfits, mini skirts and short dresses. Yes, and the woman is pleased when her body looks attractive and sexy. Of course, removing excess hair from the skin is a personal matter for every girl, only she decides whether or not to be epilated. Although in recent years, all women claim to be! Today, the popular method of hair removal is bioepilation with wax - a slightly painful, but quite effective method.

What is this type of hair removal?

So, what is bioepilation? This is one of the most common ways to quickly, inexpensively and effectively remove hair from the surface of the skin with the help of wax. And cosmetologists claim that this method is known since the days of Ancient Egypt. Usually this procedure is performed in beauty parlors, but with certain skills it can be done at home, and eventually this bio method will become quite familiar and accessible procedure. However, before you do the hair removal yourself, you should consult a beautician. The recommendations suggested in this article, we hope, will help you to understand the difficulties of the procedure. Let's start with some important nuances that you need to know about epilation:

  • First, bioepilation, removing thin hairs, does not destroy the hair follicle, and therefore the procedure must be repeated on a regular basis.
  • Secondly, to slow down the growth of hair, it is recommended to use special cosmetics.
  • Thirdly, it should be noted that the length of the hairs to be removed should not be less than five millimeters.
  • And, fourthly, remember, - bioepilation, likeany other cosmetic procedure, has contraindications. Varicose veins, pregnancy, cancer and dermatological problems in the process of exacerbation are the reasons for refusing the procedure.

bioepilation with wax

How to make bioepilation at home?

Bioepilation at home is possible withprovided that you have the skills to work with wax and wax alloy, have all the necessary tools and materials. To conduct depilation, it is necessary to prepare the skin for a more dense fit of wax: remove the remnants of cosmetic products and contaminants. The wax, which has been heated for half an hour, is applied to the skin area with a wooden spatula or cartridge. A high temperature ripens the skin and opens the pores, which removes a large amount of hair without pronounced pain. Wax is removed by a sharp movement against the growth of hair. At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to clean the skin of the wax residues with a special oil that will soothe and soften it. That's basically it. At first glance, this procedure does not represent anything complicated. Act neatly, and it will all work out! Another important advice: after bioepilation is not recommended to visit the solarium, pool or sauna. We advise you to read: