fruit peeling at home Every woman has the desire to be beautiful anddesired. However, to keep youth and attractiveness is not a problem of the lungs. It is necessary to take care of your skin every day to preserve and multiply your beauty for many years. Modern cosmetologists offer many different ways and means to preserve the attractiveness. In any beauty salon specialists will carry out procedures for cleansing, rejuvenating and brightening the skin of the face. The assortment of shops is rich in various cosmetic means. Here you can find everything: cleansing milk, and facial cleansers, and scrubs, and various masks, creams, and tonics ... A natural question arises: is it obligatory to resort to the help of specialists and cosmetics factories? After all, any skin care products can be cooked and independently in their own kitchen. And they will be no worse than those offered to us by cosmetics stores, and, perhaps, even better. You can independently carry out the procedure for skin cleansing with the use of natural compounds that are suitable for you. In this article, we will talk about how to properly make fruit peeling at home, using a variety of ingredients to achieve the most effective result. Cosmetologists believe that peeling, as a procedure for deep skin cleansing, is necessary for every woman, especially after 25 years. Do it in order to cleanse the skin of dead cells, saturate the skin with oxygen and, therefore, promote its rejuvenation. After this procedure, the action of creams, masks and lotions is enhanced, since all the useful moisturizing and nutrients are much more quickly absorbed into the epidermis.

What is fruit peeling?

The most popular means in the struggle for beautyskin is considered fruit peeling. This is one of the most effective and gentle ways of deep cleansing of the upper layers of the skin. The advantage of fruit peeling lies in the fact that during its carrying out live updated cells are not affected. Such a method of soft cleaning affects only the keratinized layers of the skin. This procedure is performed using fruit acids, which are called alpha hydro-acids, or abbreviated - AHA acids. They are extracted not only from fruits, but also synthetically. Most often, cosmetology uses glycolic acid, which is produced from sugar cane. It contributes to the most effective elimination of keratinized skin areas. Lactic acid works well as a moisturizer, apple and wine improves the elasticity of the skin, and lemon stimulates the production of collagen. The ideal fruit peeling is one that combines all of the above alpha hydroiodic acids. peeling with fruit acids at home

The history of this procedure

There is a version that fruit peeling -the invention of modern cosmetologists. However, this is by no means the case. It is known that even before our era the women of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome made masks from various fruits. And the famous queen Cleopatra, who was famous for her beauty, washed herself with milk and sour wine. In those days, people did not know the scientific rationale for why these products have a beneficial effect on a woman's appearance. But, despite this, beauties successfully used masks from fruits and dairy products. Scientists have discovered ANA-acids relatively recently, about 20 years ago. Initially, these biological substances were used in medicine for medicinal purposes. Later they were successfully used in cosmetology in the treatment of acne, eczema, dandruff. For the skin they are valuable in that they increase its smoothness, reduce wrinkles and eliminate pigment spots. Fruit acid peeling is offered by almost all beauty salons. Not everyone can afford this procedure. But this is not a reason to abandon it. Fruit peeling can easily be done at home. This type of purification is especially needed for owners of fatty skin types, black spots, large pores, pigment spots and a dull complexion.

Rules for carrying out fruit peeling at home

In order for the fruit peel to act properly and do no harm, several simple recommendations should be followed when carrying out the fruit peeling.

  • Prepare everything you need: a container for mixing components (it is better to take a small enamel bowl), cotton swabs, a brush for applying a mask, a clean towel.
  • Wash your face and wipe with a tonic bought inshop or manufactured by yourself. It is necessary to get rid of the residues of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, so that the peeling works more effectively. If you do not have the necessary cosmetics at hand, simply wash with warm water.
  • Remember that the mixture for peeling is necessaryprepare immediately before use, because over time, organic acids lose their properties. Therefore, in this case, it is impossible to mix components by several procedures in advance.
  • Do not get carried away by this procedure. The skin on the face is very tender and sensitive. It is recommended to carry out deep cleaning not more often than twice a week, and for dry skin - once every 10 days.
  • When applying the mask, be sure to avoid the area around the eyes, rinse the mixture only with cool water.
  • After the procedure, blot dry facetowel, wipe the broth with sage or oak bark. These plants have good tannic properties, which will improve the effect of the procedure. At the end, apply a nourishing cream to the skin.
  • During the first 2-3 days the skin can not be rubbed with alcohol-containing tonics, it is forbidden to apply honey or essential oils to the face. At this time, it is best to wipe the skin with tea or milk.
  • fruit peeling at home tips

    How to choose the right components for peeling?

    Each category of fruit has in its compositioncertain ANA acids. As stated above, they all affect the skin in different ways. Choosing the components for the mask, you need to be guided by what kind of result you would like to receive. Glycolic acid, which contributes to more effective and deep cleansing, for example, is found in green grapes. Lactic acid, which moisturizes well, is found in apples and blueberries. Citric acid, which contributes to the production of collagen and increase the elasticity of the skin, is found in citrus fruits. Thus, when choosing a single fruit, we work on the skin in a certain way. And to achieve the most positive result, it is better to combine several components, that is, to mix fruits that contain different ANA-acids.

    Recipes cleansing the skin with fruit acids in the home

  • For this, peeling will need the fruits of papaya. This exotic fruit in some cities is not easily found on store shelves. However, it is worth trying, since it contains acids that effectively affect the condition of the epidermis. Mix 200 grams of pineapple and 100 grams of papaya. Pre-clean and grind the fruits. Add 2 tablespoons of honey to the mixture. The product of beekeeping must necessarily be natural. Check the quality of the product you purchased. Apply a thin layer of mask on face. If this procedure is carried out for the first time, rinse the mixture 3 minutes after application. In the future, the duration of the procedure can be increased to 5 minutes. The mask is washed off with cool water.
  • Take 200 grams of refined choppedPineapple and mix with 2 tablespoons of liquid honey. For viscosity, you can add to it a little oatmeal flour, which you can buy in the store or cook yourself. This mask is considered more sparing. It can be kept on the face for 10 minutes.
  • The basis of the next recipe, as well as the two previous ones,- Exotic fruits. Flesh 1 banana beat with peeled and crushed kiwi fruit and 200 grams of pineapple. The resulting mass is applied to the face and hold for 15 minutes. After this time, rinse with cool water.
  • Olive oil and rosehip oil mix inthe ratio is 1: 1. Add a little lemon juice. The received liquid warm up. Take care that it does not become hot. The mass should be only slightly warm. Lubricate the resulting composition with a cotton swab, leave for 5-7 minutes, then rinse.
  • Orange peeling is prepared by mixingfruit pulp with coffee grounds and a small amount of liquid honey. The resulting mass is applied to the face, lightly massaging. Leave for 5 minutes, then rinse. Ana-acids, which are part of the orange, will make the skin soft and supple.
  • You can make a mask that looks like No. 5, but with the use of apricot. Its fruits include malic acid, which stimulates metabolism in cells.
  • For dry skin strawberry peeling is good. Mix 4 tablespoons of pulp with 1 egg and 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds. Apply the composition on your face with gentle massage movements. Rinse with cool water after 10 minutes.
  • 4-5 large grapes relieve the bones andmash in shallow dishes. Owners of dry and combination skin is recommended to add a few drops of olive oil to the fruit pulp. Apply the mixture to the damp cleansed skin on massage lines. Tartaric acid, contained in grapes, has exfoliating and bleaching properties.
  • Features of skin care after peeling

    Even after such a gentle way of deepcleaning the skin as a fruit peeling, the face needs special care. After all, this procedure to some extent destroys the surface layer of the epidermis. Do not be scared if after the peeling on the skin there will be a slight reddening. This is normal. After the procedure, try to avoid direct sunlight and do not go to the solarium for about two days. Also, if possible, do not use 1-2 days of makeup. Let the skin "breathe" and be saturated with nutrients.

    Contraindications to fruit peeling

    In contrast to the more stringent procedure, whichspend in the salon, fruit peeling at home does not have a lot of contraindications. First of all, it is necessary to find out whether any fruit causes an allergic reaction. To do this, perform a simple test: apply a little cooked mixture on a small patch of skin on the inside of the hand. If there is no negative effect (itching, severe redness), the mask can be applied to the face. It is not recommended fruit peeling to women who have too dry skin. Ana-acids can cause excessive irritation and peeling. It can not be performed if there are open wounds and abscesses on the skin. Do fruit peeling regularly, about once a week. The results of a fruit peel, even at home, will please any woman. After this procedure, the skin looks more fresh and supple. Pores are cleared and brighten after the third procedure, and after the fourth - noticeably narrow. The work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, the pores are cleared, and small age signs disappear. This effect will not give you any mask. Look after your skin and be beautiful! We advise you to read: