potato casserole with fish Many are used to the fact that potatoThe casserole should be filled with beef, chicken or pork. Some prefer to use only vegetables. But sometimes I want diversity! We offer you to read a simple recipe for an unusual dish.

Casserole with tender fillet of hake

This potato casserole with fish is a dish onfast, for the preparation of which it takes 40 minutes. The recipe uses a hake as the filling, but cod or pollock also works. Ingredients:

  • 700 grams of potatoes
  • three large spoons of pasteurized milk
  • 50 grams of butter
  • 225 grams of hake fillet
  • slightly more than a glass of milk
  • 50 grams of flour
  • two eggs
  • two tablespoons of breadcrumbs
  • a few stalks of dill

Cooking method: Boil the peeled potatoes in the boiling water, but do not forget to salt it a little. Then drain excess liquid and mash the vegetable in puree, adding half of the butter specified in the recipe and three tablespoons of milk. If there is a blender, crush all the products in it, then the mass will be more homogeneous and without a lump. Now pay attention to the fish: put it in a frying pan and pour 300 milliliters of pasteurized cold milk. Hake should be cooked under the closed lid for about seven minutes, until it is boiled. After removing it and, if necessary, cleanse from bones and skin. As for milk, it does not need to be poured out - leave it for gravy. Cook the hard-boiled chicken eggs, get rid of the shell and cut into small cubes. The remaining butter melted in a saucepan, brown the flour in it, and then enter the milk in which the fish was cooked. Keep the sauce on a very low heat for two minutes, stirring occasionally. When it starts to thicken, add eggs, favorite seasonings, a little salt and hake fillets. You have come to the final stage: cover the pan with special paper (you can smear a bit with oil) and put the mashed potatoes in it, distributing it evenly on the bottom of the dishes, on top - the fish mass and sprinkle all the crumbs of fresh bread. Put in the oven, heated to 220 degrees, and bake until the dish is browned. When it is ready and a little cool, cut the food into portions and, spread out on plates, decorate with chopped dill and pour sour cream. Bon appetite! casserole with fish

Casserole "Festive" from potatoes with salmon and cod

You think that potato casserole canto cook only for dinner in a close family circle? This recipe will destroy your erroneous assumption. We offer you to make an appetizing festive dish with salmon and cod stuffing, which you surely will surprise the guests. Supplement it with a bottle of cold white wine and a great mood! These products are designed for six medium portions. Ingredients:

  • 1 kilogram and 300 grams of white potatoes
  • 350 grams of cod fillets
  • slightly more than half a kilogram (about 550 g) of salmon fillet
  • dry vermouth - 75 milliliters
  • a small piece of butter (take about 100 grams)
  • shallots - two pieces
  • 40 grams of flour
  • cream packaging
  • three tablespoons of capers
  • fresh dill
  • two yolks
  • 250 grams of shrimp

Cooking method: First we will give a little advice, which will facilitate the cooking process: buy fish fillets without skin and bones - then you do not have to clean it, which will save valuable time. Turn on the oven and heat it to 190 degrees. Meanwhile, boil the potatoes in a little salted water. After fifteen minutes, drain off unnecessary more liquid, add a small piece of butter and mash the vegetable. Now, in a separate bowl, whip with 50 milliliters of cream and chicken eggs, a little salting, mash. Weight should be obtained without lumps, to achieve an ideal uniformity will help blender. Wrap the pot in a towel so that the potatoes do not cool prematurely. Now cut both kinds of fish in small bars and place them in a saucepan, filling it with vermouth. If this drink you do not have available, use white dry wine. Bring the mixture to a boil, then, after reducing the heat, hold the plate for another six to eight minutes. Then transfer the salmon and cod into a mold (preferably ceramic), and pour the liquid into a separate bowl. At the next stage you need to melt the butter. When you are done, add the shallots cut in small cubes and fry to make it soft. Now enter the flour, mix well and pour in the remaining milk liquid from under the fish. The sauce is stewed on low heat for no longer than five minutes. After this time, add the remaining cream, capers, shrimp and finely chopped greens. To your taste, season the dish with salt, your favorite spices and ground pepper and mix thoroughly. Ready mixture pour into a shape with fish, which should be covered with a thick layer of warm mashed potatoes, level the dish with a spoon to make it look good. By this time, the oven is already warming up, so boldly put your creation in it and bake for about half an hour. As you can see, this dish is not in vain called "Festive". Salmon in combination with cod, tender potatoes, fragrant spices, seafood, capers and vermouth is an original and incredibly appetizing dish, which is not ashamed to put on a festive table. A few tips for its preparation. To enrich the taste of the casserole, you can add 50 grams of smoked salmon to the sauce, and in the absence of cod, use haddock or other fish at your discretion. For this dish is ideal for such condiments as tarragon, chives and chervil. Casserole from a potato can be prepared differently, in fact there is a lot of interesting and unusual recipes. Using a simple simple set of products, you will make a dish for every day, which will please your loved ones for lunch or dinner. And such ingredients as salmon, shrimp and other delicacies, will create a real masterpiece for a festive feast. We advise you to read: