mumps disease Disease of the mumps. For sure, about this disease with such a funny name know absolutely everything. However, few people clearly understand the process of the course of the disease, as well as all the consequences that the mumps may lead to. Let's try together to learn more about this disease and how to reduce the likelihood of such complications to a minimum. And we will begin our story that pig is a name used in common speech. In official medicine, it is called "epidemic parotitis." This disease has the infectious nature of the onset and is characterized by a severe lesion of salivary parotid glands. Because of this defeat, the patient's face swells, resembling the snout of a little animal, in honor of which this disease is called "mumps".

The course and symptoms of the disease

Like any other infectious disease,mumps has its incubation period. Typically, it is an average of twenty-one days. However, it is rare, but still there are cases of atypical disease - in these cases the incubation period is extremely short and lasts no more than one or two days. Remember that a sick person is usually a child, all this time of the incubation period is extremely dangerous for others, as it is the source of infection. The disease is typical enough, and it has pronounced and easily recognizable symptoms. These include:

  • Deterioration of general well-being

As with any disease, the condition of the patientthe child in this disease is very worsened - he can begin to be capricious, always sleep or, on the contrary, be extremely excited. Parents should not leave such a state of the child without due attention.

  • Increased body temperature

As a rule, immediately afterthe incubation period ends, the patient's temperature rises. Most often it fluctuates within 38 - 39 degrees, but in especially severe cases, it is possible to raise the body temperature to 40 degrees.

  • Swollen glands

Approximately on the second day after the increasebody temperature, a sick child may start complaining about the pain that has appeared in the dimples behind the ears and neck area. As a rule, pain appears first only on one side, and then on the other. Approximately in a day in the same sequence will appear and swelling of glands. To the touch, these swellings have a doughy consistency, with palpation (palpation) are very painful - as a rule, a child rarely gives a chance to feel the glands. In addition, painful sensations are also noted when swallowing, chewing and even just opening the mouth. All this brings a lot of unpleasant sensations to the sick kid. Another distinctive feature of the fact that the child is sick with mumps is a very specific skin in the area of ​​tumors - it is reddened, very smooth and shiny. The tumor gradually increases in size for about five days. As a result, the entire cheek swells, or even both. And only after that the tumor begins to subside. However, pay attention - completely it will disappear not earlier than by the tenth day of the disease. Approximately at the same time, the child normalizes body temperature, the general health improves. As already mentioned above - this disease in some cases can lead to a number of certain complications. Pig disease: the consequences can be such as inflammatory processes affecting the meninges, gray matter of the brain, pathological lesions of the middle ear. In boys, complications can affect the reproductive system. mumps disease

Treatment and care of patients

However, do not panic - in fact, almostall cases of complications arise as a result of improper care for the sick child. That's why doctors constantly remind parents of the need to carefully follow all the recommendations for caring for a child with a mumps. These recommendations are simple enough:

  • Separate room for a sick child

Ideally, a sick child needsprovide a separate room, especially if the family has more children. The disease is extremely contagious. That is why a sick child should have separate dishes and a towel, as well as other hygiene items. Although, in principle, they should be in a healthy child.

  • Bed rest

The child at the first signs of the diseasemust immediately go to bed. And he must stay there until he is fully recovered. Of course, many children are very difficult to keep in bed - sometimes almost impossible. However, parents will have to make every imaginable, and sometimes unthinkable, effort. This is especially true of boys. Otherwise, the likelihood of complications is very high.

  • Call a pediatrician to a sick child.

Even if you are sure that yourthe child was ill with a mumps, all the same call on the doctor's house. Only a doctor can accurately determine whether it is a mumps, or an inflammation of the lymph nodes. And this inflammation requires a serious treatment with antibacterial drugs. If the disease is not recognized on time, you can lose valuable time.

Treatment of mumps

As a rule, usually the child's treatment occurs inhome conditions. However, in especially severe cases, it is necessary to hospitalize the child for treatment in the infectious disease department of the hospital. This happens very rarely, so if the doctor insists on hospitalization, you can not refuse in any case - that means the disease really took a heavy form of the current. No specific treatment requires this disease. You can take only those measures that are aimed at alleviating the general condition of the sick child. Such measures include:

  • Bandages and compresses on the throat

In order to relieve the pain syndrome in a baby, onThe neck can be bandaged with gauze and bandages, or tie a warm scarf. You can also make a warm oil compress. To do this, heat a few spoons of any vegetable oil, soak a gauze cloth in it. Carefully make sure that the napkin was not too hot - otherwise you risk burning the baby's skin

  • Gargling

Let the baby as often as possible gargling with a warm throatsoda solution - take a teaspoonful of water. If the child is too small, give him as much warm drink as possible. As a rule, these measures are enough to ensure that the child successfully recovered. We advise you to read: