Any mom wants to give her baby onlythe best in everything, buying the most beautiful toys, preparing the most delicious food, reading the most interesting books. However, the common misfortune of many young mothers is that paying attention to one thing, they completely forget about the comprehensive development of their baby, and as a result, in the kindergarten and at school, the child starts to experience certain difficulties. How can all this be avoided, and take care of the crumbs developing well, both mentally and physically? Any development should start from a very early age and do not think that your baby is still very young, and therefore nothing will understand - this is far from the case. All your stories and explanations will be stored in his memory, and after that it will be much easier to remember new information. Begin with regular reading of fairy tales and do not forget to sing to the kid of a song. Arrange mini-puppet theater with soft toys, and when the child reaches the age of one, select the method that best matches his current hobbies and innate inclinations, attentive lovers of books and pictures - Doman's method, for more independent children - the Montessori technique, for fans of dice and sorter - the technique of Zaitsev. No less important for your baby are books and special toys. Kids get books with soft or rustling elements, older children are electronic alphabet, and kindergarten will like , able to move and communicate. This will help you develop the child's mental abilities, but what about the physical? Once your kid is taught to walk confidently, lead him to the playground, help climb and move out of the mountain, ride a swing, play ball. When the child grows up a little, he will like more active entertainment - specialized children's centers, with different levels, bicycles, and, of course, - all this will help your child comprehensivelydevelop and become more independent. The future of the baby depends only on you - and it is in your power to do everything to make your beloved child grow up healthy and happy.