snoring baby in a dream Traditionally, snoring is considered an adult problem. Therefore, when such baby rulads begin to publish the baby, the mothers begin to show great anxiety. To panic at once it is not necessary, often the snoring at the child is only consequence or investigation of catarrhal disease. Before you run to the doctor, watch him, perhaps you will find out the reasons for his appearance on your own. If snoring becomes a constant companion of the baby, interferes with sleep, causes a delay in breathing, you should consult a specialist. There is a snoring at the stage of deep sleep with a weakening of the tone of the muscles of the pharynx. The lower jaw sags, the back of the tongue sinks and blocks the air flow coming from the nasal cavity. There is a need to breathe through the mouth, snoring is amplified in the sleeping posture on the back. This is more inclined to full people, that does not apply to children. examination of the child's throat

Why there is a child's snoring

  • The most common factor is nasal congestion caused by viral rhinitis. To worry in this case it is not necessary: ​​the child will cease to snore, as soon as he recovers.
  • The situation is more serious if the increase in adenoids becomes a consequence of snoring. Narrowing the nasal passages leads to congestion, the baby is forced to breathe through the mouth.
  • Congenital curvature of the septum, anomalies in the structure of soft or hard palate lead to the same result.
  • The presence of the apnea syndrome causes irritability, drowsiness and impaired development of the child.
  • What are the possible consequences?

    If the baby's snoring is caused by the presence of a dangerousits consequences, it needs to be eliminated. Chronic fatigue and regular lack of sleep is the minimum that a youngster can face. What is worse is hypoxia, in this case the brain does not receive enough oxygen. Such children begin to lag behind in development from their peers, constantly feel weakness. They do not have time to show proper interest in surrounding events, since all the forces are spent fighting for a breath of air. Doctors tell me in a voice that you can not run a runny nose, as it can develop into a chronic one. As a result, the baby will snore constantly. And unsuccessful adenoids in time not only make breathing difficult, but can also cause hearing loss. Not to mention the incontinence of urine and other unpleasant things that can destroy the child's further life. It is also possible that the development of heart disease, hormonal failures, the emergence of early heart attacks. A kid can get bronchial asthma or aggravate the course of an already acquired diagnosis. Add to this hypertension, overweight, dyspnea and other unpleasant moments. treatment of snoring in a child

    What to do

    Breathe through the mouth in the presence of the nose somehowunnatural, so it is still necessary to find out the nature of the wrong breathing during sleep. The endoscopy of the nasopharynx, which is painless for the baby, will help to identify the causes of snoring and choose the right treatment. In the absence of any pathologies, try to find the reason in your own apartment. Regularly ventilate the room in which the child sleeps, do wet cleaning more often. There is a high probability that dry air contributes to the formation of crusts in the nasal passages. This makes breathing difficult and causes snoring. The problem can be solved by installing a humidifier and an air purifier in the room. Bending the neck during sleep can also contribute to the appearance of snoring, change the pillow to a lower one. If the results of the survey revealed a deviation from the norm, it is necessary to begin treatment as early as possible. The launched disease will need to be treated in a more radical way, surgery may be required. To prevent this, parents should pay close attention to the health of the child, responding in a timely manner to the problems that arise.