personal diary We girls are such a thrower! Such romantic nature, that already captures the spirit. There are also restless chatterboxes among us, and concentrated mollies, but we all want to be heard. By the way, many of us are so timid that they are simply afraid to speak out, for fear of being ridiculed or misunderstood. And to others this fear adds bravado in behavior. However, each of us can have a taciturn and all understanding interlocutor - our personal diary. The diaries became fashionable among the educated aristocrats of the nineteenth century. And since those days until now they are popular with young and not very young ladies. By the way, the tradition of making diaries with one's own hands is also old enough. And although polygraphists offer us all sorts of options for such ready-made diaries, a personal diary made by oneself is always better. So, without delay, let's start to make it.


The diary, which we will collect, as they say, from scratch. For its manufacture it is necessary to prepare:

  • Thick paper on the cover is a rectangle with sides of 28 and 15 centimeters;
  • Paper for diary pages is rectangular sheets with sides of 20 and 11 centimeters;
  • Thread or braid for strings - about 30 centimeters;
  • Two eyes (metal rivets) with a diameter of 3 millimeters;
  • A scrap of skin;
  • Marker;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler;
  • Stapler.

First we will do the cover. Take one sheet and unfold the long sides up and down. Measure from the right short edge of 3 centimeters 8 millimeters and draw a straight line parallel to this edge. From the left edge we recede 12 centimeters and also draw a vertical straight line. Now cut out of the skin two circles-buttons in diameter about four centimeters. Turn the cover face up and on the right side about a centimeter from the edge and attach a leather button to its middle. For this we use a rivet and a hammer. On the drawn lines we make folds, wrapping the paper inside. On the opposite side near the left edge of the cover we fasten the second button in the same way as the first one, having receded from the edge two and a half centimeters. We put the braid in the eyes and fasten it, tying the nodules from the inside of the cover. Fold in half internal pages, we put them in the cover, combining the fold line with the left fold of the cover. We attach the pages to the cover with a stapler at the junction of folds of the cover and pages. That's all. Our diary-folder, made by own hands, is ready! how to make a personal diary yourself

Personal diary-notebook

Such a notebook for a personal diary is veryjust. And although for him we use a ready-made notebook, the diary will be very effective, and most importantly - it will emphasize your personality. For a young lady, it is best to make a diary with a beautiful application in the form of a flower. And the brighter and more exotic the application will be, the more effective and unique will be the diary itself. For him we will need:

  • A ready notepad on a metal spiral;
  • Cloth for cover;
  • Cloth for application;
  • Glue;
  • Decorative braid;
  • Pencil;
  • Awl;
  • Scissors.

First you need to make a fabric cover. To do this, draw a spiral from the notebook and remove both parts of the cover. Now we cut out from the fabric that was prepared for the cover, two flaps, the size of which should be two centimeters in length and width wider than the size of the cover. We glue the fabric from the wrong side of the cover to both its parts. Excess tissue gently wrapped around your face and also glued. We cut out two more flaps of this size so that on the front side of the cover the flaps lay down, covering the wrapped and glued fabric. We put on the glue and these flaps. At the joints of the purl and face flap, we glue the braid. From the other fabric we cut out the application in the form of a flower, we process its edges and also plant it on the glue on the front cover of the cover. Using an awl, pierce holes on the fabric in places where there were holes from the spiral. We insert a spiral, collecting a notebook from two covers and leaves. Our diary, made by ourselves, is ready! beautiful personal diary with your own hands

Rainbow Diary

For such a funny colorful diary to usmany sheets of colored paper are needed. You can use office colored paper, food coloring or watercolor painted white paper, scrapbooking paper or even multi-colored thin cardboard or paper wallpaper. In addition to colored paper, it is necessary to prepare:

  • Thick, dense cardboard;
  • Large flaps of bright colored felt;
  • Paper for gluing the inside of the cover (fly-mouth);
  • Hole puncher;
  • Sewing machine;
  • Threads in the tone of felt or contrasting;
  • Thin tailor elastic;
  • Clay "Moment".

Cut all the paper into rectangular sheetsformat A5, we make holes on it with the help of a hole punch at the same distance from the edges and add all the sheets in a pile. Strictly speaking, the inner part of the personal diary is ready for us. It remains to make a cover. From the cardboard we cut out two rectangular blanks, the size of which should be about one centimeter larger (on each side) than the length of the sides of the inner pages of the diary. From felt we cut also rectangular blanks of the same size as cardboard plus one centimeter on each side. We put the felt blank on the table, we place a cardboard rectangle on it, leaving the allowances of the lower workpiece on each side. These free edges are greased with glue and wrap them, pressing them against the cardboard. Corners of felt sticking up, cut off only after we make sure that the corners of the cover are well glued. Similarly, pasting the second workpiece for the cover. Now, on the sewing machine, we lay a decorative stitch along the perimeter of both blanks for the diary cover. And then we make a hole in the holes, which must exactly coincide with the holes on the internal pages. From the paper for the fly-leaf, we cut rectangles with sides a couple of millimeters smaller than the sides of the cover. We make holes in the rectangles (coinciding with the holes on the cover) and paste the paper endplates on the back side of both pasted workpieces. Holes on the cover are hand-lined or decorated with metal scopes for scrapbooking. By the way, in shops for scrapbooking are also sold decorative corners. They can be attached to the outer corners of the cover. The front side of the cover is decorated at our discretion, pasted any application from paper, cards or felt. You can also use beads, buttons, ribbons, braids or any other decor elements. We collect the diary by placing a pile of internal pages between the pages of the cover. We fasten it, first having passed an elastic band in the top holes and having fastened it on a strong knot, and then also we pass the second elastic band in the bottom holes. So we got a rainbow diary on soft rubber rings. How to decorate a diary If with the external decoration of a diary made by yourself, everything is clear, then the question of decorating its internal pages remains open. Naturally, we try to come up with something for decorating the pages themselves, so how can they be diversified?

  • Firstly, each page can be decorated with a colorful tape - it's convenient for thematic bookmarks.
  • Secondly, an excellent decoration of the pages will bedrawings made with markers or markers, and if you can draw well, you can colorize the pages and watercolor or colored chalks. It can be small story pictures in the corners of pages or at their edges, and you can make an ornamental drawing. What to draw? Yes anything! Flowers, patterns, little animals, toon - that you like.
  • Instead of drawings, you can use ready-made stickers or decals. This is convenient for those who can not boast of the ability to draw.
  • Photo. A great way to decorate and illustrate your own diary is to put in it photo memories of your life, your own portraits and photos of friends.
  • The clippings from magazines can also serve as illustrations. For example, you are planning to make some purchases. Perfectly! Find images of similar things in the magazine and paste them into the diary.
  • Calligraphy. A beautiful font can also be an excellent decoration of the diary. In addition, the inscriptions and records can be made with multi-colored pens or markers and even decorate the capital letters, as in the old books.
  • In short, a personal diarywill not only be an excellent conversationalist, but also an occasion for the manifestation, development and improvement of your creative abilities. It is only necessary to put your skillful hands and fantasize a little. Dare! And all of you will definitely succeed! We advise you to read: