Parathonsillar abscess Diseases of the larynx - one of the most dangerous. And the point here is not only that they are painful. Their main danger is in a purulent character. Since it is in this area constantly moist environment, and treatment of the inflammation of the larynx is necessarily associated with unpleasant cleansing of the affected area from pus. One of the most unpleasant children's diseases of the throat - paratonsillar abscess - can occur in an adult. Although, according to statistics, the risk of illness after reaching the age of 2 years is very low. This disease is dangerous because during its course the suppuration of paratonzillar fiber and tissues, which protect it, constantly occurs. And children under 2 years of age, who are most at risk of getting paratonsillar abscess, are unable to explain to parents what exactly is wrong with their swallowing reflexes. A timely detection of this inflammation and is the key to its rapid cure. The stages on which the paratonsillar abscess develops are three: the initial edematous, the middle infiltrative and the extreme abscess. There are a lot of symptoms of this disease. But the most characteristic of them is typed only 5:

  • Severe sore throat after a recent angina, cold, flu and other diseases that affect the larynx.
  • The voice is squeezed, with recoil in the nose.
  • The rapid pace of breathing and the markedly forced position of the head (tilted to the right, to the left or tilted slightly back)
  • Perceptible swelling of the regional lymph nodes and tumor on the side wall of the pharynx.
  • Limiting the possibilities of chewing muscles (difficulty opening the mouth, turning the head and nodding).
  • If not so long ago the patient had already undergone treatmentinflammation of the larynx (acute respiratory disease, influenza, tonsillitis, colds, scarlet fever, etc.), it is worth donating blood and comparing the tests. The parameter of the paratonsillar abscess will be an increased content of leukocytes in the blood and accelerated ESR. Treatment of this disease at home is impossible. Therefore, the first measure in the quest to heal the child should be his hospitalization. In addition, patients with paratonzillar abscess must necessarily undergo antibacterial therapy. Often with this diagnosis, the doctor prescribes an urgent operation to immediately open the abscess. Provided that the larynx has already swollen too much and breathing is almost blocked, the patient will have to put also a tracheostomy. We advise you to read: