spina When fat begins to be deposited in the area of ​​the back,then there will necessarily be difficulties associated with its elimination. This is due to the fact that, as such, there is no diet for this case. But mainly fat deposits appear due to the lack of active movements. Simply put, the muscles of the back are in inactive and do not receive their share of the load. This is affected by a sedentary sedentary lifestyle, the use of harmful foods, food for the night and, of course, stress. Of course, there is nothing attractive in fat folds. But the spine also suffers. There are all prerequisites for the onset of osteochondrosis. Liposuction can at any time get rid of unpleasant fat. But no one will give a guarantee that it will not begin to accumulate again and even in large quantities. Yes, and the cost of money for will be significant. Therefore, let's pay attention to more accessible methods - adjusting the diet, changing habits and physical exercises, but breast enlarge with the help of exercises will not work. So, what do dieticians advise?

  • You should eat as little fat as possible.
  • No matter how much one would like, it will be necessary to refuse fried dishes, flour and sweet, smoked products, carbonated drinks.
  • On the table there should always be different fruits, vegetables and greens.
  • And do not forget to replenish the body with liquid - pure water. With daily consumption of one and a half liters of water, excess fat accumulations will be eliminated.
  • And now let's talk about the movement. It is worth using any opportunity for physical activity. The main thing is not to let yourself be lazy. Replace the travel on the transport by walking. Arrange for small jogging, the duration of which can be increased in time. It is also desirable to refuse the elevator. Well, if you allocate time for hiking in the pool and for dancing classes. But you need to practice regularly and enough time. Add to all this a visit to a professional masseur. In addition, you can completely independently take a contrast shower and use a roller massager. In the gyms, the back will receive enough load. Of course, you can choose the appropriate exercises and constantly perform them at home. Among the exercises it is worth highlighting the following:

    • the turns of the shoulder and hand in the sides;
    • with the hands clasped behind the back of the blades;
    • in a prone position, simultaneous lifting of hands, shoulders and legs;
    • dilution of the hands folded in front of the chest to the maximum distance.