fashion autumn 2016 Fashion trends (autumn-winter 2015/2016) openwide scope for creative imagination when forming a wardrobe. Fashion shows and pages of fashion magazines represent creative ideas of the design department, but their embodiment (or non-incarnation) in life is already the prerogative of each of us. Do not copy the exact picture from the podium, be fashionable, and most importantly stylish - it means not blind imitation, but a creative approach to fresh ideas. The purpose of this article is to present the main trends of the 2015-2016 season (autumn-winter) in such a way that they become the impetus for creating their image on the basis of fashion trends tailored to their own individuality. Modern fashion allows you to be creative. There is no diktat, there are directions, but how we adapt these directions to our preferences, features of a figure, appearance, way of life, is left to ourselves. Coping with this, probably not all can, but negative experience is also an experience. Therefore, it is worth trying, and if it does, you will feel incomparable pleasure.

Fall 2016: common approaches

Display collections of fashion houses (autumn-winter2015/2016) abounded with jackets in the style of "aviator", a coat - well, very loose cut, classic trouser suits, always topical skirts "pencil", feminine dresses with sleeves "flashlights", inserts from guipure. To the fashion trend can be attributed skirts in a large fold and style "trapezoid" - they have not appeared in fashion collections for a long time. Especially I want to stay on prints. In this regard, the main trend of the season can be attributed to the cage: "goose paw", small and large, oblique and even - the cell reigns on the fashion podiums. Do not stay away from fashion strip and peas. Some designers showed very original models with pea prints. Flowers, ethnic patterns, too, do not leave us, as well as popular print seals, which are not the first season. Fashionable colors of the 2016 season are quite diverse: purple, brown, all shades of blue, as well as calm green tones and noble beige. And in order to make your outfit look fresh and bright, designers are advised to come off on the accessories. According to the fashion trend (autumn-winter 2015/2016), they can, or rather, should be very bright and contrasting with respect to basic clothing. fashion autumn winter 2015 2016

Footwear for autumn

Shoes play an important role in creating a fashionableimage, and what the fashion houses offer in the autumn-winter season 2015/2016, makes it bright and unforgettable. At the peak of popularity, shoes made of cherry skin colors. If you consider yourself a fashionista, then simply must have shoes, ankle boots or boots of the designated color. If we are talking about shoes, the most fashionable models - with a strap around the ankle. Undoubted trend of the season - sharp noses, very often in combination with a massive heel. However, the classic boats on the hairpin do not go anywhere, especially for evening shoes. In the fall-winter season 2015/2016, designers offer very interesting models: shoes with a stable heel and with an original bow (this is the so-called nose-chest). The platform and the wedge remain relevant for the 2015/2016 season - a confirmation of that collection of fashionable shoes from famous designers. Another fashion trend in shoes is the imitation of male models: coarse boots and boots a la military, which can be combined with both men's clothing (for example, with jackets made in the form of men's jackets with broad shoulders) and with feminine models of dresses and suits. Most of the models presented on the catwalks are made of high-quality leather, including crocodile leather (or its imitation), as well as leather, treated in a special way and having a metallic luster. fashion trends autumn winter 2015 2016

More about the main trends

As already mentioned, the cell - the favorite of the currentseason. It is very different. Some designers use the classic Scottish cage in various variations, others prefer a checkered print in combination with an abstract drawing - it looks fresh and interesting. We want to remind fashion designers that the cage is a rather insidious figure, which must be used with caution, so checkered clothes sometimes fills. So be careful when choosing such clothes. If we talk about the tissues in general, then in the trend there is always a fashionable tweed, which is represented in a very diverse way, velvet is very much in demand. Characterizing the fashion footwear, we noted that a lot of models made of leather with metallic luster were presented at designer shows. This trend also applies to clothes: trousers, shorts, dresses and coats of leather, - the squeak of the season, and if they also cast a metallic sheen, then you can consider yourself the greatest fashionista. And fashion experts note that this season there is not much brilliance. They, experts, predict that we are expected multilayered. While this trend is seen only in individual designers and offered a lighter version of its implementation - for example, not all of the currently accepted combination of skirts and short trousers. By the way, it was this style of trousers that remained at the height of fashion all season 2015-2016. Similar combinations (skirt + trousers) were seen on the shows of leading fashion houses (Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Tam). Continue to remain in the fashion trend of a variety of waistcoats. The variety of this kind of clothes is striking: strict with lapels, sewn from high quality fabrics, leather, knitted. In honor also vests decorated with embroidery, paillettes, other decorative elements. A new accent is the underlined shoulder line. Clear geometric forms of such a waistcoat can not be better combined with fashionable narrow short trousers, as well as fashion skirts "pencil". In the fashion trend of autumn-winter 2015/2016 a variety of overalls. They look very attractive and, importantly, have such a cut that pulls and slivers. Of course, such clothes require shoes with heels. Autumn and winter 2015-2016 women of fashion can meet in cozy voluminous coats with a deflated shoulder line. A huge role in the coat of such styles is played by fabric - it must be very high-quality. In the trend, tweed and cashmere. These are extremely comfortable models that are perfect for cold autumn weather: they can safely put on a warm, volumetric sweater, decorate with large scarves and stoles, decorate and insulate with boas, which, incidentally, are a trendy accessory for the upcoming season. By the way, about accessories. Bags - an accessory number one in the wardrobe of any fashionista. In the trend of the season, of course, bags made of furs of fur animals - mink, rabbit, llama, fox. Perhaps this is not entirely practical, but very fashionable. By the way, if you can not afford such an expensive bag, you can buy bags made from a specially processed wood fiber, called modal. It really resembles the appearance of natural fur, but it is much cheaper and worn much longer. The second most popular trend is bags from the skin of exotic animals. This is, above all, a crocodile, a python, a lizard. They look expensive and stylish. As for color, the most fashionable shade (as in shoes) is the color of Burgundy, bordeaux, cherries. And one more distinctive feature of bags, which are offered by fashion houses in an autumn-winter season 2016: size. In fashion, three-dimensional bags, which, of course, will appreciate all working women. It can put a lot of necessary (and not so) things. Fashion changes, and with it we also change, but you do not need to become its slaves. Fashion for us, not us for it. Realizing this, you realize that it's important to be not fashionable, but stylish.