how the spell works People with magic are capable of performing any kind ofthe desire of man. Each magician chooses his own individual way of implementing the magical effect. Strong mages have the knowledge, allowing to change geometry of astral fields. By his power, a magician, having performed the spell of a spell, is able to quickly create a stable connection between one person and another. People, like atoms, are each in their own orbit. The change in the gravitational fields of the astral field makes it possible to quickly bend the orbit of one relative to the other. These people will see each other more often and show mutual interest. Most often the spell acts temporarily, in the future everything will depend on the activity of the parties and the construction of the bridge of attachment.

How does the spell act from the beginning?

When the spell starts to act, a woman,who ordered him, will feel the increased attention from the person who has been charmed. She will pay attention to the fact that their paths began to often intersect, the man who was charmed had a desire to look into the eyes. They start to excite the smells coming from the beloved, to disturb her figure and the timbre of the voice. He will be unbearably dragged to the places where you can meet this woman. If a woman ordered a spell, then she should understand that the beginning of a magical action - this is not an indicator of love. For its consolidation it is necessary to go to a meeting with a man and quickly stimulate further formation of events and strengthening of ties. Gradual development of attachment works best in this case. First meetings, meetings in a crowded place, kisses and, finally, sexual intercourse. love spell

The difference between the "white" spell from the "black"

White mages are based on harmony and seekthe fact that the spell acts gently, without the implementation of violence against the person. Such privoroty often look like the decision of doubting people. And the mage simply pushes the person to the development of events that would have happened in any case, only a little later. Black magic uses a tight spell design. After the ritual, the charmed person changes his usual way of life, and his desire to be and see the object of attention will last to the grave. It is impossible to stop such a spell quickly - it is very difficult to restore a normal rhythm of life to a person. The lapel, as a rule, is requested to be carried out by women, who are harassed by courtship and the obtaining of unpromising partners. After the lapel, the man just stops noticing you as an object of attention. You become one of those women who are unworthy of his attention. Of course, if you decide to use the help of a mage, it is better to choose a "white" spell. No one knows how to shape your life in the future. Maybe in a couple of years this man will not be needed. You will easily give up his love, and he will suffer, get sick, lose strength every day.

Features of the spell

Will the "white" spell act or not, at alldoes it work? It depends on strict observance of the necessary conditions. Privorot will work, if the fascinating person personally knows the object of his passion, and after their last meeting, a year and a half has not passed. It is for such a period of time that the energy connection between people can collapse, thus the probability of a successful privorota is reduced. If people communicate with each other, it does not matter - verbally or not, then it is necessary for the bewitching person to remember himself, after the spell was realized. The most important condition for the spell to act quickly is a free heart that is fascinated for the period of the ritual. It is necessary that he is not in love with anyone, otherwise there can be a strong energy binding with that beloved person, and this binding is very difficult to break. when the spell starts to act

How to understand if the spell has started to act?

Is the spell working? How do you know - you ask. And to be sure of the successful result of the mysterious ritual (it is mysterious, no one except you should know about it) can be on fairly obvious signs:

  • A change in mood, which is not conditioned;
  • Obsessive constant thoughts about fascinating;
  • Privorozhennogo man is constantly drawn to the object of his passion,
  • There may be health problems: a "blow" in the aura will be felt first by the sexual and cardiovascular systems;
  • Abuse of alcohol, drugs;
  • Household troubles, failures and problems with surrounding people.

The last three points are peculiar to the "black"privorotu. After the magician pronounces the last word for the rite, the spell will gain special power. And the behavior of a person will change radically. Regardless of his own desire, life will flow quite differently, his actions, attitude towards the world and the fascinating person, his behavior will change. You can say that a man becomes a completely different person, completely different from himself previous. It is important before the rite to understand if this man is right for you. Will your life together be as harmonious, cloudless and happy as one dreams. It is to this development of events that the magician strives to avoid an unsuccessful joint future in marriage. As you can see, there are a lot of conditions for the spell to act quickly and turn out to be successful. Remember, turning to a magician is a very brave step, which many make from desperation or for some other unfavorable reasons. First of all, think, do you need this? After all, this action will forever change your life and the life of the man you love. Maybe it's worth considering other, simpler options for building a strong family?