causes of bronchitis Everyone knows that smoking is harmful, from small tois great. When buying a new pack of cigarettes, even on the packaging, you can read what this addiction leads to. But people continue to smoke without taking warnings seriously. While at some point they do not notice: in the morning there is a cough, and after intensive movements - shortness of breath. What it is? Khobk is a chronic obstructive smoker of a smoker, a dangerous disease that worsens the quality of life and disrupts the work of all body systems. How to treat a smoker's bronchitis and is it possible to get rid of it without quitting smoking?

How is the disease manifested?

It should be said about the pathology that arose inbronchus, when the smoker begins to realize: before the first cigarette, he feels insecure in the morning. The taste is bad in the mouth, the throat is frayed, I always want to clear my throat. But since it does not happen every day, no one else is thinking about the reasons. After a while, the morning wet cough begins to appear regularly. Coughing up phlegm, you can see that it is of a dark color, it contains purulent inclusions. Seasonal acute respiratory infections consistently end with bronchitis, which is difficult to get rid of. Intensive physical activity causes dyspnea. If you consult a doctor and tell you about what you had to face, the diagnosis will sound like this: a smoker's bronchitis. But if you give up an unhealthy habit at this stage, you will not have to cure anything. The body will recover itself. symptoms of bronchitis

When the disease becomes dangerous

From periodic cough in the morning to dailyThere can be a lot of hanging time. Bronchitis smoker in severe form does not immediately pass. The speed of its development depends on the experience of the smoker, the individual characteristics of the organism, the place of residence, professional employment and the standard of living. But even being in the mountains and working in the open air, eating healthy food, you need to remember: those who smoke about a pack a day, even if the average for the strength of cigarettes, you need to think about how to treat the smoker's bronchitis after the "smoking experience" in 10-15 years. Most often, the treatment is started on the stage:

  • cough occurs not only in the morning, but also throughout the day with a deep breath;
  • even a slight physical effort has to be interrupted due to the resulting dyspnea;
  • a fit of coughing catches up during a temperature change, with a sudden gust of wind or an exit from a warm room to frost.

This prevents the usual way of life. If you make an X-ray, you can notice obstructive changes in the lungs and swelling of the bronchi. The following unpleasant phenomena are memory impairment and coordination disruption. These are direct consequences of the pathology of oxygen metabolism. The cerebral circulation is disturbed.

To be treated or will pass or take place?

Sharply refusing to smoke, you need to tune in,that immediately relief will not come. It takes time to clear the products of combustion. In the early days, you can even feel a worsening of the condition: cough will worsen, shortness of breath will intensify, it will be difficult to clear your throat. The attending physician at this stage prescribes medications that help to relieve these symptoms, the usual remedies that dilute sputum and excite the center in the body responsible for coughing. The following drugs are used:

  • relaxing musculature of the lungs - bronchodilators;
  • mucolytics diluting sputum;
  • and necessarily - anti-inflammatory drugs.

Sometimes, antibiotic treatment may be required. After removing the irritation caused by the constant introduction into the body of substances produced during smoking, the disease can be treated, it may not be necessary. The edema will gradually come down - and the bronchial function will recover. If the smoking experience is decent, and the smoker's bronchitis has moved to COBK, it is more difficult to treat the disease. Immediately after giving up smoking, you get a feeling that you can choke with phlegm. It is especially difficult after the first week. Only doctors should prescribe medications that ease the condition. If you yourself treat bronchitis, obtained due to years of smoking, then the disease can be driven deep into and provoke chronic pneumonia. Very good for cleaning the lungs of nicotine and resins, to connect physiotherapy. Then the recovery will be faster. treatment of bronchitis

Traditional medicine in the treatment of COPD

Treat COPC and with the help of traditional medicine. Using the recipes from the "grandmother's trunk", one should remember: it is impossible to use one remedy for more than two weeks. When using herbs, side effects occur, as with the use of medicines. And individual intolerance can be present. Most often, herbal teas are used to treat bronchitis:

  • St. John's wort and thyme;
  • licorice root with ledum;
  • rose hips with chamomile and honey;
  • decoction of dandelion flowers with honey.

These plants in a similar combination helpcope with shortness of breath and contribute to the removal of sputum, relieve bronchial edema. Curing a smoker's bronchitis with the help of herbs is possible. It is very important not to forget to consult a doctor. Treatment of the disease, without giving up smoking, to deal with is useless. Even if there is an improvement for a short period of time, after the end of the drugs, the disease will resume. If the symptoms indicate a serious stage of bronchitis, you can not get rid of the disease yourself.