drugs for stimulating ovulation If a woman for a long time failsto become pregnant, it is often not the final sentence. The output is a comprehensive examination to find out and eliminate the causes of malfunction in the female body. In the case of detection of problems with ovulation, doctors use a variety of medication methods, namely, drugs to stimulate ovulation. All stimulating pills are designed to regulate ovulation and can have various actions: to influence the formation of follicles, to maturation of the egg.

Who can and who does not need to be stimulated

Medicines for the activation of ovulation appoint: women whose ovulation is characterized by irregularity, that is, is absent or occurs rarely; women who can not naturally become pregnant within a year; women over the age of 35, whose pregnancy does not occur more than six months. Stimulate ovulation is not recommended if there is no possibility to regularly control the formation of follicles with the help of ultrasound, infertility is detected in a man, a woman has an obstruction of the fallopian tubes. doctor's consultation

Clomiphene for the resumption of fertility

Often prescribe a drug for stimulationovulation Clomiphene, especially in the case of detection of polycystic ovaries, complete absence or irregularity of ovulation, before IVF, as well as the inability to identify the exact causes that do not allow long to conceive a child. The basis of the action of these pills is an increase in the production of hormones responsible for stimulating the functioning of the ovaries and releasing the egg. Due to the influence of Klomifen on the female body at one time several formed eggs are prepared, which increases the chances of the couple to have a child. Treatment with pharmaceutical preparation Klomifen Start using Clomifene is necessary on the third or fifth day after menstruation, and after the last pill ovulation happens on the fifth to the ninth day. Therapy is on average 5 days. To restore regular ovulation, you need 1 or 2 cycles, but in some severe cases you need to undergo treatment, which includes 3 to 6 cycles. Less often doctors suggest prolonging treatment with this stimulant throughout the year at certain intervals, that is, undergo 12 cycles. Sometimes esculapius recommends the use of an additional drug Metmorfin. These tablets increase the ability of the female body to perceive Klomifen and, accordingly, increase the chances of conception. Women who suffer from polycystic ovaries need to know that Clomiphene treatment may be useless due to the fact that some individuals with such a diagnosis are resistant to this drug. Especially often, problems occur in women with a body mass index above 25. It is recommended to first lose weight, and then continue treatment with Clomifen. According to statistical data, ovulation is restored in 70% of patients who take Klomiphen tablets. In this case, a significant number of women (up to 50%) manage to become pregnant, and some (7%) even have twins.

Clostilbegit for conception of a child

Klostilbegit is another pharmaceutical preparation,the purpose of which is stimulation and, consequently, conception of the child. Despite the fact that the active substance in this drug is clomiphene, Klostilbegit differs from the previous drug. The principle of action of this tool is similar to Klomifen. But, in addition to activating the production of pituitary hormones, it affects another hormone, prolactin, which is responsible for the presence of milk in the chest. Take these pills should be 1 time a day during the fifth to the ninth day of the cycle. The starting point is the beginning of menstruation. If the attempt to become pregnant failed, then during the second cycle the doctor may recommend increasing the dose of the drug. It should be remembered that drinking this remedy is often impossible. The use of Clostilbegit more than 5 times throughout life is forbidden, which is due to the negative effect of the substance on the work of the ovaries (the substance can cause their exhaustion). During the course of treatment with Klostilbegit it is necessary to control the endometrium, because a thin endometrium can be the cause of pregnancy loss. taking drugs

Puregon under anovulation

Another tool that is prescribed foranovulation, is Puregon. This pharmaceutical preparation in the form of injections can be recommended even to women with a diagnosis of "polycystic ovary", if other drugs were powerless. Puregon influences the functioning of the pituitary gland, the formation of the follicles by the ovaries, which increases the chances of ovulation about mid-cycle. Puregon can be used both in the case of conception in a natural way, and in IVF. This drug should be administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly, with the first application of Puregon should be monitored by a physician, preferably with experience in the treatment of such disorders. As a rule, the first four days are administered a large dose of the drug, and the maintenance dose is determined individually. Usually, Pureghon therapy lasts until the follicles are formed, that is, 6-12 days. Less often the course of therapy takes a longer time. In rare cases, the application of Puregon can provoke a rash, pain, swelling in the place where the injection was made, and sometimes allergic reactions.

Menogon for the growth of the endometrium

For the treatment of anovulation in medicine is also widelyapply Menogon, whose principle of action is similar to previous drugs, but at the same time it positively affects the growth of the endometrium, which is significantly different from Clostilbegite, for example. Take this drug you need to start on the second day of menstruation. The number of receptions depends on the response of the patient's ovaries and is assigned individually. Most days are 10. One day after the application of various stimulant drugs (Menogon, Puregon), injections of hCG (Pregnil, Gonakor, Horagon, etc.) should be made, which increase the chances of ovulation. Such injections are done once during the menstrual cycle. Within a day, ovulation occurs. That's why the day before and after the injection should be sex, so as not to miss the opportunity. For the purpose of fixing the long-awaited pregnancy, it is recommended to use pharmaceutical preparations of progesterone. These include Dyufaston. drugs for stimulating ovulation

Traditional medicine

In addition to the use of medicines foranovulation, women are sometimes recommended to take folk medicine. Stimulant natural preparations include infusions of various herbs that need to be drunk depending on the day of menstruation. During the first days of the menstrual cycle, you should take an infusion of sage 3 times a day, which has a beneficial effect on the formation of the ovum, the development of the endometrium. A glass of boiling water should be added 1 tablespoon of sage. The papilla, which is rich in progesterone, must be taken from the second half of the cycle. Progesterone is responsible for maintaining pregnancy in the early stages. This remedy can be combined with a red brush, which is widely used in gynecology. Other drugs known to stimulate ovulation are known: a decoction with a lot of vitamin E, made from rose petals, aloe and quince juice. Do not forget about the vitamins needed for a future mother: folic acid, potassium iodide and others. One must take into account that folk remedies can be more effective and useful, but their side effects are less studied. The choice should be made independently: either the experience of previous generations and people's doctors, or the results of modern research under the supervision of your doctor and ultrasound. ovulation test

Possible undesirable effect

Medicines that stimulateovulation, sometimes can lead to some side effects, including insomnia, irritability, sudden and frequent mood swings, depression, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, pain when touched by the mammary glands, abdominal pain, headaches, augmentation of the size of the ovaries, deterioration of vision, weight gain. But such temporary side effects for women are insignificant when they face a more important goal - to have a child. Drugs are prescribed to women depending on the results of ultrasound, various analyzes, as well as the age of the patient, the period of unsuccessful attempts to conceive, the possible causes of infertility. Take note also of the fact that before applying any medication the doctor should appoint you to undergo a test to determine the patency of the fallopian tubes. Such measures will help to protect the female body from ectopic pregnancy and, as a result, from unnecessary stress, which is so undesirable during pregnancy planning. It should be remembered that the use of drugs that stimulate ovulation, helps many women, even desperate, feel the joy of motherhood. As the statistics show, from the first time a small number of patients (about 10%) get pregnant after using stimulant drugs, but still more than half of all cases (about 70%) end in the conception of a child. Just do not forget that your stimulation should be constantly under the total control of the doctor, only in this case you will save yourself from possible side effects.