bacon in brine It would seem that the difficult thing is to saltfat? Almost every family has its own recipe for its preparation, passed down from generation to generation. And our ancestors knew this. They salted bacon not only for the sake of taste and nourishment, but also for the treatment of diseases. And, of course, already at that time everyone had their own tricks and subtleties. The secret is that they salted bacon in tubs or barrels. To do this, choose the most delicate part of the loin of pork carcass. Salts were not spared, the bottom and each layer abundantly sprinkled it. The pieces thus laid were poured in addition with a strong brine, so the product was isolated from the air, and the shelf life increased to 9 months. And only before serving, snow-white clothes were cleaned of salt. Today, in the age of technological progress, there is no longer a question of long-term storage, there is no need to procure and procure products for future use, the methods of cooking have become simpler, more modern, spices have been added, but the essence of the recipes has not changed. There are probably many people who have heard how to salt bacon in brine. But not everyone knows that this method provides a particularly delicate taste of fat. Such a product can not leave a single visitor indifferent. salted salad recipe

The recipe for salting

Do not be afraid to salve, fat absorbs only the amount of salt that it needs. To make this delicacy you will need:

  • fat - 0, 5 kg;
  • water - 1 l;
  • coarse salt - 200 g;
  • Bay leaf;
  • black peppercorns;
  • spices to taste.

We prepare the pickle. Mix in the pan water, salt, bay leaves, black pepper peas. Put the pan on the stove. While the solution is boiling, lard is placed in a jar or enameled dishes, cut into medium pieces. If the pieces are large enough, you can make incisions and stuff them with garlic. To do this, enough clove of garlic to cut into four slices. When the solution is ready, we cool it, filter it and fill it so that it covers the pieces completely. We leave the bacon in the brine for a week in the fridge. When the fat is salted, it is necessary to remove it and let it dry. Excessive salt can be cleaned with a knife. If desired, you can grate the fat with ground pepper, red or black, and chopped garlic. This fat is stored in the refrigerator or freezer. You can eat such a product frozen and cut into thin plates. This fat is literally melting in the mouth. lard after salting

A few tips

If the fat was initially stale, noBrine does not help make it softer and softer. The rule of making a good product is to choose fresh ingredients. The color of fresh lard is white or pink, it can be with a thin layer of meat. The color of the skin should be light yellow, the skin itself - not coarse and not thick. To make the bacon softer, you can first withstand it in clean cold water for 3 hours. To determine the sufficient strength of the brine, our grandmothers threw a raw egg or a quarter of the average potato into the water. Salt was added until the egg or potatoes came to light. The original spicy taste of lard is given to cumin and dill seeds, which can be added during the preparation of the brine. Only by trying and experimenting, you can choose the best for yourself and your family members a recipe that will become a branded one. Mistresses who are not lazy and salt products independently, and do not buy in the store, especially revered in the family and friends. Usually they have a guest house, because such a delicious meal can not be bought in any supermarket.