salting at home Salo in Russia has been loved since ancient times. This product is not only delicious, but also useful, which has long been proven by doctors. What could be better than coming home in frosty weather after a walk, pour yourself a bowl of fire borsch, drink a glass of ice vodka and be sure to bite it with a slice of rye bread, on which lies a thin slice of delicious fresh salted lard with garlic. About how to properly salt the fat, we'll tell you below. Home snacks, in particular salted salo, have always been highly valued in Russia. Ways to prepare such products are very different, but the recipe is different and the simplest varieties of canning are the most popular. You can, of course, follow the path of least resistance and buy a product in a store or on the market, the good is a big choice today. However, it is much more interesting to pick it up yourself. How to properly do it yourself, is written below. Especially it will be interesting for those who want to learn how to salt lard at home. Before you start in salting, you must first choose it right. In this case, it is worth to be very careful, because this product does not undergo heat treatment. Therefore, you need to buy only the freshest fat. It is desirable that it had a veterinary stamp. A product that can be salted at home should be no more than three centimeters thick, soft, supple. The skins of fat should be clean-shaven and properly burned, and its color is light yellow, almost white. It must necessarily be snow-white, a gently pink shade is allowed. On the good fat can be judged by the way it reacts to pressing the finger. On a good fresh product will remain a cavity, if the product is stale, then the cavity will quickly disappear. The smell of fat should be pleasant, without any impurities, which after salting will not be able to get rid of. ingredients for salting

The first way of salting

Fresh produce is stored only in the freezer, andThe salty product can also be stored in the refrigerator. Nevertheless, do not forget that the salty product quickly absorbs the surrounding odors, so keep it in the refrigerator for more than 5 days is not necessary - it will not be so delicious and tender. It is recommended to keep a piece of food in the refrigerator that you can eat for a couple of days. For example, if it is planned to be placed on the table for the New Year, then by this day it will be very tasty and delicate, if this day is taken care of in advance, and pull the product from the freezer to the refrigerator on December 29. About how you should salt fat, many articles are written, and we will tell you about the simplest version, which is best suited for those who only learn the basics of cooking. 1 kg of the product is cut into pieces 4 cm thick, gently washed with cold water and dried with a paper towel. Pieces are laid in glass, enamel or plastic dishes. How many pieces to put, depends on the volume of dishes, they should not fit each other too tightly. Between the fat are your favorite spices - bay leaves, garlic (dried or fresh), fragrant or black pepper, some spicy herbs. According to this recipe, now you need to boil water in a separate bowl (about 1 liter), a glass of salt dissolves in it, then all this must be cooled and drain the brine through gauze. Salo is poured with filtered brine and left for a couple of days, the temperature should be at room temperature. And you can not doubt that after 2 days it will be possible to taste with pleasure the products of your own preparation. Salted in this way, the product can be stored in the refrigerator as much as desired, but better in brine, then the treat will always be fresh, tender and incredibly tasty. Salted lard in cans is preferable. different recipes for salting salad

Dry pickling

Homemade fat is salted and dried, itit turns out very tasty and piquant. This method will be interesting for those who want to learn how to salt it with garlic without much difficulty. The advantages of this recipe are that the process is not at all complicated, and bacon does not even need to be washed with water. The product must be scraped carefully before salting with a knife to clean it from dirt, and do not forget about the peel. The brushed product is cut into slices 4 cm thick, now it needs to be rubbed with salt from all sides. At the same time, salt should not be regretted, since excess fat will not be taken and it will not be possible to overdo it. For such a recipe it is better to take a large, so-called rock salt. After the product has been rubbed with salt in good faith, it is covered with black or red pepper. Now the most important thing is: rub the finely chopped garlic, you can chop it. Piquancy will add a small amount of caraway or other spices to taste. The product is wrapped in oiled paper and is taken to the freezer. It can be served on the table after 7 days. Do not doubt every day salty in this way the fat will only taste better and more tenderly. There is another way to pickle bacon in a dry way, in this case it is possible to taste the product after 3 days. It is cleaned and cut into small pieces (it takes 1 kg of fat), it is abundantly rubbed with large salt, scented or black pepper, garlic (it must be pre-shredded) and placed in a pan for salting, the pieces must fit tightly together - in such conditions the product is glazed faster . A large plate is placed on top of the dishes with bacon, it must fit tightly into the dishes for salting, the gap between the walls should not exceed several millimeters. Now you need to put a press on the plate, in this role you can use a large glass jar, previously filled with water, and you can use a large heavy stone, provided that it does not break the plate. It is necessary to leave fat at room temperature for a couple of days and 2-3 days later you will be able to enjoy the excellent taste of salted bacon. This homemade treat surely will not leave indifferent even the most demanding gourmet. This salty fat is not afraid of time, if you store it in the freezer in oiled paper. On this homemade fats you can cook delicious scrambled eggs in the morning. salting

How to salt the lard with layers

Homemade lard with garlic is veryDelicious if it is salt in layers. Recipes of such salting are usually preferred by people of the older generation, so it is also called the "grandmother's way" of salting. How to salt lard with garlic? We need fat, cut into pieces 5-6 cm thick, and it must necessarily be with layers of meat. For 1 kg of the product will need 4 cloves of garlic, large salt, black pepper peas, bay leaf for flavor. Salt bacon is as follows: fresh product thoroughly washed, scraped with a knife and dried with a paper towel. At the bottom of a large jar, a 1.5 cm layer of salt is added, spices (bay leaf, pepper) are added and garlic is squeezed out. Before you lard, every piece should be properly rolled in salt from all sides. Then the first layer of bacon is laid, salt is poured on top again, but spices are added less than it was on the bottom of the jar. And so lay bacon and salt with spices in layers, not forgetting to add crushed garlic. Then the pot is closed with a lid and left for a few days, but you should make sure that it does not get direct rays of the sun. In the process of salting, the product will give off juice, a delicious pickle is obtained. The bank should be turned every 2 days so that the fat is salted evenly. Before you eat bacon, you need to put the jar for 1 day in the refrigerator. Salo should be washed, dried and put in the freezer. Then it is cut into small pieces and enjoys the taste. To such a fat is excellent friable boiled potatoes and black bread. simple salting

The recipe for salting in Hungary

This recipe can also be easily performed on its ownkitchen any mistress. A large piece of the product is carefully rubbed with salt and placed for a couple of hours in enameled dishes. Then you need to carefully clean the salt from the surface of fat and how to rub it with various spices until the surface becomes red. Now this piece must be hung to dry. To do this, choose a well-ventilated place.

Useful tips for pickling

Here are some useful tips that will help during pickling.

  • The thicker the skin, the fat will be tougher. A product with a thick skin is recommended for cooking various dishes.
  • In order for the lard to be softer, before salting it is necessary to hold 12 hours in water.
  • For grinding fat is small, and even more so iodized salt does not fit, you should only use a large one.
  • If the lard is stored in the light, it will quickly turn yellow.