salting Salo is a national traditional dish, hotloved by Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians. It can be salted, boiled, smoked and even fried. With its help, you can prepare food, and they can stuff lean meat. It is impossible to imagine a traditionally prepared Ukrainian borsch without sour cream, a slice of fragrant bacon, horseradish and green onions. There are a lot of ways to pickle bacon at home, but we'll stop at the classic version of salting - dry. There are also a lot of dry cooking methods. First, choose the right piece: the fat should be white or soft pink with a thin piece of pork skin, ideally if the piece will be with small streaks of meat. Buy best in the market, because there and cheaper, and fresh, and the choice is greater. Which specifically to choose is a matter of taste: someone likes thick, someone thin, someone with meat veins, and someone with a thick layer of meat. However, the ideal thickness for salting should not be less than 3-4 cm. To prepare a delicious bacon, it is undesirable to use the abdominal layer or graying pieces. Many believe that the yellow tinge of fat indicates the age of the product, but this is not entirely true. Yellow color may appear if the fat is very fatty, especially it concerns home. Nevertheless, if you buy on the market, it is better not to take such a fatty. Pay attention: bacon fat is more rigid and sinewy, so we recommend using cuttings from young guinea pigs. The pieces from the back of the carcass or from the sides are best. So let's start cooking the fat in a dry way. Salting involves many different methods, but at the heart of each of them is a large amount of salt and spices. different recipes for salting salad

Classic recipes for pickling lard dry way

Option one: a piece of fresh my fat, cleaned with a knife from contamination and cut into blocks by about 25 × 25 cm. We prepare a salt mixture for pickling: about 200-300 g of coarse salt pour a small amount of water (about 50 ml). The resulting gruel thoroughly rub each brusochek from all sides. A sheet of parchment or a dense white paper is sprinkled with a layer of salt about 1.5-2 cm. Place the salted pieces neatly on layers of leaves on a sheet of parchment with the skin of the bottom. Each layer between the pieces is also covered with salt for uniform salting. The laid pieces of fat are covered, several times wrapped with paper or parchment and are hidden in a dark cool place, such as a cellar or refrigerator, for about two to three weeks. Ready lard can be stored for months and will be a perfect addition to a fun meal. Option two: washed and peeled lard cut into small blocks. Each bar should be rubbed with garlic, then properly salt with salt, mixed with the following spices: pepper black ground, bay leaves, caraway seeds. Brusochki stacked on each other, without forgetting each layer sprinkle with salt and finely chopped denticles of garlic. Well compacted pieces are put in a plastic bag or food film and put into the refrigerator for 10-14 days. Pay attention: fat, salted with garlic, is stored much less than salted without spices. But this dish turns out to be much "juicier" and more fragrant.

Methods of rapid salting

Holidays are rapidly approaching, and youI wanted to pamper friends and loved ones with deliciously prepared fat? There are ways to cook lard quickly, literally in 4-5 days. These are the so-called salted salad recipes in a jar. Method one. We prepare the fragrant seasoning: stir the salt, fragrant black peppercorns, bay leaf and paprika. Salo wipe with a damp cloth (it is important not to soak fat that it has not deteriorated), clean the dirty places with a knife, wipe again and dry it on a dry napkin for at least half an hour. Dry fat is cut into small pieces that can climb through the neck of a 3-liter jar. At the bottom of the jar we lay half of the finished fragrant mixture. It is also desirable to add a few chopped garlic cloves for flavor. Cut the fat rubbed with salt and lay in layers in the jar, carefully pouring each layer of salt. On top, gently pour the remaining half of the fragrant mixture and tightly close the well-fitting lid. We put the bank on its side in a secluded cold place and turn it several times a day, then, in a couple of days, put it in the refrigerator. Three days later, a delicious fat is ready. Before consumption, the fat should be thoroughly washed and dried. Store the finished fat preferably in the freezer. The second way of making lard in a jar is not fundamentally different from the first. Fat is placed in the can, which is abundantly grated only with salt without the addition of spices. It is stored in the refrigerator and ready for use after two or three days of salting. Before serving, grate the slice with a mixture of peppers (ground black and red) and a mixture of dried fragrant herbs: marjoram, cumin, dill. parsley, etc. You can use any herbs for your taste. dry way of salting

Express method of bacon preparation

You decided to cook real Ukrainian borsch,but there is no ready-made salsa at home? We offer an excellent express method of preparing a fat for only half a day. So, we will need: a small piece of fresh fat, a fine grinding salt (not iodized), a mixture of ground black and red peppers, turmeric, a pair of cloves of garlic. The washed and peeled shmat is cut into thin long strips (as before serving on the table). Each strip is rubbed well with salt and spices, stacked on top of each other and put them into a plastic bag. We store the package at room temperature for several hours, then lightly remove the fat from spices and rub it gently with chopped garlic. Before serving, it is recommended to refrigerate the prepared dish in the refrigerator (half an hour will be enough). All the beauty of salting salty in a dry way is that the pieces are very smooth and neat, which is difficult to achieve when preparing in brine or a sleeve. There are a lot of methods for pickling lard by a dry method, but its main advantage is the impossibility of overdoing, because a fresh bacon absorbs only the amount of salt that it needs. There are many ways to feed the table. You can cut the fat beautifully and put it on a plate with pickles and cucumber. This snack is perfect for vodka and moonshine. As a sauce for fat, it is recommended to serve horseradish, spicy mustard or ajika. Itself it is accepted to eat fat with fresh black bread, "Borodinsky" is ideally suited. In addition, a good, soft bacon can be used as the basis for a meatloaf. The filling can be very diverse: ham and cheese, carrot and bulgarian peppers cut into strips, lean pork meat, simply scented herbs or spices with garlic and onions. It is enough just to wrap the filling in a ready-made bacon, put it in a sleeve for baking and put it in a heated oven for about 180 degrees for about 1.5-2 hours. The offered snack will perfectly diversify your table and surprise your unusual tastes of loved ones. We wish you a pleasant appetite and cheerful feast!