correct drying of mushrooms Dried mushrooms have a high nutritional value,rich aroma and taste, perfectly retain their useful properties. With the help of an electric dryer it is possible to make a good supply of mushrooms for the winter, spending quite a bit of time on this. To get a quality product, you need to know which mushrooms are suitable for drying, how to properly prepare them, dry them, and, of course, how to store them properly. Virtually all edible mushrooms can be dried, but it is better to use tubular species for this:

  • white;
  • boletus;
  • podberezoviki;
  • oil;
  • flyworms.

In dried form, these fungi are verypronounced taste, which can not be said about lamellar species. Red or russula, mushrooms and chanterelles after drying get a slight bitterness, to get rid of which is quite difficult. Very good taste in dried marsupial species, such as white truffles and morels. It should be borne in mind that when drying the mushrooms significantly lose mass, so the output is no more than 10% of the original volume. fast drying of mushrooms in an electric dryer

Proper preparation

Mushrooms for drying must be compulsoryfreshly collected, without wormholes and rot. Old, with a dried hat or shriveled mushrooms to collect, and even more to dry, should not. It is also not recommended to wash them before drying - this will prolong the drying time and will worsen the taste of the finished product. It is enough to remove the leaves, remains of the earth and other debris from the mushrooms, and cut the damaged places with a knife. To ensure that the surface does not darken when cutting, the knife should be made of stainless steel. Whole mushrooms are dried only in the air, but for the oven or electric dryer they must be cut into small flat pieces. In the pads, the leg for drying is not suitable, so it is cut to the very cap; in the boletus and boletus mushrooms only the bottom of the leg is removed, everything else is dried. Small mushrooms can be left whole or cut in half, and it is desirable to divide large mushrooms along four to five parts, the thickness of which should not exceed 10 millimeters. mushroom drying process

Drying process

Electric dryer is the best optionfor harvesting forest gifts. Thanks to a well thought-out design, drying mushrooms takes a little time, does not require constant presence and control. Having set the necessary temperature and time, you can do your own thing while the machinery works. So, each tier of the electric dryer is filled with cut mushrooms in one layer, straighten and align the pieces. The temperature is set at 55 ° C, the time is between 2 and 6 hours. The thinner the plates are cut, the less time it takes to dry the mushrooms in the electric dryer. To speed up the process, you can periodically change the pallets in places. It should be borne in mind that a small amount of slicing dries much faster, so if you put two or three pans in the electric dryer instead of all five or six, you should check the availability within two hours, otherwise you can dry the contents. Determine the degree of availability of forest gifts is not difficult: if the pieces are slightly springy when bent, they do not break, they look absolutely dry, the electric dryer can be switched off. If the plates bend very easily and look a little wet, they need to be dried. Too overexposed mushrooms become very hard, darken, they can crumble to pieces. For cooking, they do not fit, but they are suitable for the preparation of a mushroom powder: grind the dried pieces in a coffee grinder, add 10% of the usual salt and mix thoroughly. The resulting mixture is poured into a glass container and tightly closed.

Storage Rules

It is known that mushrooms easily absorb foreign substancesodors, improper storage can completely ruin this product. So, after drying, mushrooms need to be cooled to room temperature and folded into glass jars or boxes of cardboard. The room where they are stored must be dry and necessarily ventilated. The permissible humidity of air is 70%, in the more humid premises the blanks will mold. Instead of cardboard boxes, you can also use gauze bags to store them by hanging them to shelves or hooks on the wall. Periodically, dried mushrooms need to be sorted out, throwing out stale or moldy pieces. As a rule, they are stored for not more than a year, then the taste is reduced, the aroma is weathered.