New Year cocktails It is impossible to imagine a New Year's table withoutluxuriant feast - salads, hot, snacks and of course alcohol. What are the New Year's cocktails best to treat their guests? We offer you recipes for New Year cocktails to the festive table.

Cocktail "Happy New Year!"

To prepare this cocktail you will need:

  • 1 bottle of dry champagne
  • 0.5 bottles of mint liquor
  • 1 liter of semisweet white wine
  • 100 ml of gin
  • 100 ml of lemon juice
  • several needles of spruce or pine needles (for flavor)

I chop the bean into powder, fill it with gin and let it brew for several hours in a cold place. Before serving, mix all ingredients and add ice.

Cocktail "Blue Champagne"

  • any liquor of blue color
  • a piece of sugar
  • 250 ml of champagne

Soak a piece of sugar in the liquor, then dip it on the bottom of the glass and fill it with chilled champagne - the New Year cocktail is ready!

Cocktail "Pineapples in Champagne"

  • 1 bottle of champagne
  • 1 liter of any white wine
  • 1 fresh pineapple or can of canned pineapple
  • 40 ml of orange liqueur
  • 40 ml of cherry liqueur or tincture
  • 100-150 g of sugar

Peeled pineapple cut into thin slices,fill it with sugar and pour wine, liqueur and tincture. Put into the refrigerator for 2 hours. Then add a few slices of ice and add champagne. Stir before serving. Pouring a cocktail over the glasses, throw in every 2-3 slices of pineapple. New Year cocktails with alcohol

Cocktail «Bellini»

This is a simple recipe for a cocktail with champagne and juice. Mix in a glass:

  • 50 ml of peach juice
  • 150 ml of champagne.

The cocktail is ready!

Cocktail "New Year's Mary"

  • vodka
  • tomato juice
  • lemon
  • salt to taste

For the preparation of this cocktail is very importantfollow the order of adding components. You can prepare the drink in any bowl, keeping the following proportions: 1 part of vodka and 3 parts of tomato juice. First, pour tomato juice into the glass, add salt and squeeze out the juice from one cut circle of lemon. Then add the remaining pulp, stir the contents of the container and so that the liquid does not mix, along the wall or along the blade of the knife with a thin trickle of vodka. The cocktail is prepared immediately before consumption.

Rum-Cola cocktail

  • lime
  • cola
  • rum

In a narrow, elongated glass, mix the rum and cola in a 4: 6 ratio and add a quarter of lemon or lime juice.

Cocktail "Cosmopolitan"

  • 1 part of vodka
  • 2 pieces of orange liqueur
  • 5 parts of cranberry juice

Combine these drinks, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and mix well in a shaker. Pour into cocktail glasses and decorate with an orange slice.

Cocktail "New Year's punch"

  • 1 liter of lemonade
  • 0,5 liters of cognac
  • 0.5 liters of rum
  • 60 pcs. carnation
  • 6 oranges
  • 100 g of sugar syrup
  • some cinnamon

In each orange, insert 10 carnations andbake in the oven until the crust turns brown. Then place them in a heated porcelain container, pour sugar syrup, cognac and rum and bring to a boil. Then add lemonade and immediately remove from heat. Before serving, add a little cinnamon and nutmeg to the table, pour into cups.

Mojito cocktail

  • lime
  • rum
  • a few leaves of mint
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of cane sugar
  • sparkling water

For the preparation of one portion to mash halflime, add sugar and mint leaves. Then the resulting mixture is placed in a glass filled to the middle with rum. Throw a couple of pieces of ice and top out with carbonated water. By the way, in honor of the holiday water can be replaced with champagne, the effect does not take long to wait.

Cocktail "Bacardi-Martini Sangria"

  • 100 ml of rum Bacardi
  • one malicious apple
  • 0.5 liter bottle of vermouth Martini Rosso
  • two lemons
  • one orange
  • one bottle of champagne
  • 0,75 l Sprite

To prepare a holiday drinkwill need a deep container, at the bottom of which are placed cut into pieces of fruit and ice, pour vermouth and rum. The resulting mixture is insisted for 2-3 hours. Before serving, champagne and Sprite are added to the table. It turns out a great refreshing cocktail.

Cocktail "Christmas crochet"

To prepare 12-15 glasses of drink you will need:

  • juice and peel of two oranges
  • juice and peel of one lemon
  • two bottles of sweet champagne
  • 300 g cognac
  • 150 ml of water
  • 75 g of sugar
  • ice
  • lemon and orange slices for decoration

Orange and lemon rind boil infor five minutes in water with the addition of sugar. After it has cooled down, drain, add cognac, champagne, fruit juices and ice. Cocktail to mix and decorate with citrus slices. We advise you to read: