how to conceive folk remedies The birth of a child is what it seeks to achievealmost every woman. However, sometimes nature plays with women a very evil joke, depriving it of the opportunity to have children. And the woman desperately clings to any opportunity to become pregnant - from official medicine to folk medicine. The topic of today's conversation is "how to get pregnant - folk remedies". Doctors say that more than 70% of all cases of infertility is to blame for a woman, more precisely, the pathology of the female reproductive system. There is a huge number of reasons leading to the induction of infertility in women, as primary, when it is impossible to attack even the first pregnancy, and secondary, when a woman can not become pregnant at the second and all subsequent times. Physicians identify several main reasons, in the presence of which a woman can not get herself, without medical intervention, to become pregnant:

  • The pathological structure of female genital organs, most often the uterus - it can be small, bent or two-horned.
  • A woman can pathologically change the hormonal background of the body due to various diseases of the endocrine system.
  • The presence of inflammatory processes in a womangenital organs, especially those with a chronic course of the disease. Very often as a result of inflammation, a woman forms spikes, which lead to obstruction of the fallopian tubes.
  • Postponed infectious diseases, which led to a change in the structure and functioning of the reproductive system of women.

Due to the fact that the reasons that causeinfertility, a lot, it is often accurate to establish what exactly caused infertility, it is simply impossible for doctors. Therefore, the pharmacological treatment, which is most often prescribed in such cases by doctors and gynecologists, does not give the desired effect, despite the fact that the drugs are quite expensive and are positioned as very effective means of infertility. This phenomenon often leads to the fact that desperate to become pregnant with the help of official medicine, a woman turns for help to traditional medicine. Very many women say that it was the recipes of traditional medicine that helped them, in the end, to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. Of course, you can try to take advantage of any of the recipes of traditional medicine. Most of these funds are completely harmless. In the worst case, they will not have any positive effect, but, in no case will harm the woman. But this is the case, if you will only use proven recipes, which your doctor in charge does not object to - the gynecologist.

Secondary infertility

In the event that a woman can not become pregnant with a second or third child, doctors talk about secondary infertility. In the official medicine, doctors offer the woman the following treatment methods:

  • Hormonal therapy, which is designed to stabilize and normalize the endocrine system of women.
  • Surgical intervention. Typically, the goal of surgical intervention is to eliminate the adhesion of the fallopian tubes.
  • ECO. As a rule, doctors resort to artificial insemination in the most extreme cases, when no other methods of treatment help.

To the great regret, neither surgicalinterference, neither the most powerful hormonal therapy, nor even artificial insemination does not give a hundred percent guarantee that a woman will still be able to conceive and bear her baby. However, in fairness, it should be noted that IVF gives a very good chance of successful conception and implantation of the embryo in the mucous membrane of the mother. However, it also can not fail to mention that often doctors refer a woman to the procedure of in vitro fertilization, when not all methods of alternative treatment are tried. In some cases, this happens because the doctor does not want to mess with the problem patient anymore, or he simply is not sure of his abilities. But sometimes it happens that doctors send women to IVF procedure, being guided exclusively by mercantile interests - in fact the cost of this procedure is not small. In addition to the fact that the family budget as a result of this procedure is significantly impoverished, a woman will be forced to long time to twitch the most powerful hormone therapy, which, of course, not only will not improve her well-being, but can even harm the future baby if it is destined to be born.

Adhesive processes

Most inflammatory processes that occurin the small pelvis, lead to the formation of adhesions and adhesive obstruction of the fallopian tubes. This kind of infertility is sometimes very difficult to diagnose, because it is visually possible to detect only those adhesions that are localized in the internal lumen of the fallopian tubes. All other adhesions can not be found and under their influence the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries mutate, making the fertilization process impossible, or significantly increase the risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy. The best chance is to successfully get rid of adhesions if they are detected at an early stage of their occurrence. However, it is very difficult to notice the commencement of the adhesion process. Symptoms of the disease are sufficiently blurred - not pronounced pain in the lower part of the abdomen, as a rule, pulling character, periodic disturbances of a normal stool. It is unlikely that any of the girls will turn to this slight malaise even the slightest attention and turn to the doctor. As a rule, a thorough examination of a woman begins to pass only when she seeks medical help for infertility. But to this point, as a rule. The disease acquires a chronic course, and the treatment becomes rather complicated. More precisely, the only method of treatment is surgical intervention in the female body to dissect the formed adhesions. Doctors - gynecologists are very ambivalent about laparoscopy in this case - one of the doctors considers it almost a panacea for infertility caused by the presence of a woman in the adhesive process. And this method of treatment really helped to appear in the world to thousands of children. However, it does not always work. That is why the other side of doctors - gynecologists argues that such a surgical intervention only aggravates an already serious disease. They explain their opinion by the fact that spikes are nothing more than a connective tissue. And if the connective tissue is damaged, it will begin to intensively recover and, accordingly, the adhesive process will return again, in a more neglected form. Perhaps, surgery can be avoided by using traditional medicine. However, it is very important not to stop the main treatment. Folk ways to become pregnant with secondary infertility offer the following recipes, which are designed to remove the inflammatory processes of the reproductive system existing in the body, and stimulates resorption of already existing adhesions. Carefully follow the recipe and do not change components and dosage alone, because herbs that help to conceive often have an extremely strong effect on the woman's body:

  • Infusion of alder root.

Buy a dried alder root in the pharmacy and with the help ofgrind it to a powdery state. Put three tablespoons of the resulting powder in a thermos and fill them with a liter of steep boiling water. Close the thermos lid tightly and leave to infuse for about 10 hours. Then open the lid of the thermos and let the broth cool down to about body temperature. When the infusion reaches the desired temperature, strain it with a gauze cloth. After this, make this infusion syringing. Douching is best done before bedtime, and immediately after that go to bed. The course of treatment should be at least 21 one day, after which it is necessary to take a week break and again to repeat the course. To achieve the result, especially in the presence of adhesive processes, a woman needs to undergo no less than five similar courses.

  • The use of powder from the root of alder inside.

Due to the fact that the powder from the root of alderhas a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, traditional medicine recommends simultaneously with the course of syringing infusion of alder bark to take the same powder inside. It is best to do this as follows: in a glass of boiled warm water add one teaspoon of alder powder and two tablespoons of any natural honey. Stir all components thoroughly and drink liquid in small sips. In total, a powder of alder should be taken twice a day - in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime. The course of treatment should exactly coincide with the douching course with the infusion of alder root. In order to fully and quickly get rid of having adhesions, you need to completely cleanse the body of the impact of pathogenic microflora. After all, it is the various infections that are the primary source of the onset of inflammatory processes, which, in turn, cause adhesive processes and tubal obstruction. To do this, you can use the following recipe for folk medicine:

  • Decoction of parsley and dill.

Decoction of these herbs is very strongantibacterial effect, and in addition, largely removes inflammatory processes in the body, including in the organs of the small pelvis. To prepare a decoction or chop fresh dill and parsley grass, or use dried ones. Boil one liter of water, reduce the heat and pour one tablespoon of herbs of dill and parsley. Continue to simmer them over a slow fire for about 15 minutes. After that, pour the resulting broth into a thermos bottle and leave for at least a day. After this, strain the resulting broth with gauze cloth and pour into a clean container. Drink the broth in small sips during the day, for at least two months. Also, for the successful treatment of the adhesive process, it is very important to start a natural process of tissue regeneration, during which the replacement of the connective tissue from which, strictly speaking, the spikes, to a normal healthy tissue, will occur. For this, traditional medicine offers the following methods:

  • Compress of flaxseed.

To prepare a compress from flax seeds youyou need to do the following. Pass 300 grams of flaxseed through a meat grinder, place on a frying pan and pour three tablespoons of ordinary vegetable oil. Bring the oil to a boil and place the resulting gruel on a gauze cloth. Slightly cool to a temperature that your skin can withstand, attach to the bottom of the stomach and cover with a plastic wrap. Top with a compress bandage and leave for a few hours. Such compresses have a very positive effect on the general condition of female reproductive function, but only on the condition that they are done regularly, and not occasionally. Typically, the course of treatment should be about 60 days.

  • Massage with linseed oil.

Another wonderful tool that stimulatesactivation of the process of resorption of adhesions, is a massage of the lower abdomen with linseed oil. The oil can be purchased at the pharmacy, already ready, and you can do it yourself, at home. To make it simple enough - add one teaspoon of flaxseed to two hundred grams of olive oil or any other vegetable oil, then pour it into a glass container, close the lid tightly and place it in a dark cool place, for example. On the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Insist that oil must be used for at least ten days. The massage itself is also not at all difficult - apply a small amount of linseed oil to the palm, rub it into the lower abdomen with light circular motions, clockwise. Continue circular movements until the oil is completely absorbed into the skin. The course of treatment should last at least three weeks, and hold it better before bed. folk ways to get pregnant

Stimulation of fertility

In the event that the causes of infertility remainunclear, folk methods of becoming pregnant are advised by the following means, which are designed to increase the overall tone of the reproductive system and stimulate fertility.

  • Eating vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a powerful natural naturalstimulator of the reproductive function. When planning the birth of a child, a woman should include as much food as possible in her diet, which contains vitamin E. These include: pumpkin flesh, which, incidentally, in addition to vitamin E contains a huge number of vitally important and necessary vitamins and trace elements, juice and berries of sea-buckthorn. If you include the right amount of foods containing vitamin E for some reason, the woman should buy vitamin E in the pharmacy and take it three times a day with meals, one capsule. Taking vitamin E is necessary not only trying to get pregnant, but also in the first few months of pregnancy - this will significantly increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

  • Grass of spores.

Grass for a long time was considered trueAssistant women planning to become pregnant. Sporesch has a powerful stimulating effect on the work of the ovaries, which greatly increases the chances of conception. Grass can be used in two ways. Method one - brew spores as an ordinary tea. To do this, place one tablespoon of dry herb sponge in a teapot and fill with 200 grams of boiling water. Brew like regular tea and drink during the day at least one liter of infusion. The second method is a concentrated infusion of sponge grass. To do this, take 200 grams of water 4 tablespoons herb spores and insist for about two hours. Take this infusion is needed twice a day, about a hundred grams. The course of treatment should last at least three months, if pregnancy does not occur sooner.

  • The juice of wheat grains.

Juice from wheat grains is also very beneficialacts on the condition and work of the entire reproductive system of the female body. To achieve the desired result, a woman should take in the morning, on an empty stomach, half the glass of juice. This method helped women to become pregnant, even when the most modern methods of official medicine were completely powerless.

  • Infusion of herbs.

In the event that difficulties with conception aroseagainst the background of inflammatory processes of the ovaries, the next infusion will help you. For its preparation you will need: grass mother and stepmother, chamomile herb, sweet clover grass and marigold flowers. All these herbs from the calculation of fifty grams carefully mix and fill with a liter of boiling water. Cover the dishes tightly with a lid and wrap them in a towel. Infuse the broth for three hours, then strain it with gauze. Take a decoction three times a day, one hundred grams. The course of treatment should last 14 days, after which it is necessary to make a five-day break and repeat it again. In total, there should be at least 5 such cycles. However, there is one, but for the time of treatment, to be truly effective, a woman should give up her sexual life for the entire treatment.

  • Broth of the hog uterus.

Another great tool, practicallypanacea, for many women is a decoction of the hog uterus. This herb not only helps conceive the baby, but also eliminates almost all existing problems of the genital area - removes inflammation, dissolves fibroids, stops bleeding. In order to prepare the broth, you need to put two tablespoons of herbs in a saucepan, pour one liter of water and boil for about 10 minutes. After that, the broth must be filtered through gauze. Take it before each meal, one tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime.

  • Decoction of sage.

Sage is considered almost as powerfulagainst diseases of the female reproductive system, as well as the bovine uterus. However, with him, women should be extremely cautious. Those who have been helped by sage to become pregnant, note that it has one side effect - causes quite strong dizziness, if only slightly exceed the dosage. To prepare the sage broth, you need to put three tablespoons of sage in an enamel pot, pour 0, 5 liters of water and bring to a boil. After that, reduce the heat, cover the pan with a lid and boil over low heat for about ten minutes. Take a decoction for a hundred grams, after each intake look, but no more than five times a day. The course of treatment is 30 days. Remember also that in that case. If you are drinking sage to get pregnant, do not drink alcoholic beverages at this time.

Folk signs

In addition to the recipes of traditional medicine, women,trying to get pregnant, often looking for various signs. Of course, modern people understand that people's signs are just signs and nothing more. However, somewhere on the subconscious the woman is still clinging to this albeit ghostly, but nevertheless thread. Below we have collected the most common signs concerning pregnancy:

  • Touch the belly of a pregnant woman.

There is a belief that anyone who wants to get pregnanta woman should pat the belly of a future mother. Of course, you can try, but remember that you should not miss the belly of unfamiliar pregnant women without permission - it's very unethical and can upset a pregnant woman. Be sure to ask in advance the permission of the most future mother and only after her consent you can pat her on the tummy.

  • Sit on a chair after a pregnant woman.

If you want to get pregnant, a girl needsWait until the pregnant woman gets up from the chair or sofa, and immediately sit down in her place. Our grandmothers believed that this way the female reproductive system is tuned for fertilization and gestation.

  • A cup of a pregnant woman.

Ask the pregnant woman for her cup and drinkfrom it ordinary water. It is believed that after this pregnancy will not take long. And again I would like to remind you - do not take a cup without permission - it can also upset a pregnant woman. Much more reasonable to just ask for it - it is unlikely that the future mother will refuse you.

  • Willow branches.

Sprigs of pussy-willows are considered a wonderful meansto become pregnant. On Palm Sunday, bring the willow from the church and put it at the head of the bed. Do not throw away until you become pregnant, even if it withers.

  • Ficus.

Still our grandmothers believed that the flower of the ficushelps the onset of pregnancy. A woman planning to become a mother must buy a ficus and take care of it - water, talk like a living being.

  • Growth of domestic plants.

Strictly speaking, this sign signals alreadya pregnancy that the woman herself has not yet guessed. In the house of a pregnant woman begins an extremely intensive growth of all domestic plants.

  • Start a cat.

Another very old omen is to get in the housecat. There are two of its variations - to shelter a small homeless kitten, or a homeless pregnant cat. Pay attention - the animal must be homeless - buying a kitten will not give any effect at all. Speaking about this folk note, it is impossible not to recall that a homeless animal can be infected, and you should show it to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

  • Eat foods with embryos of a new life.

Traditional medicine advises a woman planningconception of the child, there are such products as caviar, eggs, cereals, legumes, nuts - that is all those that are germinal and from which a new life appears. Strictly speaking, all these products have an extremely high protein content. And as the modern official medicine has proved for a long time, the protein repeatedly increases the woman's chances of conception. And our ancestors guessed this feature many hundreds of years ago.

  • Red thread.

Another very beloved of women who wishto become pregnant is a red thread. The red thread must be tied on the wrist - on the right or left - it does not matter. It is believed that when the thread is untied, the woman will become pregnant. But remember - the thread must untie itself, without anyone's help.

  • Invite a pregnant girl to your wedding.

This sign is also very, very old. In order that the bride does not face the problem of infertility, a wedding should be invited to a pregnant woman, who should help a pregnant woman to put on a veil. And, in addition, the first piece of wedding cake should also be given to a pregnant woman.

  • An empty stroller.

The folk sign says that in the event thatthe woman rolls an empty wheelchair, she very much "risks" to roll herself a son or daughter. However, there is another, absolutely contradictory, sign associated with an empty stroller - if you roll it, then the child whose stroller is, will always be ill.

Psychological techniques

In addition to popular acceptance, there are certainpsychological techniques that allow a woman to psychologically tune into the necessary mode. Human psychology is still a continuous secret, even for modern medicine, and it does not cease to amaze doctors. If these techniques helped someone, maybe they will help you.

  • Materialize your desires.

Constantly think about your future baby, thinknot as something abstract, but as quite material. Imagine what kind of hands, legs, nose and cheeks he will have. If you draw well, try to draw your crumbs, if not, find the picture that resembles your child's image as much as possible and place it in the most prominent place. Constantly talk to the baby, tell him how much you expect him.

  • Do not think about the bad.

Remember that thoughts tendmaterialize. Therefore, under no circumstances should you let loose your negative thoughts and emotions. Remember that the work of the whole organism, including the female reproductive system, largely depends on the state of the central system. And if your nervous system is in a state of constant stress, then the probability of successful conception decreases at times. Experienced doctors - gynecologists know about this feature of the female body, and therefore almost always try to morally adjust the woman only to positive thoughts and a favorable outcome. The atmosphere and the good mood of the woman itself are favorable - this is half the success. And in conclusion I would like to repeat again - it's not enough to know what kind of grass to drink to get pregnant or what are the signs. It is extremely important to remember that women's health is a very fragile substance and it is necessary to treat it extremely carefully. Be sure to visit your doctor - gynecologist and follow all his recommendations. Try to get as much information on infertility as possible - this can help you. But remember that you need to read only proven, trustworthy sources of information, for example . Only in this case you get reallyreliable information. A little time will pass and your efforts will return in triple: the first smile and the first word, the first laugh and the first class, the first love and the school graduation - with nothing comparable happiness - the happiness of motherhood! The main thing - do not give up and sincerely believe that you will necessarily succeed. We advise you to read: