heartburn during pregnancy If you ask pregnant women what moreall plagued them during pregnancy, 90% of percent immediately remember about heartburn. Moreover - some women quite seriously believe that heartburn is a sign of pregnancy. It is about heartburn that will be discussed in the framework of this article. We will understand what this phenomenon is, why heartburn occurs during pregnancy, and - most importantly - how to fight it. In fact to suffer a heartburn some months successively, and at times and throughout all pregnancy, not such simple business. Heartburn largely complicates the normal course of pregnancy, bringing a woman discomfort. Although, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that heartburn does not pose a particular threat to the health of mother and baby. Well, except that it worsens the course of a toxicosis, if there is one, its symptoms intensify. To begin with it is necessary to talk about what is heartburn. Doctors call heartburn a very complex term - "reflux esophagitis". It is deciphered simply enough - a throw of contents of a stomach in an esophagus therefore the inflammatory process in which the mucous membrane lining the bottom part of an esophagus which is on border with the gatekeeper of a stomach is involved. As a rule, most heartburn during pregnancy begins to torment a woman at the end of the second - third trimester. However, in some cases, heartburn can begin in the first trimester and continue until the very birth. Sometimes heartburn appears for a while - from a few minutes to several hours, and sometimes plagues a woman day after day, week after week. heartburn during pregnancy treatment

Causes of heartburn

So, let's figure out whypregnant women are so often the victims of heartburn? Why is she so often in this period of a woman's life? After all, the direct relationship between pregnancy and heartburn is obvious. For centuries, the people believed that most often heartburn occurs at a time when crumbs are growing hairs. However, neither doctors nor women themselves confirm this theory. Very often those mothers, who were very much tormented by heartburn, were born babies practically without hair. And on the contrary - mothers of fluffy newborn babies with heartburn during pregnancy did not encounter at all. And what does the doctors say about this? How do they explain such a phenomenon as heartburn in pregnant women? The mechanism of heartburn issues does not cause - the contents of the stomach is thrown into the esophagus, which under the influence of this very content is irritated and the inflammatory process begins. However, the question of why this pathological process is activated during pregnancy, the doctors have no clear answer. They put forward several hypotheses, each of which is completely justified. Let's look at each of these in more detail:

  • Heartburn in early pregnancy

As already mentioned above, sometimes heartburn gives itselfknow even at the earliest stages of pregnancy. And sometimes even before the delay of menstruation - in some women it becomes one of the first signs of pregnancy. As a rule, in this case, heartburn comes not alone, but accompanied by faithful "comrades" - nausea, vomiting, heartburn. Or, simply put, there are symptoms of toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy. So what is the cause of such a heartburn? Of course, hormones. As you know, the hormonal background of a pregnant woman changes very much - in the blood of a woman, the level of such sex hormones as progesterone necessary for maintaining pregnancy and the chorionic gonadotropin necessary for its successful development sharply and repeatedly increases. These hormones have a very diverse effect on all organs and functions of the body. Including the gastrointestinal tract, whose smooth muscles under the influence of hormones are largely relaxed. This is the reason for throwing the contents of the stomach into the esophagus. And, respectively, and the cause of heartburn during pregnancy. As a rule, heartburn caused by similar reasons, independently passes by the end of the first trimester. However, unfortunately, there is absolutely no guarantee that in the second - third trimester it will not return. However, at this time of pregnancy, heartburn will be caused by completely different reasons.

  • Heartburn for long periods of pregnancy

In the event that heartburn appeared on morelate pregnancy, as the uterus increases in volume and the tummy grows, the causes of its occurrence are slightly different. Most often, heartburn "intensifies" after 36 weeks of pregnancy. First, at this time, hormones are again produced, relaxing all the smooth muscles of the body. Including the doorkeeper - he performs his function is not as correct as usual. In addition, the uterus continues to increase in volume. As she rises higher and higher, the stomach gradually shrinks. It presses against the diaphragm, causes shortness of breath and provokes the transfer of the contents of the stomach into the esophagus, which, as we have already discovered, is the trigger for the mechanism of heartburn. A similar condition will be facilitated a couple of weeks before delivery, when the uterus drops a little. The uterus descends downwards because the head of the child falls as low as possible to the small pelvis - the child occupies the most optimal posture before giving birth. By the way, during this period, not only heartburn disappears, but also shortness of breath. And the level of progesterone during this period of pregnancy is very much reduced. Although other unpleasant sensations are replaced by frequent urination and constipation. They, in turn, arise due to the fact that the uterus begins to press on the intestine and bladder. But do not despair - there are very few. And you will meet with your baby!

How to avoid heartburn?

So, heartburn during pregnancy: what to do? First of all, it is necessary to try, so that this problem does not arise at all. Of course, you can not completely avoid the possibility of the appearance of heartburn. However, it is worth trying - by observing certain measures, if you do not fully insure against this scourge, at least several times will reduce the frequency and intensity of heartburn attacks.

  • Diet

The right way to earn heartburn for anyonea person does not care about his diet. And a pregnant woman is not an exception to this immutable rule. Moreover - future mothers should carefully watch what they eat. First, it is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet food products that have the property of irritating the gastric mucosa, or at least just provoke increased production of gastric juice. These products include all fried foods, smoked products, canned food, pickles, spicy and salty foods. In addition, it is not recommended for future mothers to eat sour fruits, berries, sweets in large quantities, fresh buns. Watch and what you drink - it is unacceptable to drink carbonated drinks, sweet and sour juices, any kind of coffee and hard-boiled tea. Best for drinking future mothers are suitable non-carbonated mineral water, compotes, fruit drinks, fermented milk products.

  • Meal time

A huge number of people have one"Amazing" habit - all day something to intercept, and having come home - from the heart to eat up, and just before bed. So - to a pregnant woman such a schedule of nutrition is strictly contraindicated! The only acceptable option is a fractional power supply. In no case can the body be overloaded with such food "attacks". Try to eat often, but in small portions - 8 - 10 times a day. By the way, such nutrition will also help to avoid problems such as constipation. They are also very relevant for a pregnant woman. By the way, constipation can also cause heartburn. This is due to the fact that constipation provokes the stress of the entire digestive system, and hence, the throwing of the contents of the stomach into the esophagus. heartburn during pregnancy what to do

How to get rid of heartburn?

Very many women believe that heartburn treatmentat pregnancy - employment useless. Like, until a crumb at the light does not appear, and you should not try. However, this is not at all the case - from heartburn during pregnancy can help safe, but very effective remedies. And there are both medicines and folk remedies. By the way, if you are suffering from heartburn, be sure to tell your doctor - gynecologist. Perhaps he will find it necessary and appoint you a pharmacological drug. It is not worth taking anything independently. After all, even the most innocuous medicine in a pregnant woman can lead to the most unpredictable consequences. But you can try to treat heartburn home, in a safe way. And immediately I would like to say that soda is not the best assistant. Soda can only temporarily relieve the sign of malaise. Very many women are "bought" for this apparent effectiveness - indeed, soda does help for a time. However, this should not be done. Do not believe me? See for yourself! For this you will need soda, water, vinegar and an empty glass. Pour in a glass of water, pour a tablespoon of vinegar and add a pinch of soda. Do you see how soda (alkali) reacts with gastric juice? (acid)? Do you really want this chemical reaction to take place in your stomach? After all, otherwise, at least gastritis is guaranteed to you. So let soda continue to stand on its shelf. And we'll tell you about other, much safer ways of eliminating heartburn. Means for heartburn

  • Grated carrots

So, you have the first symptoms of heartburn. Do not rush and grab for the pills - while the heartburn is not yet strong, you can help the ordinary raw carrots. Clean it, wash it and grate it. Do not add sugar to the carrots, otherwise the effect will be directly opposite. Such treatment will only exacerbate the situation, as heartburn becomes more pronounced. Just a little grated carrot helps to forget about heartburn for at least a few hours. Such treatment is absolutely safe. Moreover - carrots have the most beneficial effect on the body of mother and baby - because it contains a large number of nutrients.

  • Honeycomb

Also in the fight against heartburn can be very effectiveto help such a product of beekeeping, as a honeycomb. However, such treatment is effective only for single and not very severe heartburn attacks. Just chew the honeycomb like a regular chewing gum. Wax gently wraps the mucous membrane of the stomach and the esophagus with wax, will remove the inflammatory process. In the event that you previously had cases of an allergic reaction to honey, this treatment does not suit you. And all the rest should not be abused - the child may later have an allergy to honey. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that this information has not been officially confirmed by doctors, but it is not worth the risk. After all, treatment should in no case harm the baby!

  • Alkaline mineral water

If heartburn tortures you in the first weekspregnancy, ordinary alkaline mineral water can help. As soon as you feel at least one sign of a heartburn, immediately drink a third of a glass of alkaline water. After this, be sure to lie down for a few minutes - otherwise there may be bloating and flatulence. And these are superfluous problems and inconveniences that the future mother absolutely does not need, is not it?

  • Juice of raw potatoes

From heartburn during pregnancy can help andpotato juice. To do this, wash and clean one large potato. Rub it on a fine grater, then squeeze the juice with gauze cloth. Drink a tablespoon of juice immediately after the onset of heartburn. Particularly good such a tool helps in late pregnancy - 35 - 40 weeks. By the way, in no case do not prepare potato juice for future use - in just 20 minutes it completely loses all its healing properties. Moreover - it becomes dangerous for the body of any person.

  • Flax-seed

No less than medicines, effectiveinfusion of flax seeds. For its preparation, pour five tablespoons of flax seeds with one glass of boiling water. Insist for about an hour, then strain and drink in small sips throughout the day. The disappearance of heartburn after the first two hours is a very good sign. Hence, the tool suits you perfectly. Such treatment can be conducted by courses - this will allow the future mother to forget about heartburn for at least several months. The essence of the treatment is extremely simple - like a flax seed infusion woman should take three times a day - in the morning before breakfast, at lunch and just before bed. The duration of treatment is only one week. Try, find your recipe, because what is effective for one person, can not help another. And let your pregnancy not be overshadowed by anything! Especially now, if you are overtaken by heartburn during pregnancy, what to do, you know perfectly! We advise you to read: