oil for massage Since ancient times, people have discovered for themselvesprocedure, like massage. Even then they realized that massage heals the soul and body. To date, other positive effects from massage are also known reliably - it helps to fight excess weight, relieves fatigue, calms and gives excellent health, helps to produce endorphins. To achieve greater effect from the massage, you need to use special cosmetics for massage. This will greatly accelerate the penetration of nutrients that are in the composition of massage cosmetics, in body tissues. There are a lot of means for performing massage, you can alternate and use them at your own will. The task of professional cosmetics for massage is to provide skin nourishment, care for it, and easy glide over the body. When choosing cosmetics for massage, consider your skin type. Consult a sales consultant, he will tell you about the characteristics of a cosmetic cream for massage, like the rate of absorption into the skin, viscosity, ease of sliding. For massage you can use ointments, creams, oils and gels. There are many simple ways how to make oil for massage, but various ready-made cosmetics are so many that it is not necessary to deal with it. There are a number of advantages for each of these tools. So, for example, the cream for massage perfectly softens the skin, nourishes it, provides comfortable sliding of hands on the body, which means it increases the efficiency of the procedure. The biggest plus of creams for massage is their balanced composition. It often includes a number of vitamins, which are indispensable for skin care. It can be vitamins A, B, C, E and others, as well as extracts and extracts from various plants. For example, to combat excess weight, often used massage cream with caffeine and algae. For a quality massage, a special massage oil is also used. Its main advantage is naturalness, absence of any kind of preservatives. They are absorbed into the skin better than creams and also provide a soft glide. The result will be even better if you use a mixture of fatty (base) and essential oils for massage. Thus, the effect of aromatherapy is created, which is useful not only for your skin, but also for mental balance.

Use of oils for massage

What could be better than a pleasant massage afterhard working day. This is a great way to relieve tension in the muscles, relax and relax. You can also apply massage for wellness purposes - like the prevention of many diseases and even as a way to treat certain diseases. For this purpose, massage therapists use special warming and anti-cellulite creams, gels, oils. In order to feel easy and get rid of stress and tension, it is better to use for massage the lungs, essential oils. Massage with oil has its pros and cons. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, this massage is perfect after a bath or shower. The ether components that are part of the aromatic oil have a positive effect on brain function, on the nervous system. You will be able to achieve different results depending on the chosen aroma-oil. Do not pour too much oil on the body right away, because it will be very difficult to do this massage. Hands easily slip from the body and the effect of massage is reduced to a minimum. Moreover, too much oil on the body will create the effect of an unpleasant fat film on the body. Otherwise, massage oil is ideal for a relaxing massage. You can buy massage oil in almost any cosmetic or specialized store. It can be used in pure form or make up a special mixture of different types of oils. Choose what oil to use for massage you can simply relying on their own tastes, in any case, harm does not bring it. The mixture for massage consists of a small number of different essential oils and base oil. If you mix the massage oil yourself, try not to overdo it with essential oils that, at a high concentration, can badly affect the condition of your body: cause unwanted reactions to the skin (rash, redness) or provoke a headache. As a base, you can use olive, almond or peach oil for massage. A good base are oil from avocado and grape seed oil for massage. As a base, flax oil for massage is also used. Essential oils can be used almost any. Some masseurs use vegetable oil for massage, but this is not very desirable. Although it nourishes your skin with vitamin E. Be sure to specify the properties of the selected essential oil, as each of them has its own characteristics. But there are some common properties for all essential oils. If you ask what oils are suitable for massage, the answer is - absolutely any, but in reasonable doses. Absolutely all oils have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action, have a beneficial effect on emotions and mental health, have cosmetic and dermatological properties. Virtually all oils with regular use eliminate traces of injuries or burns on the skin. Many essential oils for massage have analgesic effect, are erotic stimulants, perfectly affect the state of the respiratory and circulatory system. Essential oils for massage help to cleanse the body of toxins and restore the body's immunity. Massage promotes the rapid penetration of oils into the body, and hence the effect of it is stronger. If you often suffer from insomnia, you quickly get tired or often sad, try to include in the composition of your massage oil lavender essential oil. In addition to having a pleasant smell, it also has a calming effect, helps to fight against general weakness and neuroses. Irreplaceable will be this oil for foot massage. Similar effect is also the essential oil of the noble laurel. Particularly well, this component affects the health of the female body. Olive oil for massage can be an excellent base for a massage mixture or used alone, for dry skin. It is also great for home use if you decide to try to make massage oil. To cope with insomnia and correct the rhythm of sleep, the oil of incense is perfect. It is also a very powerful antidepressant. This component is better than many others for head massage. Add 7-10 drops of incense oil to 50 ml of base oil, mix well. A small amount of oil apply to slightly damp roots of hair and massage, after which, the hair should be rinsed with warm water to remove the residual oil. This mixture eliminates hair loss, helps to get rid of dandruff and increases their elasticity. If you are still not sure which oil to choose for a massage, feel free to choose an orange. It is perfect for the first massage session. A massage with orange oil will restore elasticity and elasticity to the skin, it will charge you with energy and vivacity for the whole day. Remarkable properties are essential oils of citrus: lemon and mandarin. These aromatic oils for massage perfectly influence your body. Each of them has bactericidal properties and is used as an antiseptic component. Helps with violations of the heart rhythm, has a tonic effect. Massage with lemon oil, will give you strength, add energy and increase the elasticity of the skin. It is also used as an abdominal massage oil to burn fat deposits. If you will massage for medicinal purposes, for example, with muscle pains, you can add a little bitter almond oil to the massage mixture. This is the ideal oil for back massage. It has a narcotic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Do not overdo it! Almond oil for massage contains hydrocyanic acid and too high its content can cause an intoxication of the body. Approximately the same properties have an oil for grape massage. Anesthetic and mint oil also has an analgesic and tonic effect. It improves the general condition of the body and increases blood circulation. Coconut oil for massage has a pleasant relaxing effect and very well moisturizes the skin. It can also serve as the basis for an oily mixture for massage. The anesthetic oil of geranium also has an analgesic effect. It has a pronounced smell of rose, so that in large quantities will cause unpleasant sensations. Geranium perfectly fights irritability and has a relaxing effect. The exotic essential oil of ylang-ylang has a gentle, delicate aroma and is used as an aphrodisiac. It is believed that massage with the use of such oils will not only relax your muscles, but also increase sexual desire. Helps to normalize breathing and heart rate. This is the best oil for a relaxing massage. cream for massage

Professional oils for massage

Carefully choose how to massage with oil. Be careful not to cause allergic reactions. The best massage oil on the Talasso Guam cosmetic market is perfect for both home use and professional massage. It consists of natural ingredients, among them the main component is the algae Guam. In addition, the composition of the oil is an olive extract, oils of andiroba, guarana and rice, which make the skin smooth, silky and soft. Massage with the use of such oil perfectly relaxes and relieves tension from tired muscles. In the process of massage, oil nourishes and moisturizes your skin, activates the metabolism and improves blood circulation. From the same manufacturer you can try the oil for a relaxing massage with minerals of the dead sea. With its help you can work on problem areas of the skin, eliminating the damage and tightening it. Massage with the use of this oil is especially pleasant because the oil has a pleasant delicate aroma. As a result, your massage session will complement the session of mild aromatherapy. Oil for Thai massage Pleasure Massage Oil - can be used as an independent massage tool or as a basic basis for the mixture. In the composition of this oil the main components are oil safflower, sweet almonds and jojoba. Professionals often choose it for massage. This is the best oil for facial massage. Any woman dreams of calm and easy childbirth. Help in this can regular massage of the perineum with oil for massage weleda. This procedure will increase blood circulation and increase the elasticity and stretchability of tissues. Oil for Weleda massage can be used starting from the 35th week of pregnancy. Its use will help reduce the risk of rupture or the need for cutting. Weleda massage oil consisting entirely of natural ingredients. Oil for massage willow roshe perfectly nourishes the skin and cares for it. In its composition are arnica oils and other valuable components with softening and restoring properties. Oil for massage Yves Rocher is intended for massage of hands, but it is possible to use it for the body. It is also good to use this oil for abdominal massage, when stretch marks appear. If most of all in oil massage you appreciate the effect of aromatherapy, then you should like the massage oil Just. It is effective for skin care, has a therapeutic and healing effect. This is one of the best oils for massage with a healing effect. Well suited for the care of dry skin, it becomes velvety and fresh, increases its elasticity. It is also successfully used as a massage oil for children. An antiseptic and tonic feature is the popular Oleum Santali body oil. It is used for nervous tension, insomnia. It has a positive impact, both on women and men. What is the best oil for massage - choose you, based on personal preferences and individual characteristics.

Creams for massage

Choose which massage cream is suitableyou, it's very simple. It is enough to trust your own taste and consult a sales consultant. In addition to various aromatic oils, numerous creams with additional properties can be used for massage. It can be anti-cellulite, moisturizing, warming creams. The modern cosmetics market offers you a choice of a variety of different massage creams. Well-proven cream for massage Esobel, with anti-inflammatory effect. This hypoallergenic cream, which shows good results in the treatment of osteochondrosis, radiculitis, neuralgia, trauma. Used for anti-cellulite massage and general. As part of the product is an extract of mineralized mud, very useful for the general condition of the body. Can also be used for painkilling massage. Massage cream from Amalgam Lux, with a toning effect, will perfectly relax you after a hard day. It alleviates the pain of bruises, sports injuries and relieves fatigue. It provides easy slip on the body and does not cause any difficulty with the massage. One of the main components of this cream is menthol and tea tree oil. They improve blood circulation and tones up the skin and muscles, besides it gives pleasantly pleasant cooling effect. The cosmetics company ANNA PEGOVA proved to be very successful. A lot of good reviews about it on the Internet make you believe in its quality. Releases anna peg cream for massage, which you can try on yourself. His anti-cellulite effect was experienced by many women and were satisfied. The cream for back massage is "classical" (produced in Novosibirsk). It can be used for both individual and professional massage. Simultaneously with a moisturizing and antiseptic effect, it protects your skin against mechanical damage for a while. Due to the presence of aromatic oils, the cream has a pleasant smell and does not leave any greasy marks on the skin. With pains in the joints or back, a cream for back massage with an extract of ant alcohol is very effective. It heats the muscles, improves blood circulation and is great for sports massage. It is irreplaceable with pains in joints or traumas, soothes pain and relieves swelling. Many use a baby cream for massage - it is fat enough to ensure a good glide and is absorbed into the skin. In addition, it is extremely cheap and affordable for everyone. Separately, it should be said about the cream for facial massage. It must be chosen based on the individual characteristics of the organism. In the markets and in the cosmetic shops of your city you will find a lot of massage creams, so there is simply no point in listing their names. It's easier to consult a consultant in a store, it will help you find the right cream. Many girls use an ordinary wrinkle cream instead of oil for facial massage. Not bad for a massage cream based on beeswax. Tentorium cream for massage, which contains bee venom and extracts of propolis. It is a multi-purpose cream that remedies painfully and improves the skin condition. Tentorium cream for massage, which has sufficiently proven itself both as a remedy and as a cosmetic. Creams, due to their fatty basis, perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin, and in combination with massage (often self-massage) they give doubled results. Massage cream should have a soft structure, should not spread. Of course for an effective face massage, first of all, you need to know the technique of its performance, and the cream will only be a good addition to the procedure. It is designed to provide comfort and achieve the best results from the procedure. We advise you to read: