How to prolong the life of cut roses In the life of every woman there are exactly those bouquetsflowers, which I want to extend their life. And what is not done in this situation. We are ready to give the most truthful and effective advice. There is one "but": cut flowers do not live too long. But there are different ways of how to prolong the life of cut flowers. And there are different methods of dealing with certain groups of flowers, as well as universal advice. In order to keep fresh flowers for a long time in a beautiful way and in freshness, one should keep in mind elementary secrets, tested not by one generation. Here are the most popular of them. So, first of all, it is worth considering the type of plant that you put in the vase. This also determines how to extend life to cut flowers. The vase should be filled with slightly warm water (in summer it should be water at room temperature), and do not think that pour water is almost to the rim. Under the condition of the flowers already delivered in the vase, the water should be two to three centimeters below (and this is the minimum value) than the edge of the vase. If you have a large capacity for fresh flowers, then it should be done so that the stems of the flowers are not tightly pressed against each other. Before you bring flowers into the house and put them in the water it is worth keeping them in the hallway or in the corridor for a bit so that the flowers are accustomed to the conditions of the room. This remark is especially relevant for the cold season. If the flowers you bring into the house from the street, where it's not hot, dramatically change the temperature in the room for flowers is very harmful. Therefore, in order to keep the flowers in the vase longer, try to soften the transition to room temperature for them.

Helpful Tips

To start, you can leave the bouquet in a moreA cool room, for example, in the hallway. And only then, after a certain time, bring them into the room. Thus, the acclimatization will take place gradually, and the flowers will not experience a powerful stress from a sudden change in the temperature regime. Then you need to update the color slices. Not always when cutting, the stems are cut properly. Very often in the bouquet on the stems there are also lower leaves, which must be removed in order to avoid decay of water and loss of flowers. Before you put flowers in the vase, it is advisable to update the cut. Be sure to shorten the stems one to one and a half centimeters before putting it in the vase. If the flowers have rather short stems and do not make them shorter, then wipe the slice with a slice of lemon, after a few minutes, rinse the acid under cold running water, cut about three millimeters and put it in water. If the stem of the plant is long and soft, it should be cut along the braid so that the plant can get more water. Then, while the flowers remain fresh, you need to check the buds and remove the dried and faded. In this case, there is more chance that the buds that have not yet been dissolved will be revealed on the flowers. Therefore, for cutting, it is desirable to choose flowers not with one, but with several buds. Water should be checked regularly for freshness, especially in hot weather. Such precautions will help you not to think about how to extend life to cut flowers. Do not neglect the neighborhood of some flowers with others. There are rules for making bouquets, but not always for various reasons they manage to follow them when composing each bouquet. In this case, do not destroy the composition, but it should be done so that the stems are not intertwined. It is the stems that will excrete substances that poison flowers and make them flaccid and unnatural. We listed only the basic rules that should be observed in order to leave your flowers fresh for a long time. But we must remember that there are a number of additional rules. The simplest is the use of clean water. This simple wisdom will allow you not to think how to extend life to cut flowers.

Clean water prolongs the life of flowers

how to prolong the life of cut flowers Do not think that filtered water and water,which artificially softened will suit the flowers more than the water that is in wells and wells. Of course, the best option in this case is the spring (or well) water, but in the absence of it, it may be quite acceptable to boil water cooled to room temperature. It is in it and it will be good to put flowers in order to preserve their external pleasant unfading view. Since water is desirable to change once a day, then the second time it is good and correct to use the frozen water. Although the process of preparing it is quite long (it is worth freezing it for about a day), but it justifies itself. How to prolong the life of cut roses, should be decided based on the thickness of the stem, which must be properly pruned. Also very helps to revive the cut roses bath from cold water. How to extend the life of a cut rose, almost all the mistresses should know, since the bouquets of roses are given to any significant events quite often. It's no secret that in numerous flower markets sellers do not resort to tricks to make flowers fresh, as if they had just been torn from a flower bed. This is not only a variety of chemicals that will not only preserve the plant, but rather make it an ordinary floral mummy. For this reason, when bringing flowers to the house, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that their stems can be dark on the cut, Maslenichnymi and yet smell of chemical reagents. In this case, there is an option how to extend their chemistry and extend the youthfulness of the flowers. Stems should be cut lengthwise at such a distance from the flower itself or the beginning of the leaf part of the stem, so that it is fifteen to twenty centimeters. Lower the stems is in a lightly salted solution of table salt (about one third of a tea boat without peas) by three to four liters of water. Salt does not just neutralize the effect of many substances, but it also creates a stressful situation for the plant, after which it will mobilize all internal forces and reserves to preserve itself and its appearance. To wash the stalk the field of saline solution costs about three minutes under warm running water, so that the flowers in the vases stand longer. After carrying out such procedure to put in water a bouquet or a flower costs after dissolution in it of a half of a tablet of aspirin on three liters of water. In such a recharge, the flowers should stand for 24 hours. After that, you need to change the water and continue to do it every day.

Keep clean

In order to keep a long time cutflowers, we must not allow any plaque to form on the inner edges of the vase. It affects the integrity of the stem, its ability to absorb moisture and the ability to release some harmful substances into the water. Therefore, about once every three days, the vase should be washed with a soda solution, rinsed and washed off the mucus formed on the stems of flowers. If your flowers have been standing on the flower market or in the flower pavilion for quite a long time, then there is a greater share of the likelihood that they have added glycerin with some types of dye. Such flowers can not stand without glycerin for a long time, as they will not receive proper feeding. There is the option of adding glycerin to the water or a few grams of sugar per liter of water. In this case, it is better to make a cut on the stem with a cross. It will not only preserve the freshness of the flower for a long time, but also make it more fresh (even compared to its original form). There may be an option that flowers are presented to you in the morning, but at home or at work you can only be in a few hours. For such cases, there is a universal way. You should water a newspaper, a handkerchief or something, wrap the stems with them (if there are several colors, it is better to wrap each stem separately), put a plastic bag on them, add a little more water. If you get home not soon, then this method will easily save your flowers. Once you are at home, put a bouquet for ten minutes with carbonated drinking or mineral water. Flowers will quickly come to life and will please you with their freshness for a long time. And then you do not have to rack your brains in search of an answer to the question of how to prolong the life of a cut flower.

Flowers are the healers of the soul

how to prolong the life of cut flowers Cut fresh flowers do not replace artificial flowers. Live flowers have a special energy, which allows them to bring into any room an incomparable atmosphere. They bring home the scents of the garden and fresh morning dew, and help each person feel closer to nature. If you do not have time or opportunity to leave the city and go on vacation to the forest or to the lake, at least buy a bouquet of fresh flowers, preferably wild or those that we associate with outdoor recreation. It can be a bouquet of lilac or jasmine, in the summer - any wild flowers, in the autumn - wonderful smelling beautiful and bright chrysanthemums. And you will be surprised how sharply your mood will change for the better, there will be a desire to live and create. And all because flowers bring beauty to our lives. And how to prolong the life of cut flowers is useful to know. For those who often fall in mood and are depressed, living flowers are excellent healers for the soul. If someone helps to improve the mood of a running river or a burning fire, then the flowers are universal in this respect. They act positively on almost all people, except maybe allergic people. The main thing - that you do not choose, the main thing to attach to each plant is the soul and care. In this case, it will long please you with freshness, aroma and colors. We advise you to read: