Notepad in your purse A modern, successful girl does not think the way out inlight (to the club, to work or to meet with friends in a cafe) without a fashion bag. In turn, we will definitely find several essential items in the bowels of this female accessory. For sure it will be: a purse, a smartphone, lipstick, the keys to the house and the car. Is there a place for a notebook and a pen? Let's decide together whether an old good notebook is needed today, in the age of digital carriers and social networks. Some will immediately say that notebooks and notebooks are no longer needed, because all contacts, meeting schedule and notes have long migrated to a mobile phone, which is always at hand. It's hard not to agree. However, man is designed in such a way that the letter, the skill and culture of which was worked out and perfected for millennia, will remain for him for a long time one of the most important methods of fixing important information, impressions, ideas. Remember from your experience - in fact it is more productive to sketch a rough draft of a small speech by hand, it's faster to write down a dictation number on a napkin than in a phone contact book. And most importantly, now the world's office clericals offer such a huge variety of sizes, colors, options for the execution of such a thing as a notepad, that it can already be equated with a fashion accessory and have in mind when drawing your image. So what to choose? Notepad in your purse It's summer, the height of the holiday season. Attracting the cool streets of Venice or Paris, the heat of the African savannah or the Brazilian beach ... All these summer impressions and ask on the pages of thematic notebooks and notebooks for travelers . Throw a pair of these books in a beach bag, suddenly under the rustle of waves in your heart an imperishable masterpiece will be born, which you will need to write down somewhere? Notepad in your purse The most convenient option for business girlsprobably will be a small half-dited diary Bruno Visconti Megapolis. Different colors of the cover, information block, excellent paper, rounded corners, lasse and fixing gum - a thing is definitely worth your attention! A half-dithered block does not force you to keep records daily, leaving space for spontaneous notes. If you want something light, bright and stylish - pay attention to pocket notebooks . A pair of books of contrasting colors (black / red, orange / green) in a cage and ruler easily fit into any, even the smallest handbag. Notepad in your purse Girls who are constantly looking for new items,probably interested in a line of magnificent notebooks and notebooks of the Russian (surprise-surprise!) brand popopad. The patented manual assembly and stitching of these notebooks, the ergonomic slanting ruler, an interesting combination of eco-friendly paper materials definitely make one look more closely at this fashion accessory. In addition, popopad has options for notebooks with leather covers, notebooks for work and study, non-trivial notebooks-bracelets. Well, we must not forget that the trendsetter in the clerical world for several years now is Moleskin. A huge selection of sizes, lines, formats, ivory paper and rounded corners have long been the hallmark of this notebook. For uncomplicated use, you can safely recommend a classic series of notebooks pocket format in hard and soft covers. It's like a little black dress - a classic for all time.