how to draw money Everyone knows about the unspoken rule: well-bred people do not discuss their financial matters with their friends. But since it is impossible to see and control a person's thoughts, the question of how to attract money takes them constantly. After all, the quality of our lives depends on finance. In the modern world, money is an integral part of people's existence. A poor man knows the value of every penny well, and oligarchs often do not have exact information about their finances themselves. There is no doubt that the fact that today everything in the world is sold and bought for money. Health, education, recreation, comfortable life, the opportunity to culturally develop - all this can not be obtained free of charge. So why does someone have a lot of money, even more than necessary, and someone has to live from to paycheck, saving, lending and being in constant search of additional funds? Perhaps, there are some secrets with which the money itself finds the owner? Undoubtedly, they exist, and they appeared in those distant times, when, instead of the usual paper currency notes, gold and silver coins were widely used, as it was in the Old Russian state of the end of the ninth beginning of the tenth century. But the money in a more familiar form for us appeared in China in 1271-1368, during the reign of the Yuan dynasty (hence the name of the modern Chinese currency). And only after several centuries of paper money began to be widely used in Europe and America, gradually displacing coins from precious and semiprecious metals. Currently, people often resort to the experience of ancient ancestors in order to attract luck and well-being through ancient magical rituals and rituals, they are looking for special talismans that can attract money. It is also symbolic that it is precisely the ancient Russian and Chinese ways of attracting wealth that are very popular in our country. Yes, you yourself probably heard more than once from grandmothers such a sign: you need to show a large bill to the young month, so that money in the house was kept until the next new moon. And as for the Chinese method of controlling energy flows, called feng shui, everyone has heard everything from small to large. How do such non-standard ways of attracting money work? Let's try to figure it out.

Old ways to save prosperity

Remember the note that a bag with money onsex can not be set? And the one that talks about a strictly defined way of keeping money in a purse - that bills need to be folded in ascending order by the face to themselves? These statements carry one general idea - finances require careful treatment, they love count and order, they do not tolerate disorder and neglect. So, first of all, in order that money does not bypass you, they should be treated with love, not considered evil and not blamed for all misfortunes. Thoughts connected with finances should bear positive and testify that you are worthy to be rich. Here is the first answer to the question of how to attract money - to change internally, not to be ashamed of the love for them and to show due respect for them. And now let us turn to the experience of our ancestors. Among the ancient Slavs one of the most terrible curses was considered "so that you were empty." And the object symbolizing prosperity in the family was the table. Indeed, what can be worse than emptiness on the dining table? This is a direct evidence of poverty and hunger. Therefore, the symbols of the concept of "emptiness" are reflected in the signs associated with what can and can not be done to make money. And all these signs have not so much a magical as a completely rational underpinning, for example:

  • You can not sit on the table. Indeed, a person who allows himself to sit in the place where he eats, obviously does not respect himself, and, therefore, does not deserve wealth either.
  • You can not put empty high capacity on the table. This is a kind of funnel, in which money is lost.
  • You can not sweep bread crumbs from the table with the palm, because one of the symbols of emptiness is a bare, bare body.
  • You can not whistle in the house. In the houses of the poor, instead of a fire in the furnace, there was a whistling wind.
  • You can not borrow money in the evening. It was believed that the day went into oblivion (emptiness) and there you can send prosperity from the yard. This is also connected with the prohibition to sweep in the house after sunset - you sweep away the prosperity.

Agree, all these signs have become inalienablepart of our life, because their wisdom grows out of antiquity and is backed up by life experience. Even deprived, at first glance, of common sense, a sign that keys and money on the table can not be placed, is simply explained. These items were in constant use, they were not always touched with clean hands. Therefore, the stay of keys and money on the dining table could lead to illnesses, which attracted undesirable expenses. how to draw money

The ancient art of multiplying wealth

Our glorious ancestors knew not only how to preserve the existing financial well-being, but they could also answer the question of how to multiply it:

  • In the purse you need to put an aspen leaf, and then the money in it will be just as much as the leaves on the asp.
  • To make money, you do not need to burden your wallet with a small thing - it's better to distribute it to the poor on a Sunday, otherwise only a small coin will come to you.
  • A broom in the house must be only one. And it is necessary that he stand with the handle down, so that the financial flows do not dissipate, but merge into a common one and flow into the house.
  • The above mentioned sign show moneyThe young month also has its rational explanation, because the Slavs time was checked against the heavenly bodies. The new moon symbolized the beginning, the birth of another time cycle. That's why it was considered a good sign if the light of a young one, that is, a coming month, fell on the coin-it meant that the money would also arrive.

Are you free enough to be rich?

For anybody is not a secret a short onethe standard of living in China, so the local people treat finances with special respect and quite naturally consider that there is not much money. The practice of feng shui says that a person who wants to get rich should at first become worthy of it, and, first of all, in his own eyes. To achieve this goal, according to the Chinese teachings, one must give oneself to self-contemplation and mentally try to answer the question of why you so need to multiply your money. To prove their willingness to be rewarded with wealth, they will have to vacate the living space from old useless things. Remember that by throwing out unnecessary trash, you are preparing a place for the appearance of something new that you need. This is also a kind of mental installation in Feng Shui, which contributes to a change in the outlook - whoever gives more, gets more, because the freedom of the outside contributes to the release of the person from within.

Water - the element of wealth

According to Feng Shui, the element of financialwell-being of the Chinese is water. However, its use should be approached with a great deal of caution, having thoroughly studied all the nuances of which ancient philosophy speaks. Currently, the popularity of Chinese teachings promotes the use of water elements in most modern landscapes. But the element, like its symbols, is not a simple and even dangerous thing. It is necessary to know that the water that flows in the opposite direction from the building or outwards can attract ruin. A sad example of such an unsuccessful landscape solution can serve as the well-known in Hong Kong office center - the so-called "Lippo building". It is surrounded by fountains with outflowing water, which as it carries with it the funds of companies in this building. Thus, several large financial corporations went bankrupt. Therefore, it is better to go the easier way and use the elements of water correctly or not to resort to its capabilities at all. To avoid trouble in the money sphere, associated with the influence of water, in an apartment or house, all faulty faucets, faucets and plums should be replaced. Dripping water carries your money with you. But the pure energy of this element may well benefit. So, for example, in most Chinese stores at the cash desks you can see an aquarium with an odd number of goldfish. This, according to Feng Shui, forces buyers to leave large sums of money in the store. Such an aquarium nobody prevents you from installing in an apartment or office to attract the flow of money. money how to draw money

Symbols of money from the Chinese

It is worth noting that the entire technique of feng shui onThe attraction of money consists of a large number of symbols that are responsible for the energy flows of wealth. All of them, according to the Chinese teaching, are set strictly in the south-eastern part of the room, because this direction is responsible for material well-being. One of such talismans for attracting money are bundles of Chinese coins, which attract important financial information. They need to be worn in a purse, stored in folders with key business documents and safe. Contributes to the growth of money and the figure of the Chinese god of wealth. He is portrayed as an old man sitting astride a tiger. This statuette should be placed behind the workplace in the office. In the apartment, place the image of the Chinese god, for example, behind your favorite armchair or sofa, and also at the front door. In the system of symbols of feng shui, a special place belongs to animals. Among them are the so-called "celestial animals", that is, the dragon, the phoenix and the turtle. The more figurines and images of these creatures arranged around the house or apartment, the better. And settle in your own live turtle, because in addition to money, according to Feng Shui, it promotes health and longevity. Also a creature that symbolizes wealth, the Chinese consider a three-legged toad, which is depicted sitting on a stand of coins, and its back is decorated with symbols of yin and yang. In the mouth the toad holds a coin. A figurine depicting this creature should be placed on the floor or table, away from itself. The Chinese arrange figurines of a three-legged toad in all rooms of the house. Often seen in our stores, the models of sailboats also refer to welfare symbols for feng shui. In ancient times, sailing ships delivered a variety of goods and money, and therefore in our day they mean prosperity and luck. The model of the sailboat should stand or hang in the hallway of the apartment or decorate itself with the office hall. The bow of the ship is directed into the premises - thus the ship brings with it success in financial matters. Particular attention should be given to the color of all the above-mentioned symbols. They should be gold, because this metal is most favorable from the point of view of feng shui for attracting money. Of course, not everyone can afford a golden sailboat, but you can put several gold coins or a gold ornament on his deck. To attract financial success in the professional sphere, you should pay attention to a number of other points, for example, the presence on the desktop, in its northern part, of a crystal of natural quartz, to which light must fall. From the point of view of feng shui it is also important to maintain order in the workplace. Any piles of old papers and unnecessary documents concentrate passive energy, so it's better that they be stored in a closet and get out as needed. A certain danger in the sense of creating erratic energy flows is the wires of office equipment, lying around in disorder. It is better to assemble them in a neat bundle. Recommendations on the organization of space in order to attract money in the methodology of Feng Shui are many. Described above - this is just a small part of them. But the main thing is your inner feelings of comfort. Learn to trust your feelings, they will not be deceived. If in some place of the apartment or office you feel discomfort, this intuition suggests that it is worth organizing and arranging it differently. Do not be afraid to experiment with interior solutions until you feel satisfaction and confidence that each item has its proper place. Do not forget that the basic law of both Chinese and any other philosophy on attracting financial well-being can be formulated as follows: only a person's willingness to adequately accept wealth will allow him to achieve this. Learn to respect and count means, and only then they will multiply. Remember that big money can find you completely unexpectedly. Be prepared for the opportunity to obtain an inheritance or win the lottery, because fate favors those who are able to marvel at her gifts. And success comes to people active and developing. Therefore, you do not need to relax: continue searching for a prestigious job, look for ways to improve your professionalism, take everything that is possible from life. After all, feng shui and the wisdom of our ancestors did not make anyone richer by themselves. We advise you to read: