models of winter women's shorts Today, no one is surprised that such athe subject of women's clothing, like shorts, has already ceased to be an attribute of an exclusively summer wardrobe. With the onset of cold weather, they have not lost their relevance and continue to continue to please modern women of fashion who do not want to part with the warm memories of the past summer. What shorts winter women prepared for the fair sex fashion designers for the upcoming winter of 2016? Female shorts have included in their new collections many leading designers. All models presented by them are perfectly combined with various items of the winter women's wardrobe. In the collections of fashion designers you can meet a variety of models of winter women's shorts. These are classic shorts, knee-length, mid-thigh and slightly higher, capri-shorts, below the knee length, Bermuda shorts and shorts-breeches, the length of which ends in the knee area. In order to find out which of them are most relevant this winter, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the fashion trends of the new season.

Fashion trends of the winter season 2016

  • The first place in the rating of fashionable shorts,belongs to black leather shorts. And it's not surprising, because in them any girl always looks very attractive and sexy. On the world podiums, leather shorts are presented with all kinds of accessories in the form of lightning, pins, rivets and other decor elements that make them stylish and effective. Designers offer to wear fashionable shorts this winter on top of warm pantyhose with a short leather jacket or fur vest, and to warm up in cold weather, you can put warm knitted pullover or a soft sweater under your outerwear. Very good leather shorts are looked in combination with a white shirt and various leather products, for example, a corset or a black leather jacket. This option is great for work, if, of course, the dress code allows.

shorts for women

  • Shorts with pockets and lapels - another fashionable favorite of the season. In the cold season, these shorts look very natural and fit well into the fashionable sports style, safari style and military.

winter women's shorts classic

  • Women's shorts with an inflated waist are also relevant. Such a model looks simply incomparable with a short transparent or voluminous top. The ideal variant is a blouse with numerous ruffles. Bright, unusual forms of belts with original buckles are welcomed. In addition, such models look good with almost any outer clothing.

model with an inflated waist of winter women's shorts

  • No less popular in the coming winter are free, short-running short shorts.

shorts short winter women's shorts

  • Very stylish and elegant look winterwomen's shorts are classic with a narrow strap. Shorts of a strict cut are well combined with light blouses and an extended jacket. Such ensemble without excesses and ornaments can not be better suited to the office dress code.

winter women's shorts with a strap classic

  • Knitted and fur shorts - this is perhaps the mostan unusual trend of the new season, which will appeal to many women of fashion. They blend well with cozy cozy sweaters. Having in your wardrobe such a fashionable and stylish thing, you will not remain unnoticed.

model of winter knitted and fur female shorts

  • They are not going to surrender their positions in the currentseason and skirt-shorts. The style of such shorts should be as close as possible to the classics. They can be made of silk or satin and decorated with lace trim.

shorts winter women skirt

Fashionable colors and fabrics of the new season

For fashion designers this year, shortsused a variety of fabrics, most suitable for the cold season. This winter is very fashionable unusual combinations of different textures of fabrics, for example, fur, knitwear and silk. Also relevant are tweed, denim, leather, satin and silk. As for the color range of fashion shorts for the cold season, designers are advised in choosing to give preference to calm tones. It can be classic white or black, dark gray, dark blue, as well as restrained brown and all its shades. Do not think that the fashion of this season is boring and monotonous. In the designer collections, along with the dark palette, there are also bright models. Selecting for the party crimson, yellow, purple or red with sparkles or metallic tint, you give your image glamor and chic. Fashion designers advise wearing fashionable shorts over dense tights. They can be either black or any bright colors. Having in your arsenal a couple of fashionable shorts, you will be able to create new and refined ensembles every day that will profitably distinguish you from the general crowd. We advise you to read: