mesotherapy In a woman's life there are unpleasant moments, andinjections do not cause delight. But there are injections that give a woman beauty and youth, and therefore a long sense of joy. No cream can give such a result as mesotherapy, which is able to reverse the inevitable aging of the skin. Under mesotherapy is understood non-surgical modeling of the body and face with the help of intradermal injections individually selected preparations. Preparations are selected, taking into account the specific problem of the patient and the area of ​​application of the mesotherapeutic cocktail. This method of treatment creates the maximum possible concentration of the substance in the required area, without affecting the whole organism, i.e. the medicine acts purposefully on a specific area. This is a real godsend for cosmetology - mesotherapy provides the necessary nucleic acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the dermis. At the injection site, the concentration of inputs is maintained and creates reserves for a long time. Additional effectiveness of mesotherapy is achieved through multiple surface injections, which trigger the mechanism of reflexotherapy. The result of procedures is a qualitative change in the skin condition due to active production of elastin and collagen, as well as activation of the processes of skin reconstruction from the inside. The results of mesotherapy will not leave any woman indifferent - the skin acquires a healthy radiant appearance, its elasticity and natural tone are restored, and fine and deep wrinkles are smoothed out. This method of rejuvenation, founded by Dr. Michel Pistor, was published more than 50 years ago and has been improved several times over the years. You can easily find on the Internet a characteristic - "mesotherapy - reviews are positive." The procedure of facial mesotherapy is safe and comfortable. Its main principles include the following facts: the injection is made in the problem zone in small doses, shallow and rarely, with the help of thin little spines. If there is a need, mesotherapy of the face is carried out using local anesthetics.

What is mesotherapy used for?

As we have already said, there are suchcosmetic problems that can not be solved with the help of massage and creams for the reason that the essence of these problems lies not on the surface of the skin, but hidden in the depths of it. The impact on subcutaneous fat causes the effectiveness of mesotherapy in comparison with other drugs and puts it beyond competition among other procedures for rejuvenation. Mesotherapy of the face is based on an individually selected "cocktail" of rejuvenating drugs. A wide range of problems can be solved by mesotherapy - cellulite, flabbiness and dry skin, skin rejuvenation, acne, scalp treatment, stretch marks, etc. At the moment, there is also a non-surgical lifting that strengthens the skin without injuring it. Mesotherapy of the face from acne gives a tremendous effect and helps the patient to get rid not only of the aesthetic, but also of the psychological problem of shyness and self-doubt. The specialists are so impressed by the results of mesotherapy that they prescribe procedures both for the purpose of rejuvenation and for the purpose of combating the stress that causes the majority of problems and accelerates the age-related changes. Anti-stress mesotherapy of face and body is used for psychotrauma, anxiety, insomnia, anxiety and headache. In addition, patients and physicians highly appreciate mesotherapy for hair. An important component in the solution of postnatal aesthetic issues may be anti-cellulite mesotherapy and mesotherapy against stretch marks. Mesotherapy stretch marks reduces and makes postpartum scars on the body almost imperceptible. The following indications are relevant for the procedure:

  • presence of stretch marks on the skin;
  • local fatty deposits, cellulite;
  • acne, porous and oily skin;
  • prevention and treatment of skin aging;
  • atony of the skin;
  • hair loss;
  • pigmentation;
  • double chin.

It must be remembered that the injection techniquecan only use a person who has a higher medical education, in a medical center that has permission from Rospotrebnadzor and a medical license! Mesotherapy at home and in questionable institutions can cause irreparable harm to your health!

Method of mesodissolution

Mesodissolution is one of the methodsmesotherapy of the body, which in fact is an alternative to liposuction and allows you to achieve high results in the way of correction of the figure. This method is based on the introduction of a hypoosmolar cocktail in the area of ​​fat cells. The special solution consists of fat-destroying preparations and water for injections. As dictated by classical cosmetology - mesotherapy uses shallow injections. Mesodissolution on the contrary suggests the introduction of the drug to a great depth, or, in scientific terms, the osmotic transport of the solvent directly into the cellular epicenter of adipose tissue. As a result, there is a rupture of cell membranes and death of fat cells (adipocytes). Further, the decay products are excreted from the body together with the lymph by means of the mesodrainage procedure (capillar-erosotherapy). Thus, there is an improvement in the state of lymphatic and blood vessels. This mesotherapy against cellulite involves carrying out 2-3 days after the end of the procedures of lymph drainage procedures - hardware lymph drainage, manual massage, detoxifying wraps, etc. The complex of mesodissolution procedures helps to solve a number of problems:

  • not surgical liposuction;
  • treatment of cellulite and local fatty abnormalities;
  • violation of blood flow in the lower extremities due to anti-edematous effect;
  • correction after liposuction;
  • decreased elasticity and tone of the skin.

How often do mesotherapy-mesodissolution? It all depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and on the goals that he wants to achieve. Based on the averaged data, about 2-8 sessions are carried out with an interval of 7-10 days. Patients leave the positive feedback about this mesotherapy technique, which speak of the manifestation of the result after the first procedure. Mesodissolution has, like any other mesotherapy, contraindications:

  • impaired blood clotting;
  • 3-4 stage of varicose veins;
  • nephropathy, chronic renal failure;
  • chronic vascular pathology (IHD 3 items, hypertension 3 items);
  • mesotherapy during pregnancy and lactation;
  • cholelithiasis.

Substances in the composition of cocktails for mesotherapy

facial mesotherapy Mesotherapy forface hyaluronic acid. Mesotherapy facial hyaluronic acid has a hygroscopic effect on the skin, keeping in it a large amount of water and creating hydrogen bonds. In addition, when mesotherapy for the face with hyaluronic acid stimulates cell proliferation and neoangiogenesis, preserving the visco-elastic balance of the epidermis and dermis. In addition, mesotherapy of the face and body is carried out through the work of 13 vitamins, among which vitamins A, B, C and E predominate. Vitamin A regulates the healing and keratinization processes, affects the elasticity and density of the skin. Vitamin B supports the biological balance of the skin, and also affects the metabolism of essential fatty acids. Vitamin C inhibits local hyper production of melanin and free radicals, helps synthesize collagen. Vitamin E inhibits peroxides, thereby contributing to the destruction of free radicals. No mesotherapy of the body or face is complete without the participation of important amino acids, which help the fibroblasts synthesize proteins. These structural elements of the cell are combined to form proteins (polypeptides). Minerals are another important process participants. They affect the basic cellular functions and the ionic state of countless enzymatic reactions. Mesotherapy of the face and body uses them as co-factors that support the biological reactions responsible for metabolism. Special substances coenzymes act as catalysts for metabolic reactions of the body and reduce the energy required for their implementation. As a result, biological activators - coenzymes - help to increase the speed of tissue reconstruction. Nucleic acids consist of a chain of nucleotides forming the main molecules, DNA and RNA, which are information carriers for regulation and management of protein synthesis. Antioxidants due to loss of electrons help block oxidative reactions and the formation of free radicals in the cells of the epidermis and dermis. Mesotherapy face - отзывы:

  • the result is visible after the first session, the skin instantly becomes more fresh and moisturized;
  • accumulative and progressive improvement of skin condition;
  • the skin perfectly restores its structure and becomes more elastic;
  • at the end of a short period of time, the skin becomes even and radiant;
  • the face begins to look much younger.

Mesotherapy for hair

Mesotherapy for hair is called a techniquerevitalization and restoration with the help of microinjection of hair follicles. Certain cocktails are introduced into the scalp. Mesotherapy against hair loss is aimed at improving the condition of their roots and on the increased growth of the scalp. Mesotherapy with hair loss helps in a short period of time to significantly improve the condition of the scalp and hair. Mesotherapy of the head is a relatively new service, which, however, managed to gain popularity due to effective treatment of dryness and fragility of hair, split ends and hair loss. The specialist makes an individual selection of the drug, aimed at stimulating blood circulation of hair bulbs and scalp. The composition of the drug necessarily includes amino acids, microelements, vitamins and other components for enhanced nutrition of a specific type of hair. The method of mesotherapy against hair loss offers each patient an individual approach, depending on the degree of the problem and the individual characteristics of the hair. As a result of mesotherapy with hair loss, their growth normalizes, structure, appearance improves, dandruff disappears without a trace, and salodification also normalizes. This method is distinguished by a long-term effect. With her help you can cope with alopecia and stop the appearance of gray hair.

Non-injection mesotherapy

mesotherapy reviews For fading skin, fighting hyperpigmentation,wrinkles, dryness and acne, the newest method of non-injection mesotherapy (non-invasive mesotherapy) is developed. The procedure of needleless mesotherapy lasts only 20-30 minutes. Cocktail is applied directly to the skin, and after processing with a special composition that emits pulsating magnetic waves. During the procedure of non-injection mesotherapy, the permeability of cell membranes increases 400 times! Thus, useful substances quickly and seamlessly penetrate deep into the skin 1-2 mm and form stocks. Non-injection mesotherapy allows for a long time to use the reserves of useful substances that are easily distributed to other layers of the skin. Another plus - needle-free mesotherapy has no contraindications. To obtain a long-term lifting effect, to slow the aging of the facial skin and prolong its youth for at least 1 year, mesotherapy against wrinkles is applied. The rejuvenating course consists of 4-6 procedures. Single facial mesotherapy without needles ideally works with the skin, preparing it for important events and events. One-time procedure is mesotherapy from bags under the eyes, which removes edema and possesses a lifting effect.

Oxygen Mesotherapy

The method of mesotherapy, in which, together withnutrients into the skin oxygen is supplied, called oxygen mesotherapy. With this method, vitamins, nutrients and active components of the whey drug penetrate deep into the skin under the pressure of a stream of oxygen. Oxygen mesotherapy offers various courses of exposure to the skin. Whitening course helps to remove skin pigmentation, smooth wrinkles, narrow pores. Oxygen mesotherapy for problem skin clears, prevents inflammatory processes, smooths the skin and makes it tender. Toning and moisturizing course helps to keep moisture in the connective tissue. The course of rejuvenation promotes the formation of new cells and the smoothing of wrinkles. The skin after the procedures has an updated look. Oxygen mesotherapy against cellulite - reviews are extremely positive. Women also remain completely delighted with the course against stretch marks. The procedure of oxygen mesotherapy is considered among experts one of the most effective methods used to treat cellulite. In addition, it gives very encouraging results.

What medications are used in mesotherapy?

Modern mesotherapy can not do without basicpreparations from which X-ADN gel and hyaluronic acid are isolated, which contribute to the restoration of collagen degraded. Positive effects of mesotherapy are pronounced: the skin is saved from dehydration, wrinkles are smoothed, traces of smoking and negative environmental influences are eliminated. By the way, mesotherapy from stretch marks reviews is gorgeous. DMAE solution is used to protect, moisturize and lift the skin. In mesotherapy from wrinkles, the vitamin C solution is actively used, which promotes skin revitalization and prevention of aging. In the process of skin rejuvenation, detoxification is an important point, for which powerful antioxidants are used - glutathione peptides involved in oxidation-reduction processes inside cells. Preparations based on glycolic acid complete the line of drugs used in mesotherapy. Glycolic acid literally makes your skin shine. It smooths the relief of the skin, helps in the normalization of the sebaceous glands and the opening of the pores. In anti-cellulite mesotherapy, a solution of organic silicon is often used, which restores the elasticity and tone of the skin. Silicon takes part in the formation of collagen molecules, protects cells from oxidative stress and against free radicals. Mesotherapy against cellulite supports and a substance such as L-carnitine, which is an effective fat burner, helping to consume fat deposits. Anti-cellulite effect is rendered by lipolytic solution of phosphatidylcholine and detoxifying artichoke extract.

Necessary number of procedures

How often can you do mesotherapy? It all depends on your age and specific problems. Mesotherapy face effects is individual, and therefore the methodology for it is developed individually, depending on the time, financial and other opportunities. The exact number of procedures you can calculate only in the doctor's office. If it says in general about mesotherapy - cellulite is treated for 5-15 sessions, the volumes decrease for 4-10 sessions. On the treatment of the scalp, you will take about 10-15 sessions. You can restore the face oval for 4-8 procedures, and remove the hernia under the eyes - for 1-4 procedures. In view of these reasons, you can determine how often to do mesotherapy, together with your doctor, considering all your resources. The visible effect of lifting you can feel after the first session, and the results of the fight against cellulite - after 2-3 procedures. Mesotherapy courses for several sessions are preferably repeated 1 time in the half year. If after the course you support the effect with lifting procedures 1-2 times a month, then the next course is repeated only after a year.

Consequences of mesotherapy

Very many envious people raise the question,Whether mesotherapy is harmful, does the mesotherapy have side effects? After all, this is practically a field of fantasy, which our mothers and grandmothers could only dream of - non-surgical lifting, which gives an impeccable result: a reduction in the number of wrinkles, a lifting effect, a tightened face and a fresh shining skin. However, the consequences of mesotherapy can hardly be frightened. Swelling and redness at the injection site disappear in an hour. Bruising after mesotherapy is rare and occurs within a few days. But the results will please you for a very long time. Despite the fact that bruises and redness threatens the mesotherapy of the body, the testimonies testify that even a needle trauma contributes to skin rejuvenation, triggering reparative processes. To speed up healing help special ointments "Traumeel" and "Wobenzym". We advise you to read: