how to properly brush your teeth A snow-white smile is, perhaps, the maincomponent of beauty and the image of a successful person. And what is necessary for an ideal smile? Correctly - healthy teeth. But, alas, by nature, a slender series of snow-white pearls does not go to all. So what do those people, whose teeth have a yellow tint, and gums constantly bleed? Is it possible to humble yourself and try to smile less? Not at all! Proper care of the teeth is capable of doing the real miracles. By the way, do you know why long ago our ancestors had no problems with their teeth and gums? Because they had a completely different food - raw meat and vegetables. And their teeth were cleaned precisely with food. Do not believe me? Check yourself: in the morning, without cleaning your teeth, eat one raw carrot or an apple. You will feel how your pearls will become even smoother than after the toothbrush. And gums are very well massaged. Rigid vegetables perfectly clean teeth from bacterial plaque and tartar. We basically eat soft food, containing a lot of carbohydrates and dyes. As a result, teeth are not only not cleaned, but, on the contrary, are covered with a layer of bacterial plaque, under the influence of which their yellowing and destruction takes place. So, by and large, modern women themselves are the culprits of the poor condition of their teeth.

How is tooth cleaning done?

"I brush my teeth every day, I use expensive pastes,and the smile was yellow as it was! ", - such complaints can be heard almost every day. A quite reasonable question arises: why do some people have yellow and weak teeth, while others have white and healthy teeth? After all, we all eat, by and large, the same food? The answer is obvious - dental care. A simple truth, which says that the teeth need to be cleaned at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, everyone knows. But very often brushing teeth is reduced to a few careless movements of the brush along the enamel. Voilà! A person with a clear conscience comes out of the bathroom, believing that he really did it the way he should. However, improper care of the oral cavity and teeth can lead to serious consequences. One such "grief-cleansing", of course, is not enough to bring the oral cavity in order. Let's look at how to brush your teeth properly. So, there must be a cleaning of all surfaces, not just the visible part. Therefore, first the teeth must be cleaned from the outside, and then you can already go to the inside. Unfortunately, only a few people remember this. The fact is that on the inside there is also a very large amount of dirt and plaque. The remnants after a while start to rot, because of what an unpleasant smell appears. If you do not pay attention to this problem in time, you will get caries, gastritis, inflammation of the gums. So, we learn to brush your teeth properly. First of all, flush the brush with soap to remove the bacteria, and rinse your mouth. Start with the incisors, gradually moving towards the root ones. Do not forget that every tooth should have at least 10 circular movements with a brush. Do not rub from the side to the side, because you will only smear dirt. It is important to remember: if you clean the jaw incorrectly, food particles can get under the gums. Therefore, brush movements should be directed from the base to the crown of the tooth. Dentists recommend to divide the procedure into two stages - cleansing of the upper and lower jaws. Do not forget to thoroughly rinse the mouth after this. how to brush your teeth correctly

Choose the means for oral care

  • Toothbrush

In fact, it is very important to choose the right onetoothbrush. Some women prefer to go to the pharmacy and buy the most expensive. This is probably a fairly common mistake to date. It is very important to take into account your anatomical features when buying such products. Brush, for example, should match your size. It is not difficult to do this: go to the mirror and look at the width of the two molars. This is the kind of head that should be. Otherwise, you are unlikely to be able to brush your teeth without injuring your gum and enamel. And do not forget that the toothbrush must be periodically changed, since after a month of use, its bristles become brittle. Rigidity must be chosen strictly individually for each individual. The main thing is for you to feel comfortable brushing your teeth. Nowadays, more and more people prefer electric toothbrushes. Of course, they have certain advantages over conventional ones. In this case, the head itself makes circular movements, and hundreds of times faster than a person can do. However, this pleasure is not cheap, and removable heads must be bought every month.

  • Toothpaste

The second thing you need to pay attention to isquality and composition of toothpaste. So, for example, hygienic toothpaste is used to remove food debris and plaque. But the composition of therapeutic and prophylactic drugs includes fluoride, calcium and many other biologically active substances. So, what kind of toothpaste should you prefer? Doctors-dentists recommend using both types. In the morning, you can clean your teeth with hygienic paste, and before going to bed - treatment and prevention. Such care of the oral cavity allows to maintain the health of the teeth, as well as to prevent the possible development of caries and inflammation of the gums. By the way, for useful substances to penetrate into the enamel, brushing your teeth should be at least 6 - 7 minutes.

  • Elixir

After the enamel has been thoroughly cleaned,rinse your mouth with a tooth elixir. The brand of this product is not of principle. Just pick up what you like. As a rule, all elixirs contain various herbs that prevent the development of inflammatory processes of the gums. Unfortunately, representatives of the fair sex rarely use such means.

  • Dental floss

Do not forget about how importanttimely cleanse the interdental spaces. Some people use wooden or plastic sticks for these purposes. And very many carry the same toothpick with them for a long time. Doing this in no case is impossible, since such a thing should only be used once. When it is used every day, it becomes a carrier of infection. Doctors - dentists recommend using toothpicks only after eating to get rid of food remnants. And for a thorough cleansing before going to bed it is much more reasonable to use the floss. Ask your dentist to teach you how to clean your teeth with flossing. You do not want to injure the gum, do you?

We massage the gum: we stimulate the flow of blood

Do not forget about such an important componentcomplex oral care, like gum massage. This simple procedure will help to get rid of bleeding, if any, and maintain the gums in a healthy condition. And the doctors noticed that the massage helps a person to wake up more quickly, as the blood flows to the oral cavity and salivary glands. The procedure is very simple, anyone can cope with it. For the massage, you will need a toothbrush with the softest bristles (the one that is most suitable will be the one that is sold for the smallest). Note that the brush, even with an average degree of rigidity, can severely damage the gums. The massage itself is carried out as follows: first, rinse the brush with hot water, then knead it with your fingers. After that, put into the mouth a tooth elixir and, without spitting it, make soft circular motions on the outside of the gums. Movements should be smooth, without special pressure, for 3 - 4 seconds in each direction. Massage should last about three minutes. how to brush your teeth

How to whiten teeth correctly

Even if we brush our teeth correctly, they canto form a raid. Dyes contained in drinks and food, sometimes eaten in enamel. And you can not cope with this with a brush alone. Therefore, it's time to talk about such an important procedure as whitening. Believe me, the final result (not only healthy, but also white teeth) will surely please you. By the way, the first thing to do is to reconsider your diet. From it it is necessary to strictly exclude the following:

  • Drinks with a high content of dyes.
  • Strongly brewed black tea, coffee.

You can not forget about cigarettes - if you smoke,To bleach a teeth for a long time at you hardly it will turn out. Therefore, try to at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Before you start whitening your teeth, you need to make sure that you do not have tooth decay and any gum disease. And only after a full inspection you can proceed to the procedure. Of course, you can do professional whitening in the clinic. To date, in the arsenal of dentists there are several tools that will make your teeth lighter by 6 - 7 shades. Although it should be noted that this pleasure is very expensive. And that's why not everyone can afford to make a Hollywood smile. You can also go another, less expensive way - to buy a special whitening kappa. The principle of its action is quite simple: for the night it must be lubricated with a special gel and inserted into the mouth. This method is also not bad, although with the help of this device you can lighten your teeth by only 3 - 4 shades. But many women can not sleep with a foreign body in their mouths. Do not ignore the good old and proven home teeth whitening methods. They are not so much, but they are effective enough and do not harm the teeth:

  • Calcium

Eat as many foods as possible containing calcium. This will help to strengthen and whiten the tooth enamel.

  • Lemon

Lemon zest also helps to get rid of the yellowness of the enamel. Just do not often resort to this method, because the constant exposure to acids can damage.

  • Soda

Once a day you can brush your teeth using soda inas a paste additive. However, doctors treat this method very skeptically. Of course, teeth really will be much more whiter. But at what cost? First, gums will be injured, and then - and tooth enamel itself. You can not allow this in any case. By the way, whitening pastes have a similar effect, so doctors do not recommend using them for longer than one week per month. We must not forget about the fact that you need to take care of the oral cavity after eating. Now from the television screens a huge amount of advertising broadcasts about the benefits of chewing gum after a meal. In principle, it can really help in cases where there is no possibility at least to rinse your mouth. Now you know how to properly brush your teeth and take care of the oral cavity. The main thing is to do everything wisely. After all, if, for example, you press strongly on the brush, you will start using whitening strips and paste daily, the enamel will collapse before your eyes. We advise you to read: