the reasons for the appearance of a grease on his head Appeared suddenly zHirovik on the head of no onejoy can not evoke. Firstly, to do the styling, but simply combing is not so convenient, you will constantly graze it. Secondly, if it appeared on the visible part of the head, and its hair can not be hidden, it can cause the formation of complexes. Your desire will be justified, get rid of it as soon as possible. Lipoma, this is how a giraffe is called scientifically, it is a subcutaneous formation, in appearance resembling a tumor. Proceeding from the common name - zhirovik - it is possible to draw a correct conclusion that it is formed in the place of accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Most often, the lipomas are small (up to 3 cm in diameter), but there are cases that they reach 8 cm, but this is a rare (in most cases, launched) option. Wen is soft enough, if it is directly under the skin, it can easily be rolled with a finger. In this case, the treatment is simple. If it is located deeper or, worse, affected the blood vessels, it will be denser. And the treatment will be more difficult. wart removal by laser

Wen: causes

The Widow appears imperceptibly, the place hewill choose, it does not hurt, there is no itching. The reasons for its appearance in the scientific and everyday world are controversial. Some argue that the role is played by a hereditary factor, while others argue that the whole thing is predisposition. But everyone agrees that the obvious prerequisite for the formation of a zhirovik is a metabolic disorder in the body. Thus, if you have a lipoma, then the cause should be looked for deeper. Pay attention to the work of the digestive system. Complete a survey, identify where the failure occurred, and go through a course of treatment. Cleaning the body also does not hurt, as slagging of the body as a whole and the pathology of fat cells - this is also the cause of lipoma.

How to get rid of wen

Lipoma does not bring unpleasant sensations; it does notit hurts (if it does not affect the nerve endings) does not cause irritation, but it must be removed. The fact is that such seemingly innocuous deposition of adipose tissue can develop into a malignant tumor. Earlier from zhirovik it was possible to get rid in one unique way - to lie under a knife to the surgeon. Now this method has long been forgotten, others have appeared, modern. First you need to undergo a complete examination. In zhirovik make a small puncture and take the tissue for examination. In some cases it is necessary to have an ultrasound. About the results of the examination carried out, a treatment is prescribed that allows one to get rid of an uninvited guest forever.

  • The first option is the most innocuous. With the help of a syringe with a thin needle, a medicine is introduced into the adipose, and within two months it completely resolves. Such treatment is fast, simple, but only suitable for those with very small lipoma.
  • The second option is the removal of the wool on the headlaser. There is no trace left of him, a cut is not necessary, and there is no need to shave his hair. No anesthesia, no pain. Just come, you are removed wen, and you leave. For two weeks you need to be under observation, and then you will forget about it forever.
  • The third method is endoscopic. It is applicable most often in cases where the wen reaches a large size. The principle of the method is that a small incision is made near the lipoma, an endoscope is inserted, which completely removes the tumor. At the end of the endoscope is a small camera that displays the image on the monitor to the surgeon. He controls the whole process, including that the wen will be removed completely.

treatment of wen with folk remedies

Treatment of wenroot folk methods

If for some reason you are not in a hurryresort to the help of doctors, but you want to remove the lipoma yourself, then there are many ways in folk medicine. It is worth noting that they have no scientific basis, and the responsibility for the negative consequences that can arise, if you will heal the wen yourself, are you alone. Much attention is paid to various plants. Traditional medicine says that the removal of fat wizards on the head is a simple matter, you just need to put a mother-and-stepmother on it. As the sheet dries up, replace it until the fatty grease completely disappears. In a similar way, you can take out the fatty gum by applying a gruel from the leaves of the golden mustache. Such treatment should last no more than two weeks. It is believed that remove the wen helps the onions. Bake an onion, make a gruel from it, add grated laundry soap to the gruel and make a compress from the received mass for the night. You can apply and grated raw onions. After a few nights with such compresses, on the assurances of the heifers, the wen will open and the treatment can be stopped. But the head will smell like onions for a long time. In folk medicine, in order to get rid of the lipoma, it is suggested to wrap it with a film of chicken eggs, grease every day with hydrogen peroxide, spread it with a mixture of yogurt, salt and red clay, it is also considered that a wen can be cured if you eat a tablespoon every day cinnamon. Believe these methods or not, to treat so zhirovik or not - your personal business. The main thing remember - lipoma can not be pierced. There is a very high risk of infection. And in order not to risk, contact the help of professionals, and they will help you quickly get rid of the lipoma.