sunscreen for face The beach season has already come and therefore it's time tothink about how to protect the skin of the face from the sun. After all, everyone knows that the sun does not have a very positive effect on the skin, because ultraviolet not only contributes to the appearance of age spots, but also destroys the collagen in the skin, which is responsible for the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Therefore, the skin should be protected. When you go to the beach, do not forget to bring a sunscreen to your face. It is not superfluous to grab a hat, such as a straw hat, which will also help you hide your face from the scorching summer sun. Sunscreens for the face contain a sunscreen - spf, which forms a kind of barrier for ultraviolet. So, a face cream with spf prevents the appearance of pigment spots - freckles, which, perhaps, all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity do not like. Before applying sunscreen for the face should be tested for sensitivity to the agent, in order to avoid an allergic reaction. To do this, apply a small amount of cream on the inside of the hand and seal with a patch, and after a day remove the patch and expose this area of ​​skin to sunlight for 10-15 minutes. If there is redness and itching, or both, taken together - you know: this cream does not suit you.

What are sunscreen products?

With the onset of summer, store counters beginto be full of an abundance of various means for sunburn and from it. In such a situation it is difficult to decide the right choice. This is especially true for sunscreen products for the face. At the moment, the cosmetic industry can offer us the following skin care products in the summer:

  • Suntan cream. This tool should be for everyone, as it forms on the body a film that protects the skin from excessive exposure to the sun, so you can get an even, neat tan without sunburn.
  • Oil for sunburn. The effect of the oil is somewhat weaker than the cream. Also helps to protect the skin from excessive sunlight, providing a tan without burns.
  • Sunblock for the face. The skin of the face requires more protection than the skin of the body. It is this protection and provides sunscreen for the face, which not only nourishes and softens the skin of the face, but also tones and satiates with vitamins, providing maximum protection from ultraviolet. There is nothing easier than to protect the skin in the summer, if in your arsenal there is a cream that should be applied not only on the beach, but also under make-up.
  • Remedy after sunbathing. Such funds are used after sunbathing. They provide moisturizing of the skin and removal of irritation and redness caused by solar radiation.
  • Spray after sunburn. Moisturizes and soothes the skin, has a cooling effect.
  • Cream from sunburn. An irreplaceable remedy, which should be for everyone in case you stay in the sun will be delayed, which will cause sunburn. Such cream in the shortest terms will remove reddening and burning and will accelerate processes of restoration of an integument.

So, here are all of the basic types of funds needed in the summer. But our article is devoted to sunscreen for the face, about which we will continue the conversation further.

SPF - what is it, and what does it "eat" with?

sunscreen for face reviews The effectiveness of a face cream with spf will tellthe figure that stands after this abbreviation. The very abbreviation SPF means Sun Protection Factor (sunscreen factor). The higher the figure after the abbreviation, the better the remedy is protected. That is, if you use face cream with sunscreen factor 10 (SPF 10), then you can stay 10 times longer in the sun than without cream. Of course, in fact so much time can not be in the sun even with this cream, so the longer you plan to stay in the sun - the higher the spf figure should be. The effect of the solar filter in sunscreens is performed by the powder of titanium dioxide, which acts as billions of mirrors reflecting solar radiation. The level of solar protection in the media is from 2 to 50. That is, if you met a face cream with SPF 2, then it means that the degree of protection of the cream is minimal - it reflects only about 50% of the ultraviolet. You, of course, can argue that there is a face cream for spf 100, and say that the protection of such cream is maximum and ultraviolet does not have access to the skin at all. But this is not so. Simply, some companies write on facial creams SPF 100 to attract buyers, but in fact, in fact, SPF in these creams does not exceed 50, which means retention of about 98% of ultraviolet. The most popular means are creams with a level of protection of 10-15. It is these means that suit most people. In order to choose a sunscreen, you should know to which phototype you belong. There are only 6 phototypes, but in our band there are basically only 4:

  • Very light skin, eyes of green or bluecolor, and hair - red or light, there are freckles. People with such a phototype burn instantly in the sun, so it is better to use face cream spf 45, spf 40 or spf 50 in the first days, and then spf 30. Use oils for intensive sunburn for people of this phototype is strictly contraindicated.
  • People of the second type have a light skin,brown or blue eyes, red and blond hair, and freckles. People of this phototype also quite easily burn, but nevertheless it is possible to tan the skin to sunbathe if to use in the first days of a cream with spf 30, and then - with spf 15-20.
  • This phototype is characterized by dark eyes,relatively light skin, blonde or brown hair. In our band, this phototype is the most common. People of this phototype easily sunbathe, and the reddening of the skin from sunburn is not peculiar to them. But, nevertheless, it is also necessary to protect such skin, especially if you are going to the southern latitudes. In this case, the cream will fit in the first days with spf 15, and in the subsequent - with spf 8-10.
  • Black hair, dark skin, dark eyes - allthis suggests that a person belongs to the fourth phototype. Freckles in these people does not happen at all, and tan lies down quickly and easily. And it is not necessary to burn such people in the sun at all. But in this case it does not hurt to protect the skin a little. As we have already reported, the skin under the influence of ultraviolet light is aging, this is called photoaging. That's why even this phototype should use sunscreen with spf 6-8.
  • When using sunscreenremember that they are gradually washed off and erased from the skin, so they should be regularly applied to the skin. On average, it should be done every 2 hours. But this applies to the skin of the body, but on the face the cream can be applied much less often.

    Choose sunscreen

    So, how to protect the skin of the face from the sun wealready know - you need to use sunscreen products for the person whose feedback on the Internet will help you make the right choice. After all, someone uses sunscreen for Vichy face, and someone prefers sunscreen for Loreal. But it is not a fact that these funds will suit you. Therefore, the choice of a face cream should be taken with due attention. The face cream should be with the maximum protection corresponding to your phototype, throughout the rest, at the sea or the beach. This will help you avoid such unpleasant manifestations as freckles and dry skin. The modern market can provide a choice of different types of sunscreen for the face - a variety of emulsions, sprays, waterproof creams and lotions. The most popular are light products, for example emulsions. But at the same time, such funds have one big drawback - they are very quickly washed off the skin and they have to be applied very often. Long lasting on the skin are waterproof creams, but their downside is that when you apply this cream you feel not very comfortable, because it gives the impression that the skin does not breathe at all. In addition, these creams are difficult to wash away even with soap. First of all, of course, the means differ in the level of SPF. But the composition of the cream is of great importance, since it depends on it, how long the tan will last, how smooth it will turn out, and how the skin will feel. When choosing a sunscreen for the face: reviews of cosmetologists on the composition of such products will help you choose the best sunscreen for the face. So, the composition of the cream should contain the following substances:

    • Vitamins C, F, retinol (vitamin A), biotin (vitamin H), riboflavin (B2), panthenol (vitamin B5) and phyllochenone (vitamin K).
    • Microelements: cobalt, magnesium, manganese, zinc, calcium, sodium and potassium.
    • Coenzyme Q-10.
    • Complexes of polyunsaturated acids and omega-3 or omega-6.
    • Oils. For example, jojoba oil, grape seed, cocoa, coffee, coconut, macadamia, wheat germ, sunflower, peach, Brazil nut, hemp, olive, almond or carrot oil.
    • Antioxidants are tocopherols.

    Of course, immediately grab a cream in which there isThe maximum content of the above is not worth it, since some components can cause you to be allergic. As we already wrote in this article, you first need to test for an allergic reaction. If the allergy does not manifest itself in any way - then you can safely purchase the chosen cream.

    Popular among women sunscreen

    face cream with spfWhen we conducted a study of brandssunscreen face cream reviews of women who use this or that brand, helped to reveal that the most popular, and therefore the best sunscreen for the face are cream brands Nivea (Nivea), Garnier (Garnier) and Loreal (Loreal). Also a good demand for sunscreen cream Uryazh, Vichy cream (Vichy) and sunscreen Lancaster for the face. Let's briefly review all brands of sunscreen products. Sunscreen for face Garnier with a level of protection spf 15 - very easily absorbed, does not roll down. Excellent nourishes and moisturizes the skin. In addition, the cream has a slight pleasant odor. Excellent protection of the skin from the appearance of freckles. Of course, this cream is not the only sunscreen for Garnier. The brand offers several types of creams - both with varying degrees of protection, and for different types of skin. Cream of this brand contains a moisturizing complex with vitamin E and nutriflavonami cactus of natural origin. In the sunscreen cream Vichy SPF 30 contains hyaluronic acid. This cream provides a uniform and long-lasting protection against ultraviolet light, has a matting effect and moisturizes the skin of the face. The creams of this brand contain the thermal water of Vichy. The cream is resistant to sand and water. Also, the brand offers other creams with different SPF. Sunscreen for the face Uryazh (Uriage) is hypoallergenic, does not contain oxybenzene and parabens, is resistant to sweat and water. In addition, the composition of the cream of this brand includes 10% of the thermal water Uryazh, which has a calming effect on the skin. The cream provides reliable protection and does not leave unpleasant sensations on the skin from its application. Sunscreens for Loreal face stimulate the protection and natural regeneration of the skin. The cream prevents the appearance of freckles and prevents the appearance of signs of photoaging of the skin. Cream of this brand is easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy shine. Sunscreens Lancaster for the face do not stain clothes, perfectly protect the skin from burns, the appearance of pigment spots, moisturize and nourish the skin. Thanks to the creams of this brand, you can get a smooth and beautiful tan. The cream does not leave a greasy shine and stickiness on the skin. Also a good sunscreen Nivea for the face. Thanks to a light formula with natural antioxidants, this cream makes the skin supple and smooth and provides excellent protection against sunlight thanks to a highly effective UVA / UVB system. Cream sunscreen Nivea for the face can be used by people with different types of skin, including those with sensitive skin. So, here we have considered the most popular and widely used in our country sunscreen for the face. We hope that our article answered the question "How to protect the skin of the face from the sun?" To the full and helped you to decide which cream you need with a protection level - whether it is a face cream spf 45 or spf 2. And remember that the earlier you will start using sunscreen, the later your skin will start to age! A sunscreen can be used from childhood, the main thing is to choose the appropriate cream and age type. Have a good rest and a wonderful sunburn! We advise you to read: