Venetian highlighting In order for dark hair to acquire a rich,beautiful and natural look, high-end stylists recommend using Venetian highlights. This technology has a gentle effect on the hair, gives them a beautiful appearance and a delightful volume. beautiful Venetian highlighting

The effect of Venetian highlighting

This procedure takes place fairly quickly andeasily, takes up to three hours. This novelty has already been pampered by many Hollywood beauties, for example, actress Angelina Jolie, model Giselle Bundchen, actress Jessica Alba and other celebrities. In order to transform your appearance in this way, it is enough to choose a suitable salon and an experienced master. To achieve an amazing effect, the master uses the Venetian marking. To clarify the desired shade, you can connect up to five colors. As a rule, choose a range of cognac, lemon, milk chocolate, platinum blonde and even coffee. After the color is determined, the wizard carefully applies the composition to individual thin strands, literally drawing them with a brush. It is important to emphasize that with this method of melioration it is necessary to retreat 3 cm from the roots. So, the paint is applied, now it is enough to wait for some time to get the desired effect. If you want dark hair to be brighter and more contrast - keep the composition longer (30-40 minutes), for those who want only a light touch of colors - on the contrary, less (10-15 minutes). fashionable Venetian highlighting

Hair care

Strangely enough, after this procedure, there is nothe need for regular visits to the salon. After all, with the Venetian melioration, you do not have to worry about the fact that the hair has grown and the roots will look unaesthetic. On the contrary - it looks natural, and 2-3 months after the procedure you can not worry about the appearance of the hair. Since the dyeing procedure is rather mild, then you do not need special treatment and recovery, just shampoo your head and use the usual means and methods of styling. Modern girls want to look great under all circumstances. For owners of dark hair Venetian highlighting has become a kind of wand-zaschalochkoy, because it helps to emphasize the beauty of the girl. After the salon, many note that the procedure visually rejuvenated and refreshed the image. Due to the richness of the shades used by the masters, Venetian melioration can achieve amazing results: a brunette can feel like a blonde, radically change her image and at the same time not lose her hair quality. Also, highlighting allows you to make a darker color even more expressive by giving glare and playing shades. This interesting way of painting hair comes from Italy, where most women are brunettes and brown-haired women. Therefore, for them, this technique is ideal, because of this, and the idea arose to dilute the hair color in different shades. It's hard to believe, but to achieve this effect, local girls could burn their locks for hours in the scorching sun to give them a burnt look. Stylists caught this desire and gave women the opportunity to give their hair a beautiful color more accessible and gentle method.