correct California highlighting Naturalness and environmental friendliness are the main trendsthis season. Hair should firstly look healthy and natural, with a smooth transition of color and natural golden-cognac flare. But it does not matter if nature has not endowed you with all of the above. To the aid will come California melirovanie on dark hair - the technology of sparing staining developed in Hollywood. beautiful Californian highlighting

Hollywood trend

It's called California, because onbeaches of the same state, the dark hair of local beauties intensively burned under the hot sun, especially the tips, forming a completely new sun color, which has become very popular. The admirers of the California highlights are Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and many others. It's best to look California's melioration for dark hair. California melioration refers to careful staining techniques without the use of thermal paper or foil. At the roots, the hair remains dark, gradually moving to the clarified vertical strands. The latter can be of different width and shade. It is noteworthy that California shading uses rich shades or even a combination of several shades from a light palette. In view of the popularity of California melting, there are many techniques and variations of its performance, which enables a professional stylist to choose the best option for each client. Among the most popular shades of California melioration, beige, coffee, nut, cognac, caramel-honey and wheat colors. The more shades on dark hair the master uses, the more interesting and richer the result is obtained.California staining technique

California highlights

California highlights are performed withusing a special paste containing beeswax. She gently decolours her hair and does not drain. The paste is applied outdoors and gradually dries up in the process, this leads to a weakening of its effect and does not overdry the curls. In technologies of classical melioration, the pigment stain remains covered with foil and works much more intensely, without harming the health of the hair. The choice of strands and the scheme of applying the highlighting are individual in each case, therefore it is better to entrust the work to a professional with experience that literally "weaves the sun" into your curls. In addition to the beautiful effect of luxurious natural strands with sunlight, Californian highlighting has a number of other advantages:

  • perfectly masks gray hair,
  • suitable for any age, type of face and length of hair,
  • provides a beautiful effect of shimmering curls,
  • does not damage the structure of the hair,
  • very naturally looks,
  • visually increases the volume of the hairstyle,
  • does not require frequent care and tint.

For dark hair California highlightingit is enough to repeat every three months. This not only relieves the hair of unnecessary stress or stress, but also is very profitable financially. Proper application and aging of all the nuances of the procedure will not only allow you to get a beautiful visual effect, but also make your hair more docile and voluminous, with less tendency to contamination. California melioration is performed in two stages: first, natural hair is clarified, then the previously clarified ones are toned. After applying the paste with beeswax, the master mixes several shades of paint and applies them on the strands with a brush, repeating the pattern of the sun and creating a relief and beautiful color. Since the paint is applied to individual strands that are not covered with foil, the hairs contact each other, staining. This creates a very soft and natural color transition. Therefore it is important to trust the procedure to a knowledgeable stylist. Correctly made Californian melirovanie on dark hair looks simply magnificent, drawing to the woman admiring sights. The advantages of California melioration are undeniable. Adding to this the ease of care, the gentle effect on the hair and the lack of the need to visit the hairdresser monthly, you will get the perfect opportunity to always remain stylish and beautiful, without exerting excessive effort.