casual clothing style The main feature of this style is the absencerigid features. Dress code? Forget, because casual clothing is universal and capable of combining paradoxical contradictions: everyday comfort and strict classics, vigorous sportiness and light sensuality - all this creates a unique diversity and an abundance of options for modeling a wardrobe. To follow the style of casual is quite easy even without having a special reserve of finances, so accessibility and attractiveness have made a "casual", careless image very popular, especially among young, energetic people. "Casual wear - this is the appearance of everyday life with all its diversity," Karl Lagerfeld characterized this image. Style casual in translation means "to dress casually", therefore safely discard stereotypes and fashionable concepts and experiment. If you analyze the history of the emergence of this trend in the fashion world, some argue that its origins are the British Isles, other critics and fashion historians attribute its appearance to Scandinavia, as a distinctive feature of the wardrobe of local residents. We can say with confidence that young people choose this style not so much because of comfort, convenience and brightness, although this leaves a huge imprint, both for the purpose of expressing and emphasizing one's own personality. The main thing is freedom and emancipation, and democracy and the abundance of clothing options make it possible to combine in a peculiar way absolutely incompatible things. Therefore, so often fashionable youth magazines place casual clothing on their pages, photos clearly demonstrate that this image is mostly created for young people. All sorts of familiar jeans, shirts or T-shirts, stricter trousers, even sweatshirts, unusual skirts and casual dresses - these are the main components of the street style. If such outfits used to serve for country walks, now they are everywhere found on the streets of the city.

Casual style, Find your variant

Casual image, casual is a favoritethe way to dress up for the youth, the direction it was formed in the territories of Scandinavia and England, now it has spread to the bohemian layers of the population and, so-called, "golden youth". Women's casual clothing stakes on sloppy gloss, an elusive comfort combined with a vintage retro style, it was especially noted in the latest collections of couturiers. Relevance and universality are the main attractive features that shape this street image. In outfits in casual style, a woman will always correspond to the place and time. There are several directions of this style, however, the delimiting framework is very blurred: casual clothes photo

  • All-Out-Casual (literally - careless). A very eccentric direction, is extremely careless of the general style. This wardrobe is attractive in certain circles, of course, street, but its use is not approved in a business atmosphere. But for a stylish, memorable holiday with friends or a walk in nature will be very relevant.
  • Sport-casual - the name eloquently speaks foryourself - such a wardrobe involves combining clothes with sports items. Be sure that choosing such an outfit, any woman can remain stylish even on the treadmill.
  • Street-casual: means "fashion for every day," there is a vast field for fantasy, where you could show your own individuality. The main adherents of this style are young, energetic, appreciating comfort without losing a stylish gloss. Abundant street-casual in the collections of the brand Claire.
  • Smart casual dress style - differs deliberatearistocratic, includes elements of cheeky simplicity with an aristocratic strict outfit silhouette. A similar image can be found in the "pay-girls" of female students, since it is not devoid of the moment of representativeness. The most convenient are such things on any of the walks, especially romantic ones. Smart-casual used in its show brand Redgreen
  • Business casual is a "Fridayoffice fashion ", is distinguished by great elegance, often this image is used for intensive negotiations and meetings. The wardrobe of this style is less formal than the business, office style, it is considered more simplistic, but it is very popular among the most famous business people, both men and women. Often there are such outfits on the tracks of the brand Redgreen.

Casual is ...?

The casual fashion world fashion predicts a brightthe future, now this direction is at the peak of popularity, but has not exhausted its capabilities. It's enough just to go out and see a bizarre combination of comfortable and elegant clothes on young people, women's magazines display this direction. Casual style - what is it? It is necessary to understand the issue in more detail. women's casual clothes Street style - this is a contradiction! "All such a fickle and different" - this is not the heroine of one of the fashion films - a woman who is subordinate to the casual style. For such a woman can combine asexual trench coat and trendy club dress in combination with a high hairpin. It is necessary to pay special attention to the details: it is not recommended to button up all the buttons, it is better to use a thin girdle that will help to carelessly snag, this is the highlight of the street direction. Often you can see the latest fashion shows in magazines, where casual clothing is presented, photos from the latest collections are especially pleased with unexpected combinations of "rocker" jackets with monotonous, ugly turtlenecks, somewhere on the shelf you are looking for a pencil skirt and an extreme pin. Street style is an exquisite accident. Armed with your most luxurious dress, it can be decorated with sequins, embroidered with beads, embroidered, shining crystals, lace or vintage fringe, and on top this shine can be muffled with a restrained cardigan or strict vest lines, but the most extreme option will be a combination of dress with a sweatshirt. smart casual clothing style The street style is multilayered outfits. If for a child's age was characterized by the avoidance of multilayeredness, now, having matured, girls have a certain desire to put on a large number of different in texture and purpose clothing. On the streets of the city, you can often find a combination of dresses with a short sleeve and a thin turtleneck. An excellent ensemble comes from a combination of short summer dresses with simple jeans, to this side it is necessary to attach a blouson with a cheerful pea or strip. Women's casual clothing with a superficial look is absurd, but having looked closely, one can see a clear thoughtfulness and completeness of the image. Street style is comfort and convenience. It is difficult to imagine a modern woman who could not find several jeans outfits in the wardrobe. But it is due to the style casual casual and habitual denim has become a regular participant of club parties. How do you like the mini jeans skirt with a tight office jacket? What could be easier!

Smart casual for young and stylish

Conservative business style with time begantransformed and diluted with less stringent options, such as smart casual - a style of clothing, characterized by increased elegance and freedom, especially in relation to strict, concise office outfits. Literally, this offshoot of the general style of casual is translated as "intellectual everydayness." Why is the trend of substituting ordinary business clothes for more comfortable? And the thing is that a dynamic way of life has to the convenience. Strict rules, which impose dress-code on the business style of clothing, do not agree with self-expression and freedom. Smart casual is a very universal direction, because it includes incongruous: negligence and severity, the second name that this direction uses - business-casual. In advanced Western countries, it was considered possible to include this area in the category of permissible things in the working atmosphere and for corporate evenings. How can we recognize the boundaries between the genuine classical business style and the image of "intellectual everyday life"? And even more complicated question: where does smart casual end and the traditional casual enters into the property? fashion style casual world fashion The main differences from business style are the following:

  • Optional tie, upper button is usually unbuttoned, the collar is not strictly starched, but a bit loose.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to roll the sleeves at the shirt strictly to the middle between the elbow and wrist.
  • It is permitted in the style of casual clothes to include in the wardrobe knitted things, both for men and for the fair sex.
  • Men will be pleased with the opportunity to use the likeness of a scarf, which will be called to replace a tie, certainly such a detail of the wardrobe should be virtually identical in tone to the costume.
  • A very progressive point is that this style allows the wearing of jeans, but necessarily close to the classic performance, no frills.
  • Ladies are allowed to alternate between an office skirt and a jacket with a conservative dress that is very close to the traditional classical style.

How did the gradual substitution take place?business style for a freer? It all started with the so-called "Free Friday", namely Friday is the final day of the working week, in connection with this, deviations from dress-code were allowed. Now office workers are provided with comfort in smart casual style, this innovation in the fashion world revolutionized productivity and quality of work, plus, it is believed that this approach improves employee self-expression and improves understanding in an informal setting.

Complement the image: play with accessories

dress style casual 2011 As they say in a famous saying: the king creates a retinue, so you should pay special attention to the choice of accessories that will help to place the accents and highlight the necessary sides of the whole style. Youth fashion style casual world fashion is not deprived of a wealth of combinations, and accessories only emphasize the abundance of opportunities to experiment. They should be quite massive, especially for bracelets, necessarily bright, preference is given not to natural and noble materials, as was customary in classical clothing, but on the contrary, such products can be made even of colored plastic, but it is better if it is any semiprecious stone. The main role among casual accessories is given to bracelets. If a woman has a thin wrist, then you should choose a massive, carved bracelet or made by joining many chains. Very relevant in this season will be youth pendants with an animal theme: fish, starfish and the like. You can choose the material for organic accessories, for example leather. Rings - an integral element of the wardrobe of a woman, give preference to massive, unique seals, in the latest collections of designers often there were ring-buds. Irreplaceable helpers for a woman are all sorts of thin belts, they can be made both from colored leather and from metal links - a matter of taste. Casual wear - clothes, which took as a rule to monitor the lack of any rules. This is a unique combination of paradoxes: light negligence and thoughtfulness of trifles, convenience and comfort are combined with style and a touch of gloss. But the most important thing is what distinguishes this direction - the variety of options. Absolutely any woman is able to find the best for her outfits, without losing the comfort and convenience. Casual wear is the way to yourself, the way to your own individuality! We advise you to read: