long skirts winter spring 2012 The skirt is the most universal element of a woman'swardrobe, without which no modern woman can do. It can be both romantic and sexual, and festive, business. Each day this detail of the wardrobe becomes more and more popular everyday wear in any season. Given this, fashion designers have included in their collection of long winter skirts - the spring of 2016 a variety of styles that are designed not only to warm, but also to beautify the beautiful ladies. Skirts maxi-length will enjoy incredible popularity not only in the winter and spring season, this trend will continue in the summer. Therefore, imagine the wardrobe of a modern fashionista without having a stylish and stylish long skirt in it this year is very difficult. Having in its arsenal a trendy and at the same time practical thing, any woman will feel comfortable and comfortable in any situation. Women in long skirts always look very elegant and romantic. Moreover, this item of women's clothing is ideal for working in the office, business meeting and for any other solemn event. The choice of long skirts in the new fashion season is very wide and varied. Which of them will attract the attention of modern women? In order to learn this, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the most popular trends of the 2016 season. skirts are long 2012

Women's skirts: fashion trends of the spring season - 2016

The length of the skirt in the winter and spring period designersvary from the knee to the middle of the roe, but favorites of the season are models up to the ankle, plus or minus a couple of centimeters. This year, skirts are allowed to be worn at both the waist and hips. Very often there is an overstated waist. In contrast to the previous year, this season is fashionable top dressed. At the same time it is very fashionable to use a thin strap as an accessory. Skirts long 2016 can be made of a variety of fabrics: tweed, wool, denim, velvet, knitwear, chiffon, natural leather and many other fabrics for every taste. However, the most original material for winter skirts in this season is a multi-colored fur, both natural and artificial. Whereas the most fashionable material for spring skirts is natural leather. As the elegant restraint is in fashion, the maxi skirts on the fashion podiums in the winter-spring 2016 season are predominantly monophonic, predominantly white, beige, gray and gold, calm yellow and blue, and also classic black and brown. Despite the fact that other trends of skirt fashion this year are full of different colors of the rainbow, the fashionable maxi skirts are almost devoid of patterns and other decor elements. For the evening appearance in the collections of this year, many chic models made of luxurious materials like silk, velvet or satin are provided. Most of these models have very extravagant cuts, allowing girls to show their beautiful, slender legs around them. Skirts made of similar materials, look very elegant and original. A special glamor in the winter-spring season of this year are long skirts of straight and flared designs, made in ethnic or folk style, decorated with frills and inserts that have embroidery. The flying long pleated skirt 2016 from smooth fabrics is another trendy trend of the season, which, undoubtedly, will find its fans. Skirts pleated give the female image incredible lightness and femininity. long skirts 2012

With what to wear long skirts?

Long skirts 2016 are well combined with manythings ladies' wardrobe. So, for example, a slightly skewed down skirt will look good in an ensemble with a strict shirt, supplemented with a nice butterfly. Long skirts with pleating are perfectly combined with both cashmere sweater and rucksack with thin turtlenecks for refueling, and with fur vests and sheepskin coats. As for shoes, then the best way to look at these skirts with boots on high heels. Looking at the variety of models and styles of fashion skirts offered to the ladies for the new fashion season, there is no doubt that every woman will be able to choose the most suitable option for herself, which will help not only to highlight all the advantages of the figure, but also to hide her shortcomings. We advise you to read: