Every girl wants to look stunning,dressing in fashionable couture outfits, applying topical make-up and decorating the image with stylish accessories. However, not everyone can afford to buy all the things they liked - they have to save on something. After all, prices in local boutiques are usually prohibitive, and the range and quality of goods from the market is depressing. But there is a way out - dress fashionably, stylishly, qualitatively and at the same time cheap abroad. And for this it is not necessary to travel outside the home country - everything will be brought to your home, if you make a purchase on the Internet and order delivery directly to your home. However, for the sake of this case, you can stroll to the post office, if suddenly the foreign store does not offer such a delivery option. On foreign websites you can buy everything you need for a complete autumn-winter image: women's down jackets, sweaters, jeans, shoes, bags, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories and much more. How to make an order? Some sites have already realized what a promising market they expect in Russia, so they even translate their sites into Russian. True, such advanced units. Therefore it is desirable to have at least a minimal knowledge of English or use an online translator. The principle of operation of online stores is similar all over the world. You need to choose the thing you like, consider it from all sides and if you want to buy it, choose the desired color, size and add a woman's coat to the basket. After all the selected products have been added, proceed with the ordering process. To do this, you need to fill in the fields of the billing address (to which your bank card is attached), shipping addresses (delivery addresses in Russia), name and other parameters. In some cases, you can still enter the discount code to make purchases even cheaper. Where can I make purchases abroad? Leaders, of course, are online stores in England and the United States. But many successfully brewed in stores in France, the Baltic States, Italy and even Australia. Some stores do not send goods directly to Russia, some do not have such a service, while others do not transport only large-size products, for example, women's sheepskin coats. But do not be discouraged, in which case you just need to send the thing to the intermediary, which can be a private person or forwarding company. Sometimes the delivery is quite weighty for the price, so it is often advantageous to order many things at once, in this case it is more expedient to unite with the girlfriends by organizing a joint purchase. We advise you to read: