A perfectly matched dress will decorate any shape Visiting an online clothing boutique, you run the risk of buyinga model that is not at all suitable for you. Everyone deserves to wear a beautiful and ideal thing for his figure. Let's talk about how to buy evening dress. First of all, you need to consider the physique. Ideal is that which corresponds to the principle of the golden section. That is, we measure the length from the waist to the floor and from the crown to the waist, the best figure will have a ratio of 3: 5, 5: 8 or 8:13. But if your proportions are far from ideal, it means absolutely nothing. Successfully selected model will hide any shortcomings and expose the dignity of the figure. Evening attire, including Leo Guy, can refer to two main types: a tight silhouette (such a dress emphasizes an ideal figure), "princesses" - visually makes a figure close to the ideal, relief seams and an extension to the bottom contribute to this, though, such the type of dresses will not suit the full girls. The main load for shaping the beauty of your figure is the type of sleeves, the height of the waistline and neckline. The neck-the "boat" will visually expand the shoulders, pay attention to the elegant curve of the neck. Oval neckline is for a slender woman. The elongated neckline "stretches" the short full neck. But the cut-heart hides the volume of the breast. The length of the elongated V-neck is to serve ladies with broad shoulders. For visual narrowing of the upper body, you can wear a vtachnoy sleeve with a straight armhole or a sleeve-raglan. But if you need to hide your narrow shoulders, fit vtachnoy sleeve with a volumetric head or tselnokroeny. Next, you need to determine the reason for going out in the evening dress. It can be a solemn graduation from a child or going out with her husband to a restaurant, an appointment with an English queen, after all. It is important to feel natural, especially for ladies who have worn pants all their lives, and suddenly decided to put on a dress for one event. Now you can find stunning trouser ensembles for any occasion. Yes! And one more important point: your companion. Ideal will be either a combination of your clothes, or a sharp contrast. We advise you to read: