women's shirt Every day the world around us is changing andis being improved. If earlier clothes were clearly divided into male and female, now there are practically no strict limits. It is for this reason that very often girls borrow different wardrobe items from men, and a women's shirt too. Such a thing becomes the main component of many stylistic combinations. The most diverse women's shirts now and then appear on the world's catwalks, then disappear from them. Like any other thing in the classical style, this subject of the women's wardrobe can survive periods of incredible popularity or oblivion. But still to have such a thing is just as necessary, as, for example, a small black dress.

Shirts in the style of Сasual

Like everyone else, it retains the most importantrules and elements of cut, but in itself becomes a little "dissolved": it is deprived of sleeves, it combines features of military and safari-style, can be translucent or transparent. Women's retro shirts are very relevant this season. They are complemented by various elements that will return you to the era of the hippies or even deeper, at a time when fashionable bows, jabots, laces, wide sleeves. The shirt in this style will easily become the main component of the evening dress, and you can wear leather trousers or leggings to it. This style is represented by a woman's shirt in a box, which has been for a long time one of the most inalienable and vivid details of the women's wardrobe. Its history begins from the time of the Wild West and bears the combination of several different styles: country, grunge, hippie and cowboy. Naturally, the girl in the checkered shirt does not look so romantic and feminine, as, for example, in classical or silk. In order to diversify this thing, for almost every season, world couturiers offer some new styles, fashionable fabrics or trimmings. It is thanks to this approach that this shirt is always considered relevant and relevant. Replacing a standard office blouse, a shirt in a cage will easily revitalize the entire outfit, especially if you choose the bright color of summer sun or greenery. New colors will be added to the normal working day of fresh energy. It is only necessary to create the right image, choosing for yourself such a thing, for example, the look of an active girl in a light checkered shirt, jeans and with a large bag or look a business lady in a blouse with a tie and a narrow skirt to her knees. With what to wear a shirt in a cage?

  • This thing of classical length is perfectly combined with tight jeans and sneakers or sneakers, creating a sexy independent image.
  • Extra-long shirts look great withleggings, leggings. From above it is possible to put on a belt, to supplement all look with a massive costume jewelry. To create a cocktail dress bravely wear leather leggings, and as an accessory you can take a fashion bag in thorns.
  • This shirt fits perfectly with shortskirts from different fabrics. If you are the owner of a slim figure - safely wear a denim miniskirt, and tie the shirt under the breast. And this combination does not require any additional accessories - you will look great.
  • If you have not had time to purchase such a convenient andnecessary thing, take a shirt from her husband, boyfriend or dad. Slightly unscrew the sleeves, unbutton the top buttons - you will have a lovely shirt that you can wear for a party or a picnic.

Also it is worth remembering a few secrets: slender girls are better to pay attention to the model in a small cage, which will highlight and emphasize all your dignity. Girls with pear or apple type are better off choosing a large cage. shirts in a cage for women

Classic Women's Shirts

They have a straight cut and strict lines. They completely lack decorative elements, maximum, which is allowed - lengthening the collar or increasing the height of the cuffs. Strict classical models are made of natural thin fabric, and sometimes elastic material is added to them in order to better "sit" on their owners. Colors are often pastel tones, but there are also dark ones. The brightest representative of this species is a white women's shirt - an indispensable detail of each lady's wardrobe. As a rule, it is irreplaceable by anything, since it is precisely it that can help out in various situations. Often it is worn for work or business meetings. However, it finds a variety of applications that will allow you to always have an effective look. This thing will easily make up a harmonious combination with a long skirt, cowboy boots and beach panama. This universal shirt is suitable for any style, the main thing is to correctly place accents and choose accessories. What is the combination of a white shirt? If you think that the possibilities of this thing are limited to a business dress code, then you are very wrong. Of course, the office style is the most suitable for demonstrating this wardrobe item, but there are many other images, in which such a thing will make it look fresh and spotless.

  • If you want to create an image of a Hollywood starfrom a black and white movie, then remember the main combination: a medium-length black skirt, a knitted cardigan or bolero, ballet flats or classic boat shoes, a silk handkerchief, an elegant handbag, delicate pearl earrings and, of course, a white shirt.
  • To create a walking image it is worth combiningBlack or white jeans with a white chemise. Also, the wardrobe subject we are discussing will be an excellent pair of sports t-shirt, which can be put on top or under it.
  • A loose model of an elongated shirt can be wornon a bright dress, sarafan or T-shirt, without fastening. All this is supplemented with a thin lacquered strap. This shirt can easily replace a cardigan on a cool evening.
  • The classical version will be ensemble whiteblouse and a narrow pencil skirt. To him also perfectly suited lacquer shoes on high stiletto heels. To work in the office, you can put on low-heeled shoes, and emphasize the waist with a wide belt.
  • An unusual effect is obtained if you wear whiteshirt over a black turtleneck, the sleeves in this case can be tucked. This option is perfect for both shorts and skirts. With him will look great as ballet flats, and high-heeled boots.
  • The shirt perfectly harmonizes with the classic trousers, tie and hat, which gives the appearance of the woman a special piquancy.

Having such a thing in the wardrobe, you canwear quite differently, as discussed above. By fastening the shirt on all the buttons, you get an elegant image; seductive - it's unbuttoned for one button more than it should be; naughty - jeans with a shirt, knotted on a stomach. If you prefer to wear a shirt with trousers, then there are also options: run out or tucked. But remember that the latter option will always emphasize the shortcomings of your figure, for example, a small tummy. Now you know how many ways you can use a seemingly ordinary thing. Therefore, if you have a beautiful shirt, do not postpone it for solemn meetings and hikes for work, and experiment with your wardrobe safely. shirt in a cage female

Dress-up dress

Just recently, this unusual and brave thingbecame a subject for creativity and admiration of many world fashion houses, although the creator of this dress was Coco Chanel, and half a century ago. Now it again explodes the shows with enthusiastic comments. In this shirt there is a thin mixture of femininity and male brutality, which causes such attention among the public. This thing is characterized by a fitted silhouette, free cut and buttons along the entire length. A strict man's collar is an obligatory accent, and the presence of the sleeves, the length and shape of the skirt is determined by the creator himself. For sewing, lightweight fabrics such as linen, cotton and viscose are used. But still there are options for models of silk, denim and other materials. What does a dress shirt match? Strict rules, as such, do not exist. This shirt can easily be combined with leggings, leggings, multi-colored pantyhose, with or without a belt. A fashionable interesting image is obtained if you wear a vest or a jacket-plait on a dress. If the dress shirt is supplemented with accessories of a pastel shade, then it instantly acquires a noble chic in casual style. Also this option looks great in combination with short shorts, trench, jeans jacket, blaser, light cardigan. From shoes to it it is possible to pick up shoes on steady massive heels, sandals on a platform imitating a tree, or on stiletto heels with thin straps, cowboy boots.

Long shirt

Like many others, such a model more recentlywas also considered part of the men's wardrobe. But today it can be seen almost on every girl and woman. A long shirt is suitable in almost any image, it is comfortable and comfortable, it emphasizes all your dignity, hiding the shortcomings. How to wear such a shirt?

  • First of all, long shirts are reala find for girls of short stature. You can safely choose a model in a thin longitudinal strip, visually extending your silhouette. At the same time, it should be as simple as possible, without pockets or decorative ornaments.
  • Such a thing will hide every defect in the figure,so it can be worn and full of girls and women. In this case, you can put it on with leggings or trousers. The best colors will look simple, solid solid tones, as well as vertical stripes. Complement such an image of shoes-boats on a small heel or ballet shoes.
  • An interesting option is the following combination: A long shirt, buttoned up with all buttons, a massive short necklace on top of the collar. In front you can put a shirt in your pants or skirt. Giving a zest to this image can be a strict jacket.

In the wardrobe of each beautifulthe floor of the shirt has long become a dress and an accessory. In the restaurant, office, on vacation - competently selected shirt will complement your favorite image. Romantic, refined, sexy, hooliganistic or feminine - each of them is unique and beautiful in its own way. We advise you to read: