1 The dress code of the office is quite strict, it often does not givethe opportunity for a woman to show herself in all its glory, to reveal all her individuality, refinement and elegance. Unfortunately, many ladies working in large companies look quite gray and monotonous due to the fact that their wardrobe is limited to a business suit or a strict skirt. But at the same time each of us has the opportunity to change the state of things for the better and at the same time not to go beyond the limits, not to violate the rules of a strict office. Stylish details and accessories, added to business clothes, are distinguished from the general flow of workers, make the appearance brighter and more original. Attention should be paid to the belts: thin and medium, elegant and elegant, they make your costume more expressive. Of course, the universal option will be black - it fits well with many outfits. However, choosing a belt in the tone of a women's business suit has never been a problem. Stylish and original, bright and eye-catching handbag is also worth it so that you necessarily take it with you to the office. You are not forbidden to wear jewelry and jewelry - you should wear them, you deserve to look stunning. This season, the popularity of necklaces, inlaid with large colored elements. A magnificent decoration can be not only rings, earrings and brooches, but also bright scarves, scarves and ties. You can do the original and combine classic trousers and a suit jacket with a blouse or turtleneck with a fashionable print: clothes will look pretty strict and stylish at the same time. When the dress code is not limited to such strict limits, you can come to work in the outfits of their silver or pearl fabric: this is the most fashionable trend of the season and you will look just gorgeous. We advise you to read: