When should I go to a psychologist? Often, clients of psychologists are ordinary people. Who need to understand themselves, in the growth of their personality, to embellish their gray routine. Most of the problems are of social origin - divorces, separation, relationships with loved ones, gluttony, dismissal, etc. Many postpone the first for weeks or even months. We are afraid that they will force us to say something from which we are now feeling bad, then it hurts us. However, if you want to get a positive result from your sessions, you do not need to plan a conversation with a psychologist. The more spontaneous the questions for you, the more the psychologist will be able to help you. At the first conversation with a psychologist, you are making contact, because the better you have the contact, the better the understanding. The method of establishing contact for each specialist is individual. Usually, the consultation is the same and one (one on one). There is an acquaintance, placement of tasks, discussion of methods. After graduation, the psychologist expresses his opinion on his problem, and asks questions. If you are a strong person, and you are confident that you will be able to solve your problem independently by enlisting the support of psychological books, the consultation can be one-off. After several receptions, ask yourself questions - am I sincere with the psychologist, do I finish everything, does the doctor push me away? If you have any doubts about any of these issues, we suggest that you replace a psychologist. A psychologist is able to give experience in a relationship. Someone is afraid to admit to love, someone hides their fear, the third hides his anger without a trace. A professional psychologist is ready to perceive any of your negative emotions directed towards him. Experimenting with therapeutic mutual understanding, you get a chance to experience an experience that you did not have before.